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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


Hello, people. I am the one who hates Tigerstar and- Oh, wait. I forgot to do something.
Walks to spirit place, tells Spottedleaf Firestar mourns her, claws Brokenstar and Hawkfrost. Claws Tigerstar, rips out his claws. Sighs in satisfaction

I love Firestar. I know people out there say, he is a Gary Stu, but I protest against that. Why?
I will list reasons.
( Spoilers)

In Midnight, the second arc, ( by the way I am trying to prove Firestar is Not a Gary Stu) Cinderpelt receives a omen. She says fire and tiger will destroy the forest. Surprisingly, she says Tiger is Brambleclaw and fire is Squirrelpaw aka Squirrelflight. Therefore, Firestar wants to do everything in his power to keep them apart.

Apparently, he takes things waay too far. He says Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw might not be fit to be warriors. And Firestar assigned Brambleclaw to pick out something in Frostfur's pelt. A apprentice job!
Soon it ...more

Firestar is the best leader ever because he saved all the clans and without him things would be way different. He brought back windclan when they were driven out, he got back frostfurs kits (brightheart and ashfur) and at the same time saved shadowclan from brokenstar, he saved mistystars kits and at same time hunted for riverclan to keep them alive, he helped onestar when tallstar died to make sure onestar became leader not mudfur, and he also saved thunderclan from tigerstars treachery. Firestar is a noble cat that always does whats right and doesnt go into battles blindly. He also re made skyclan.

Awesome! He is so cool and he basically saves Thunderclan. I Think FireStar is the coolest cat in ALL the books. I also think his kits names are really cool to Leafpool and SquirrelFlight. FireStar is the most brave and loyal cat there ever was. His coat is the best colors and he has a good sense of smell. In always has a good sense of whats bad and what's good. Like when Tigerclaw A.K. A Tigerstar. Killed Redtail Fireheart knew Ravenpaw was telling the truth almost right away. I LOVE FireStar. He is the best leader of all time. I wish the series hadn't ended so quickly for me. It is still one of my favorite series ever. I there were more books like these by Erin Hunter.

- ThornClaw

If I had to pick a fictional role-model, I'd pick Firestar. How he managed to go from kittypet to one of the oldest (and greatest) leaders in the history of the Clans astounds me. He lost his first love, his leader, his best friend twice, AND his granddaughter, and he still holds the respect of Clan cats and readers alike.

I expected him to be number one, mainly because a lot of fans like him and think he's a good ThunderClan leader. I personally found him to be a great leader and an extremely likeable character. He wasn't afraid to challenge the Warrior Code, and by letting in outsiders, he only strengthened ThunderClan.

He is the main character is most of the books. (To my knowledge). He had been through many ups and down, and was strong through then all. He is a very good cat and a strong one to. He does what is best for his clan and his family, even if it means he gets hurt in the process. He is somewhat protective, and is good at keeping secrets. I don't think there would be a Warriors series without him.

Firestar is the best first of all he revealed redtail's secret he got Ravenpaw to a safer place where he would be happier and there wouldn't be Tigerclaw to boss him around but he still had company, also he brought Skyclan back together and he chose the right choice for a medicine cat and a leader... He killed scourge he united Windclan and Thunderclan to make Lionclan, He sort of led all the clans to the lake on the great journey, He never wants to do the 'bad choice' for example he tried to reason out with Onestar about them not stealing the kits, I never wanted him to die, He was my hero for warriors I loved firestar so I hope Firestar is happy in starclan ;) two words for you firestar: GO FIRESTAR!

I know some people who would have liked it better if Bloodclan won, but then every can would be nothing! He had two kits, both heroes in there own ways. He was, I think, the only leader that started as a kitty-pet. He can be a bit to perfect at times, but he's an awesome cat!

He did everything he could for his Clan without doing any unfair attacks on other Clans, and is a good thinker plus really must reflect on things in order to make such good decisions. I think Bluestar was right- Firestar was the best leader the forest/lake will ever see.

Just a good cat, but he has his flaws, like every cat, so he is not a Gary Stu! I was scream whenever someone calls him a Gary Stu.

