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181 Cindertail

Hmm not really my thing. Sounds a little dull

This name is already in warrior cats

It isn't already in the books!

This may sound like a plain name to most of you, but it's pretty in its own way. I love the simpler pretty names because, seriously, a name that isn't splash actually MEANS something. Stuff like orchidsplash or raspberrysun are too meaningless and splash. Probably to the leader 5SECONDS to think of orchidsplash.

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182 Mossydirtplace

Now this is just stupid! Stop putting up ridiculous names!

I... I am not sure what to say. I mean, I'm not a hater... So I don't think there's any bad things about the name...

More of a tribe name. I can just imagine it. Mossy Dirt Place In Bushes. Mossy Dirt Place Near Oak Trees. Mossy Dirt Place That We Make Dirt In. Bravo.

Beautiful - lilydoestopten

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183 Mokingjayfrog

This is unrealistic look at what I added oak blaze, dawn willow etc

A Mockingjay is not a real bird. Also, what kind of a suffix is -frog?

We are being invaded by beyond dumb name! I cannot stand this anymore! I feel like shutting the screen!

Hmm... I'll think about it - lilydoestopten

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184 Opalberry

So!? Just because it isn't used in the books doesn't mean it isn't a good name! Opal is a very real natural name.

Amazing it's so unique I love it

Cats don't know what Opal is, but who cares? Opal is one of my favorite minearls! - lilydoestopten


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185 Skystorm

Pale blue-grey t with dark grey patches and green eyes,(I AM SO ADDONG H TOY CLAN!

You stole my name! :(

186 Honeywillow

I imagine a pretty slim honey brown she-cat with white paws. Beautiful name!

Honeywillow sounds like a golden she-cat with a bushy tail and a fading muzzle.

I like this name, but personally prefer HoneyBlossom

I made a cat named Honeywhisker.ahes a white cat with golden flecks.

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187 Petalflight

Simple, pretty, with a gorgeous mental image attached. How much more can you ask?

Wow this is beautiful, I love it! I could imagine a golden she-cat with mossy green eyes

Pretty fluffy white she-cat with pale tortoiseshell markings with pale green eyes

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188 Jadestar

But then how did they know about the moonstone? That is a gem too! It is lovely, by the way, whoever made this!

I like the name jade, maybe her warrior name could have been jade flower or something

Uh duh this meant to be made up warrior names, so that means this can be a suffix!

Well Phoenixstar of MoonClan, cats don't know what a Phoenix is either! So if you think there is a rule about making up names there isn't! by the way Jadestar's warrior name should be Jadetuft, Jadeshine, Jadeleap, Jadefall or Jadewhisker.

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189 Starlight

Sorry, but I greatly dislike all this names that cannot' the be used, like Starlight and Moonlight or Moonshine, who people seem to love for some reason...

I think it is a former kittypet that was named Star for her black pelt speckled with white. She is fixed. She can't have kits. She wants kits so bad. She moves into the Clan. She has had all her shots, so she can't be sick from greencough. She helps the medicine cat with the sick cats. She likes it. She becomes medicine cat apprentice still named Star. The Clan doesn't know what her name should be. The medicine cat, Heathercloud, suggests that they keep the star suffix. She becomes a very skilled medicine cat. She is named Starlight. Yay. - Embershine

I don't know if Star can't be a prefix, but I really like this name :'( - lilydoestopten

Like StarFLIGHT Lol. But it can't be used. - Spottedtail

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190 Creamshade

This is beautiful! It makes me imagine a beautiful, sleek dark brown tom.

This is a beautiful name!

You used Cream already


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191 Moonpelt

You, must become a warrior. But your assessment must be to ride on a cow's back. (She chooses the cow about to jump on the moon).

This is a cool name. I have a Moonpelt too - white angora tom with some gray patches/stripes, and light blue eyes.

A grey she-cat. In the moon light her pelt shines and glows

If you hate the prefix moon than I hate you...

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192 Dawnblaze

The cat would be a cream colored tom with amber eyes, his fierceness makes up the "blaze" suffix, and his cream colored pelt will make up his "Dawn" suffix


I think of Dawnblaze as a She-cat, Not a Tom.

Hmm I don't know...

Hey I have Moonclan too! At war with Sunclan most of the time. What can you do they are opposites just like Snowclan and Blazeclan.

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193 Heatherclaw

I like this name. I picture a small, lithe, very pale brown she-cat with lilac or dark blue eyes and white paws. A very kind she-cat, but can get carried away in battle. Her mate could be a large, muscular dark grey tom with dark blue eyes and their kits could be grey- or light brown-and white.

194 Darklight

Hmm this is logically impossible as light cannot be dark

I like the name but my dad was just talking to me about how dark can't be light

Light can't be dark.

A bit too sue-ish for my liking, but but it's okay in general

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195 Blackfur

Already used.

Pretty good in general but just a bit too unspecial

Normal Name. Not intrested

I like it a lot! :) the other people that commented are just jealous 😺

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196 Tealcloud

Solid gray tom with bright vibrant teal eyes. Very quiet though determined, looking through the hard times and seeks for good times. His mother is named Briertail and his father is Shatteredmist. His siblings are Finchfeather, Dustcloud, Pebblespring, Moonstorm, Firewing, Applefang, Gingerflame, and Mintheart. Briertail had 3 litters of kits and Tealcloud was in the last litter, with Moonstorm, Dustcloud, and Mintheart. Since he has a big pile of siblings, he always felt the odd one out, away from the fun. This made Tealkit at the time nervous and scared for his future, he wondered if anybody ever would love him. As an apprentice, he got his older brother Finchfeather for his mentor. Finchfeather pestered and pushed him so hard Tealpaw thought he would never become a full grown independent warrior. 4 moons into his training, Finchfeather fell off the gorge of the edge of their territory. There was no way to get down there to save him. Since there were no elders in the ...more

I don't know why but I like it.

It's teal not tea

Actually they might know what "Tea" is and its not even Tea as the prefix, Its teal.
They probably would know it because there are wild plants called Tea leaves.
They are used to make tea I'm pretty sure of.

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197 Violetflower

Game? I heard they are looking for someone to make a movie and videogames come afterwards.

It could be Violet from dawn of the clans name if she chose to change her name.

This is a very pretty name. I imagine a golden-brown she-cat, like Heathertail.

Golden tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

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198 Silkleg

Like Spiderleg, but in she-cat form. Also, do cats even know what silk is? Maybe medicine cats recognize that spider's silk is called silk, but would they really call it SILK? Humans have adapted the name for it because it reminds us of the material, silk. But cats don't know about that, so how can this be?

Is it Silk like the material? Or just silk worms... :T

Do cats know what silk is?

"Silk" is also used to describe fur textures. Like a silky gray tom or something similar to that.
and Like the person below said, Spiders use silk to make webs, and cats know what webs are.

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199 Windsong

If you're writing a story, and you're using clans you made up, not the ones in the book, Windsong would be a perfectly fine name to use.

OH! This sounds like a graceful, light gray she-cat just waiting for freedom!

I know wind can't really be used because it's a clan name, but there's Windflight so why can't I add Windsong? I like it because it makes me think of wind howling. Windsong is a pale gray she-cat with sky blue eyes and a calm, gentle personality

Sounds like a calm silver tabby with eyes colored like the sky

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200 Fallenwish

Would be a ginger and white tabby tom with leaf green eyes.

Nice name I love it


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