Top Ten Warrior Cats Couples That Should Exist


The Top Ten

1 Squirrelflight x Ashfur

Sorry but... Squirrelflight saw ashfur more as a friend and didn’t love him, but she loved bramblestar. Ashfur ended up to try murdering 4 innocent cats because of jealousy. BramblexSquirrel 4 ever.

This would have been better for everyone. Who's with me?! - Oliveleaf

2 Firestar x Spottedleaf

Look how this would have turned out - Fire and Spotted means Sand and Dust would have existed, Squirrelflight wouldn’t have been born :P

Forbidden, but nice. - Oliveleaf

They where just meant to be. If only it weren't fobbiden. =^v^=

3 Sandstorm x Dustpelt

Sandstorm and Dustpelt would be mates if Firestar didn't came to thunderclan - spottedleafpool

They were related I believe...

4 Tigerheart x Dovewing
5 Tigerheart x Ivypool
6 Swiftpaw x Brightpaw
7 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves
8 Foxleap x Rosepetal
9 Jayfeather x Half Moon
10 Bluestar x Redtail

The Contenders

11 Bumblestripe x Ivypool
12 Brightheart x Swiftpaw
13 Firestar x Cinderpelt
14 Mousewhisker x Ambermoon
15 Dewnose x Hollytuft
16 Crowfeather x Squirrelflight
17 Alderheart x Velvet
18 Alderheart x Twigpaw
19 Sparkpelt x Larksong
20 Jayfeather x Briarlight

I love this!

21 Dovewing x Bumblestripe
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