Best Warrior Cats That Hardly Get Noticed

The Top Ten

1 Ravenpaw

He's the cutest! I just wanna hug him! He doesn't get much recognition and I want to see more of him.

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2 Tawnypelt

I love Tawnypelt. She is the definition of epic. Best warriors cat for 3 reasons

1. She isn't afraid to prove herself.

2. She has a pretty tortishell pelt

3. She's just plain awesome

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3 One-Eye
4 Reedwhisker

I love him, he rocks, needs a bigger spotlight

5 Cody

She was friends with leafpool when they got trapped, none of you remember her probably

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6 Princess
7 Littlecloud

Doesn't get enough TLC

8 Rainwhisker
9 Honeyfern
10 Cherrytail

The Contenders

11 Hazeltail

Needs to be noticed more!

12 Icecloud
13 Sootfur
14 Runningwind
15 Minnowpaw
16 Mousewhisker
17 Longtail
18 Mousefur Mousefur
19 Stonefur

Does anyone even remember him? He got like...5 lines total. IDEK.

20 Purdy
21 Cinderheart
22 Darkstream
23 Blossomfall
24 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight

Oh.My.Gosh. Squirrelflight is an awesome cat! She's the deputy,and now everyone hates her!?! I don't get it. I don't! Its not fair. You guys need to show Squirrelflight some respect! She's my favorite character, Please?

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