Top Ten Warrior Cats Couples That Should Exist

The Top Ten Warrior Cats Couples That Should Exist

1 Squirrelflight x Ashfur

Ashfur's crazy and Squirrelflight's a bit annoying. Also who thinks Ashfur's possessed Bramblestar? He always seems to wanna keep Squirrelflight close to him!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

Sorry but... Squirrelflight saw ashfur more as a friend and didn’t love him, but she loved bramblestar. Ashfur ended up to try murdering 4 innocent cats because of jealousy. BramblexSquirrel 4 ever.

This would have been better for everyone. Who's with me?! - Oliveleaf

2 Firestar x Spottedleaf

Look how this would have turned out - Fire and Spotted means Sand and Dust would have existed, Squirrelflight wouldn’t have been born :P

Forbidden, but nice. - Oliveleaf

They where just meant to be. If only it weren't fobbiden. =^v^=

3 Sandstorm x Dustpelt

Sandstorm and Dustpelt would be mates if Firestar didn't came to thunderclan - spottedleafpool

Ya they are related, Dustpelt's Sandstorm's uncle.
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

They were related I believe...

4 Tigerheart x Dovewing
5 Tigerheart x Ivypool
6 Foxleap x Rosepetal

Yes! They are purrfect together! I adore them!
They would have had one single kit, a perfect kit that is loved by the whole clan!
Duskkit=Dusklight! (like WHitestorm! - ChickenQueen

7 Swiftpaw x Brightpaw
8 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves

Good Ship! Love Fallen Leaves, but Hollyleaf is a MURDERER! Also there ship names aren't the best...Hollyleaves and Fallenleaf!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

Yey best ship eva!
-Blackberry of the RainWings

9 Jayfeather x Half Moon

Jaymoon and Half-feather
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

10 Bumblestripe x Ivypool

No Bumblestripe's a hdvakgah
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

The Contenders

11 Alderheart x Velvet

He has a big fat crush on her!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

12 Alderheart x Twigpaw
13 Bumblestripe x Ashfur

Maharaja I put this on hear because I think they would work! Ashfur is driven crazy because of love as well as Bumblestripe. Just saying that if you think I'm wrong about Bumblestripe READ FLIPPING SILENT THAW!
Ok I'm calm.
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

14 Blossomfall x Ivypool

They both live in there sisters shadow.
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

15 Sol x Slash

Both rogues, both meen, both I hate!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

16 Bluestar x Redtail
17 Brightheart x Swiftpaw
18 Firestar x Cinderpelt
19 Mousewhisker x Ambermoon
20 Dewnose x Hollytuft
21 Crowfeather x Squirrelflight
22 Sparkpelt x Larksong
23 Jayfeather x Briarlight

Half Moon is great! And just saying Briarlight IS dead so...have you even read River of Fire?
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

by the way back off haters briar and jay are better than half and jay because half is like 100000 years older than him and because jay was in jays wing body, he felt the emotions that JAYS WING had for half, those were not his own emotions! that is all lol
-Blackberry of the RainWings

I love this!

24 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

Bumble deserved better then her...
dove wing is a brat, selfish, whiny, and SO self absorbed! bumble tries his best to cheer her up, but all he gets is a hiss as she runs away from him shes the worst she a mary sue srry dovewing fans
-Blackberry of the RainWings

Dovewing is NOT a brat! Bumblestripe is HE IS AN ASHFUR! Have you even read The Brocken Code? Bumblestripe is the reason that Squirrelflight is EXILED! He wanted to punish ALL of the Code-breakers because Dovewing was one! He also wanted to be possesed Bramblestar's deputy! Read all the books before saying something like that!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

25 Violetshine x Puddleshine

Nah, Violetshine's anoying, and Puddleshine's not.
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

26 Honeyfern x Jayfeather

They would be adorbs!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

27 Thornclaw x Firestar

I actually, strangely agree
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

28 Stemleaf x Bristlefrost

How dare you Stemleaf look like you like Bristlefrost then when she tells you her feelings your all like "I like Spotfur! " Like what the heck dude!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

29 One Eye x Mapleshade

Psycho love! Mapleshade and One Eye are so alike, but they would probably kill eachother!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

30 Gray Wing x River Ripple

Am I the only one who thinks these two are a good couple?
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

31 Feathertail x Lionheart

I think this ship could work! They would be adorable together!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

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