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181 Frostfire

Sounds like a white she cat with one ice blue eye and one blazing amber eye, and deep ginger firey colored on her left front leg, and on her right back leg, muzzle, half of her face, on her back, and part of her tail. She/he have a hidden past and a dark she cat. Semi long, thick fur, scar on her left eye.

Sounds so pretty! It sounds like a frost white cat with piercing yellow eyes and a short temper :p. I would defiantly use this name for one of my own warrior cats

I actually have my main character named Frostfire. She's a silvery white she-cat with striking yellow amber eyes and a sharp tongue (very sarcastic and kinda short tempered). I love Frostfire, she's my favorite. - Heatherbrook

Cool! I think if a ginger and white Tom with piercing blue eyes

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182 Spottedfeather

This reminds me so much of starts sobbing at the reminder of spottedleaf so sad! But this is a great name

This one sounds like a calico medicine she-cat OR a dark gray tom, hunting his pray.

Yeah, reminds me of spotted leaf to. SOB...

Amazing I miss spottedleaf. I wonder if she would have broken the med. code to be with Firestar? SO sad when she died. twice. :'(

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183 Fadingmist

Beautiful name! I think of a siamese-like cat but with long, soft fur and beautiful green eyes! It feels like she would have a sad life, like Bluestar but gets past it and becomes a loving, mother and a great hunter!

How does this not have more votes? It's gorgeous!

This isn't a name I would choose for my cat but, it's SO pretty I honestly don't know what this cat would look like..

Beautiful I think of a really pale gray she cat with one white paw and brilliant dark blue eyes.

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184 Skymist

I love this name. I imagine a blue she cat with a white misty underbelly she has a white patch around one eye and is a skill full warrior. She has a mate called Sunbeam and their kits have such beautiful unique coloured fur. Her parents thought she was a retard so they secretly threw her in the river and pretended she was dead. Skykit then ended up in river clan were she grew to be the best warrior. Her parents saw her in battle and realised what a mistake they made and fought for her to be back. She decided to stay in river clan though as she was heavily pregnant with Sunbeams kits. Eventually she became deputy and leader and loved a happy life with Sunbeam and her kits.

Wow! That is so beautiful! Maybe a blue gray she cat with sapphire eyes?

I had a cat named this before I saw this, and I took forever to think of it! She is my mother, and she's a long-furred blue/gray she-cat with large sky-blue eyes

Best Name Ever (BNE) - lilydoestopten

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185 Swanfeather

I had used this name before I saw this. In a role play am doing Swanfeather is a beautiful longhaired she cat with steel blue eyes and she is deaf but is still a warrior.

This is a beautiful name, I love it I can imagine a silver almost white fluffy she-cat. She is shy, calm, can get kinda protective of her kits (Yes I'm sorry I think she would be a queen)

I used this for the book I'm writing, it's an awesome name. I said she was a white medicine cat with black speckles. Really pretty!

Gingersplash, do you think 'Your so cool" go on national T.V. or something, what are you Gary Sue or Mary Sue?. How about you don't think so deeply about the names, Swanfeather describes a cats looks. Swanfeather is an amazing name, maybe a white she cat with a grey feather shaped patch on her?

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186 Leafstorm

Pale brown tabby she cat with leaf green eyes.

If leafpool actually chose the path of a warrior I imagine this could have been her name it also reminds of Pokemon

It's just beautiful. Just beautiful. - leafpool_4_ever

This cat is in Battles of the Clans, a ThunderClan deputy - Frogjaw1996

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187 Bramblescar

Amazing name!

I'm picturing a Dark Brown tabby tom, with deep amber eyes and scars all over his back-WolfyMi

It sounds like a cat what was scared when they fell in a bramble bush lolz - Flutter

Reminds me of Bramblestar(claw)

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188 Sunsplash

I think of a golden tabby she-cat with white markings, blue eyes, a free spirit, and a love for swimming and splashing in puddles.

Handsome golden tom with light ginger splashes, deputy, river clan

"I imagine a ginger cat with yellow eyes."

LOVE IT! This is WAY better than Gingersplash! - PaintedWolves

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189 Ivystream

Sounds like a silvery gray patched white she-cat, with green eyes. Her father killed her only brother, and was then exiled. Her eyes sometimes show her deep sadness, but mostly show her current emotion. Her eyes sparkle and glow in the green-leaf sun.

How can she be copying? She does not know what you are thinking.

Sounds like a beautiful silvery, grey she-cat with green sparkling eyes who is sometimes quite proud and is favored by her mother among her siblings.

This name is awesome! It sounds like ivy floating in a stream!

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190 Cherryheart

I imagine a small white she-cat with dark red tabby patches and green eyes.

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191 Echowish

A fiery ginger she-cat with light ginger rippling down her body. She has many nicks in both ears. A long scar around her paw and is solitary.

I like this name it sonds like he/she would be in connect with star clan.

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192 Mossyleaf

I made up this name moss flower, I do not know if moss flower is real. This name reminds me of moss flower.

Or moss kits warrior name if she had lived - Badgerflame

Awesome. A girl with kits. Also a good mentor. Perfect name gets you a perfect cat

I also have an OC named Mossflower

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193 Thunderpelt

Again, you can't use the prefixes thunder, shadow, river, or wind because those are the names of the clans.

I see a dark grey tom with light grey stripes, and really bright eyes.

Their the names of the cats who made the clans

It's pretty good, but eh

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194 Flameheart

Cool! Sounds like a tom, with a flame colored pelt and shows no fear! Also very brave!

That name already exists

Sounds like a beautiful ginger she-cat.

She/he already made in warcraft

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195 Drizzlesong

I feel it's a pretty name for a pretty white she-cat with grey spots! - LiliBoo

I think it's a AMAZING name for in writing books

196 Cindertail

Hmm not really my thing. Sounds a little dull

This name is already in warrior cats

It isn't already in the books!

This may sound like a plain name to most of you, but it's pretty in its own way. I love the simpler pretty names because, seriously, a name that isn't splash actually MEANS something. Stuff like orchidsplash or raspberrysun are too meaningless and splash. Probably to the leader 5SECONDS to think of orchidsplash.

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197 Jadestar

But then how did they know about the moonstone? That is a gem too! It is lovely, by the way, whoever made this!

I like the name jade, maybe her warrior name could have been jade flower or something

Uh duh this meant to be made up warrior names, so that means this can be a suffix!

Well Phoenixstar of MoonClan, cats don't know what a Phoenix is either! So if you think there is a rule about making up names there isn't! by the way Jadestar's warrior name should be Jadetuft, Jadeshine, Jadeleap, Jadefall or Jadewhisker.

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198 Mossydirtplace

Now this is just stupid! Stop putting up ridiculous names!

I... I am not sure what to say. I mean, I'm not a hater... So I don't think there's any bad things about the name...

More of a tribe name. I can just imagine it. Mossy Dirt Place In Bushes. Mossy Dirt Place Near Oak Trees. Mossy Dirt Place That We Make Dirt In. Bravo.

I know its rude but its funny! - KayleeKicklighter

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199 Skystorm

Pale blue-grey t with dark grey patches and green eyes,(I AM SO ADDONG H TOY CLAN!

You stole my name! :(

200 Primrosebreeze

Could've been Primrosepaw's warrior name!

It’s very creative

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