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41 Solarstar

I have never heard of a solarstar before did you make her up

I have never heard of Solarstar. Are some of these cats not really real?

Who is Solarstar? I have never heard of him/her.

Ok guys since solar star is fanfic we need to make up a fanfic desciption.

Is black and silver with yellow dazzling eyes has silver scratch across back and is leader of solarclan

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42 MoonStar

? Who is Monster? - Silverlily

Never heard about him butcl cool

*Coughs* Who?

Moonstar should be number one!
i'm one of the Erin Hunter's, and I created Moonstar. I can't believe Angel actually left Coconut and Cherry to live with the forest, and soon became Moonpaw, then Moonheart, and when Tallstar became leader she went to start MoonClan with Brackenclaw. so unreal!

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43 Hollystar

Code of the Clans cat - Frogjaw1996

44 Owlstar

He had a smart hunting technique

Created an amazing way of hunting, I hope they make a book about him.

Owlstar had the best way of hunting like an owl! That's so cool!

You know what I mean

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45 Featherstar

Do you mean Feathertail? She never became leader

Feathertail never became leader

I think Featherstar rules

Feathertail is not featherstar, featherstar was leader of shadowclan when skyclan was driven out of the forest

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46 Graystripe

Okay, Graystripe never got the POSITION of leader, but he was a leader in his own way. He was independent, loyal, smart, quick-witted, and fierce as well. The other Clans could easily respect him but his strength would be something worth fearing. Too bad Brambleclaw became deputy after him. And it's also a shame he was so old by the time Firestar died. I think it's so lame that they had to shove both Mistyfoot and Graystripe out of the way so two new deputies can give more plot to the series. It bothers me when the book wants to make you agree with Firestar (for example they make it so his relationship with Silverstream is a bad thing) because apparently he's always right. UGH!

He may have never been a leader, but you can bet that he was awesome as a deputy. He would've made a great leader, and had nice qualities that would've made him better than Bramblestar, in my opinions!

Graystripe is a loyal and a true friend to Firestar ever sense they apprentices together and warriors together like brothers. Graystripe never lost hope of returning to ThunderClan and made it home even with the dangers which are overwhelming.

47 Hawkstar

Who is Hawkstar?

Hawkstar is an ancient WindClan leader

48 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan . She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out .

I like Hollyleaf a lot I've read her story. I'm sad she died. I'm gonna read some more Warriors then go to bed it's late now. Hopefully I make it through the book. I remember Hollyleaf is a black she-cat with bright green eyes. I like making up warrior names some even exist. I hope I can find my Hollyleaf stuffed animal. Name: Thunderheart I'm stuck at fire and ice I've read three of the warrior books some of fire and ice some of into the wild and a lot of Hollyleaf's story. My type of cat would probably be a small she-cat.

She would've been a good leader. She killed evil Ashfur to protect her family, which was very brave. Then she saved Ivypool in the dark forest battle! Ivypool would have been DEAD! She's a very loyal, smart she cat.

Poor Hollyleaf she only wanted love and she had a right to kill Ashfur WAS evil! He tried to kill her by trapping her and her litter mates in the fire!

I love holly leaf but she's not a leader

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49 Ivystar

She should become a leader because she was very loyal to her clan and was only spying in the dark forest not joining.

*sigh* people think that this is ivypool but it's a different cat -Firestorm

Code of the clans cat. She is so annoying.

Actually ivy pool can't become leader because there's already a cat named ivy star

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50 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool ain't my favorite cat but she doesn't deserve to be leader. She betrayed the warrior code ( twice) and then lied about everything

Such an amazing cat and why would crowfeather hate her

I love Leafpool but she ain't a leader. - RisingMoon

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51 Runningnose

I know that your going to say "RUNNINGNOSE isn't LEADER! " but when Nightstar was sick, he temporarily took on the position of leader and medicine cat. That takes courage, and Runningnose was the only cat with enough courage and hope to do it. He should have been leader (salute)

52 Stoneteller

Stone teller was a good leader she was the founder of the tribe of rushing water. She was a great medicine cat and lived a long and valuable life. She new what was Wright for her tribe. For example when she sent shaded moss and the others to the forest she was right there was more food then any cat from the mountains could amajin and even though some cats died that was a setback and she could start a meaningful life in starclan.

He kept stormfur at the tribe of rushing water against his will...feathertail dies.



He's an idiot

He refused to pick a successor

He lost all faith in the tribe of endless hunting

He refused the clan's ideas at first, and never fully accepted them

It was his fault Feathertail is dead

53 Yellowstar

Who the heck is she?

Do that mean Yellowfang?

Guys she was a medicine cat...


This is NOT the same cat as yellowfang. it's a different cat -Firestorm

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54 Gorsestar

0mg I hate this name grossly :throws up:

GorseStar is a lovely name ^-^

55 Clearskies

One thing reminder: It's Clear Sky, not Clearskies - Sumwantin

He is awesome! He is my second favourite cat (hater can hate here), and he should get more votes! - Sumwantin

His name is Clear Sky... - RiverClanRocks

Not the founder of SkyClan, and I think you mean Clearsky, a jerk.

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56 Yellowfang Yellowfang

Everyone doesn't like her but she deserves a lot of respect! Read Yellow fang's secret and books 1-4.

Yellowfang was a awesome medicine cat that helped FireStar's first app become better and cheer her up so yeah.

I LOVE YELLOWFANG! She was my favorite cat in the whole series. the book started getting better when she came into it and I'm not sure why. I love her! Stupid fire she could have lived longer. but I guess The 4 Erin Hunters just wanted to get the readers attention by adding some drama. Live on in Starclan Yellowfang!

Yellowfang isn't a leader but I really like her!

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57 River Ripple

He is awesome my favorite leader

Ok this is a really awesome/cool name a lot better of a name then gross star

So nice name! Sounds like he/she would be the awsomeest River clan leader

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58 Silverstar

She doesn't exist -Firestorm

I don't know who silverstar is, but I like her name

Silverstar is Silverclaw/Silverpelt/Silverkit/Silverpaw kk?

59 Swiftpaw

It's so sad when Swiftpaw was killed by dogs!

They don't have to be leaders duh

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60 Sliverstream

I love her gray stripes mate her kits were feather tail and stormfur

I was really sad that this lovely gentle cat died. ❤

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