I honestly don't see how some cats are even on here. Like Leopardstar. Really? She's one of the worst leaders RiverClan's had thus far.

YES! My father is number one! He is the best leader ever! Great job for winning dad! Thanks everyone who has been voting on Firestar for the best leader! If you guys HATE Firestar you hate my dad WAH! ( I am Squirrelflight myself ) Thank you for reading ( In real life I am a human I am not actually in real life not Squirrelflight)

Sorry guys but I don't like him like spottedleaf he was so perfect and he had to be part of everything.I didn't mind him in the first series but the rest of the series he got on my nerves.I'm not saying he's a bad leader I'm just saying he's always has to be a part of something I mean let someone else do something for a change.

Firestar is my fave Warriors character! Stupid Tigerstar, always trying to kill Firestar. Tigerstar should be ashamed of himself! Bad Tigerstar! Bad, bad Tigerstar!

Fire Star is a great cat. Even though he was a kitty pet he is a great cat and he really never should to die. He has the best two kits, Squirrelflight and I think leafpelt. He is loyal and brave. He is a very very smart leader and really knew what he was doing. It was great that he figured out dumb Tigerstar's plan before it was to late. He lives in star clan now with blue star. I miss you firestar! :3

Love him! He is the whole reason this series continued to the last hope! Without him, there would be no Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze or Dovewing! It's so sad when he dies, poor Firestar! He was a great Clan leader and good father, he cared about his Clan!

He is the best warrior I have ever seen! He is loyal and respectful If I could choose my 1st favorite. Warrior would be him because he saved cats lives and respected the leader and warriors. Only a true warrior could be just like him.. I can't disagree that he is the bed warrior in the books he is also the best leader.. I was heart broken when my friend told me he died...R.I. P FIrerstar.. :(

Because he is so nice and just perfecto! Haha and he is just amazing to everyone and only want to help and never hurt I love him but just because I think he's the best doesn't mean other leaders aren't amazing either!

I can't believe Firestar was used to be a KITTYPET (Rusty) and saved his clan mates. This helps me get the quote that he says when he dies from stupid Tigerstar in the Last Hope. Wait, he didn't say it, it was Jayfeather who said this about Firestar: "He gave his life to what mattered most to him: his clan mates." Firestar is one of my top ten favorite warrior cat. But my first is Brambleclaw and Feathertail (but DON'T ask).

Firestar should be a clan leader because he saved everyone. If he wasn't there the forest wouldn't be the same. He is so brave and courageous, and he always believes in the right. A lot of the cats think they are right. But Firestar's decisions are actually smart.

Firestar is awesome! He saved the clans like a million times and he is just plain awesome! He is brave and loyal and smart and always knows what to do. Those are the qualities that make him the amazing leader he was until his last (curse you stupid tree)!

Why does everyone hate him? He saved the clans! True, he does get a little boring in the second and third series, but that doesn't mean he isn't awesome!

How dare some people hate Firestar! How he saved everyone's life! He also always got in trouble for things he did that was brave and things that was good for the clan! I LOVE FIRESTAR! HE WAS THE BEST! HE WAS THE BEST WARRIOR AND LEADER HE WAS NOT SOFT HE WAS STRONG BRAVE LOYAL GREAT AWESOME AND FUNNY LOVEABLE AND HOW MANY THINGS HE HAD BEEN THREW AND WAS TREATED TERRIBLE THAT WAS ALREADY ENOUGH TO SHOW HE WAS STRONG!

I love firestar! He saved everyone in the forest and he's the first character I've read about, so yeah. He's loyal and saved many cats and killed Scourge and discovered Tigerstar's evil plot.

Firestar rules as everyone knows he died trying to kill Tigerstar. Oh how I hate Tigerstar though Tigerstar is cool I admit but I wish thistleclaw did not exsist for making him evil. And from the dark forest telling him to kill Bluestar. He killed Firestar but Firestar is having a good life in Starclan I bet!

He is the best cat ever. He save many cat. He is braver and loyal then any cat in the whole wide world and he has a good family and smart then any cat in the whole wide world...! I love firestar!