Tallstar was the longest living leader ever. He kept windclan intact for many moons and was very fair and brave. He put the clan before anything and made very good decisions along the way. Lots of people say he relied too much on thunderclan but I don't think so. He did decide to fight scourge without firestar begging him to.

Don't get me wrong I love tallstar but he made a ad choice he made onestar leader. The reason he MADE onestar leader was because he didn't want any battles with thunderclan but that happened anyway. Onestar was a great warrior but a horrible leader tallstar never should have died I mean tallstar was great!

Tallstar is a fantastic cat, and if you disagree read Tallstar's revenge. He wants to be friends with Thunderclan because of Firestar, who is his best friend Jake's son. He came back to his clan after realizing that his father actually saved Sparrow's life in the flood in the tunnels. Despite his mother's terrible parenting and his father's disappointment that he became a moor runner instead of a tunneler, he still became an awesome cat. - Songwind

If I had to choose my favorite leader Tallstar would come first. He went through a lot to become the great cat he was and no leader could have been wiser then him. Okay I know he made a mistake of choosing, Onestar but can we please forgive him? Tallstar lived such a long tough life.

I really liked Tallstar. He was caring, kind, and wise. With "Tallstar's Revenge" being my favorite super-edition, he's really cool. Although I disagree with his final choice of making Onestar leader, he will always be one of my favorite characters. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Tallstar is the wisest and kindest but most protective cat ever. He just was amazing. Thinking if what to do for his clan when it was driven out. Helping Firestar when he was a young leader. Wouldn't an alliance be helpful at th start of leadership? He fought till the end.

Tallstar was a very unique character. While many characters wanted to join the clans, he was the one who wanted to leave. Other than his relationship with jake, he had no forbidden love subplot. Both of these factors make for a very interesting, and refreshing, character.
When it comes to being an actual leader of a clan, He is one of the friendliest, calm, and collected of the leaders. Borders hardly matter to tallstar, and this becomes a very important character trait when working with thunderclan. Tallstar served his clan until literally his dying breath.

Because he I so kind and so amazing! I just love him. anyway I think firestar is also good haha but tallstar wins because he's pretty too haha

I think that he deserved to live as long as another cats live. He will always be remembered for the longest lived WindClan leader for sure. He looks very interesting and has a never lasting spirit. He brought WindClan home, traveled on the Great Journey to help his Clan and the other Clans find their new home by the lake territories

Tallstar was the figurative leader. He was the type of cat that I can imagine most at the head of a clan. He is wise and noble. He doesn't only think for himself. He is very proud. Tallstar is one of my favorite characters in the books. I just love him to pieces.

Tallstar is so awesome! He was the longest living leader and he even has a warriors super edition being written about him. Tallstar's Revenge! It sounds so good I can't wait until it is released! Tallstar you r so awesome!

Tallstar was a great leader! Even after being driven from his territory, his clan stayed strong and, with the help of ThunderClan, he returned his clan back and fended off another attack meant to drive them out!

Tallstar was amazing. he had a lot of hardships. I mean, His father hated him! -Spoiler alert- just because he wouldn't become a tunneler. and then sparrow "killed" Sandgorse. he had to avenge his death. He also was friends with firestar's father! He is my favorite leader in all the history of the clans. you have to respect his choices.

Tallstar is great. He was kinda like the only leader that supported Firestar through the books, except for Leopardstar at the end of The Darkest Hour. He deserves credit.

Tallstar was a very amazing and wise leader, how is he not the best out of all? I mean sure Firestar is a hero, but he's over-rated and could he have done any of the without his loyal friend, Graystripe?

Of course everyone voted Firestar, and why wouldn't they? Firestar is kind, and I don't see how anyone could hate him, but they DO. Tallstar was great, too, and I think he deserves lots of credit

I loved how wise he was. I hate it when people keep on saying he relied on Fireheart/star too much, Tallstar just needed help. He is in my opinion the best leader (after that is Crookedstar)

Tallstar was awesome and so was Bluestar but the reason Tallstar was better is because Bluestar went coco at the end of her last life

I love Tallstar! Tallstar's revenge is such a good book.

Tallstar was a kind, caring, wise cat. He knew what was always right, even if it meant saving somebody you, for a long time, searched to kill. I really liked his friendship with Jake, too! In my opinion, Tallstar was the wisest, strongest, and best leader of WindClan in the Clan's history. My only beef with Tallstar is that he chose Onewhisker to be the new Clan leader. But I can't hate him too much for that, because he was about to die when he said that!

Yes go tallstar I cried when he died even though I knew it would happen I was like tallstar NOO! My mom walks in and asks what's wrong I snort go into my bed covers and sob

He actually was a wise and kind leader. It was wiser to make Onestar a leader, rather than Mudclaw? I don't know, something like that. Tallstar was best friends with Firestar's dad for a while, so I don't blame him with his relationship. He always knew what best, or near best what to do in near every situation. GO TALLSTAR!

Tallstar and Crookedstar are definitely my favorite. Tallstar was a gracious and peaceful leader, while Crookedstar also persevered, despite his injury. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

If you read Tallstar's Revenge, you will see the side of him you never knew, he is a character that catches your eye I mean, have you seen the art of him?

Tallstar is TERRIBLE AND A COWARD I absolutely hate him why was he ever leader I mean as a warrior he ran away to get revenge on a rouge that did nothing who does that