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81 Ivypool Ivypool

Without her, what would we do without her?! She was a great spy against the dark forest, and they were more prepared, she was a great cat! Like sister like sister

I like her because her mom is Whitewing I love Whitewing!

She just sooo deserves to be leader! Plus she is my second favorite warrior cat

82 Oakheart

Poor Oakheart. He shouldn't have died so soon in the book.

83 Stonefur

I love stone fur though I shouldn't because I wouldn't have loved him as much as if he were alive

Why did he have to die?! I cried just as long as long as I did with Bluestar. He died bravely, and was reunited with Greypool, his foster mother. (Well, cats don't haven her foster system, but you get it.)

84 Brindlestar

What book is Brindlestar in?

Brindlestar was an ancient shadowclan leader. Its not brindleface.

Brindlestar is a total jerk, your making it up

Uhh nice try there isn't a LeafClan

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85 Feathertail

Yeah she dies but so what? She would have made a great leader.

Feathertail was a brave warrior. also she was really brave to do that. I think she would have made a great leader.

Yep, but she is not cut out to be leader. besides, leopardstar would never choose her cause' she is halfclan. -Firestorm

86 Jingostar

Yeh I'm glad people remember jingo star

"why don't you go back to your twolegs? " "These cats need a leader." love her!

87 Berrynose

That bossy boots good for nothing bad excuse for a cat!

He got wiser after the last hope

Sunstar mentored bluestar, bluestar mentored firestar, firestar mentored bramblestar, bramblestar mentored berrynose... -Firestorm

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88 Breezepelt Breezepelt

I hate Breezepelt but at the same time I feel bad for him.

89 Longtail

He was to stuck to Tigerstar but I liked him afterwards he was a good friend to Mousefur.

He was awesome... I would have made him clan leader or deputy

Longtail = jerk of the years...

:throws up: -Amberwing

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90 Rowanstar

It's like Blackstar stuck into another body

Rowanstar was an ancient SkyClan leader in Code of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

91 Spottedstar V 1 Comment
92 Willowbreeze

She would make a great leader. I wish she didn't die (read crookedstar's promise)

I love her she's so cool (warrior cats 221)

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93 Moonlight V 1 Comment
94 Starshine
95 Riverflow
96 Blossomfall V 3 Comments
97 Foxheart

Foxheart, Was Yes, Annoying And Arrogant, But She Was Too Young To Die, She Was Loyal, And She Would've made a great leader, but personally, not one of my favorite cats.

Awesome name please read it foxheart

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98 Sandstorm

She is Firestar's mate does she get any respect? Even though she never be came leader she still could become leader! Why Firestar, Why did you give Tawnypar to Brakenfur Why? SOBSOBSOBSOBSOBSOBSOB!

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99 Stormstar V 1 Comment
100 Lilystar

Lilystar was a ShadowClan leader in Code of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

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