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1981 Moonbeam

A light gray she cat with bright blue eyes that shine in the moon. Very to herself and quiet but a great warrior

Do think beamtail, like beam like shine? Tell me - princess bagelgobbler

1982 Kestrelfeather

Probably for a pretty dilute tortoiseshell she-cat

1983 Sagebreeze

A pretty black and brown she-cat with amber eyes. She is very fast and skilled in hunting. - Embershine

Probably a small grey she-cat with beautiful light green eyes.

White she-cat with cream patches. Sagewhisker's descendant. - Froststar_of_iceclan

1984 Juniperlight V 1 Comment
1985 Amberlight

Either a beautiful she-cat with golden fur with any color eyes OR a tortoiseshell with bright amber eyes.

1986 Moonfeather

Beautiful small silver she-cat with light blue eyes

I made a moonfeather her mate was oakstorm and she had two kits her son mountainclaw and her daughter sootwing

1987 Bramblefang

I just thought it would be kinda cool. And you are free to use it. ~ Dapplefur of Rainclan

Sounds like a dark brown tom with green eyes. He is kind yet strict when he needs to be. He would never back down from a fight, even at a disadvantage. ~Oceanmask of Riverclan

V 1 Comment
1988 Rusettail
1989 Mistgaze

I like this name a lot, but I think it would be better as Mistygaze

1990 Smallfinch

A small ginger/golden she or tom with white splotches and green eyes

1991 Canarysong

A white she-cat with brown, cream, ginger, and golden dappled and striped fur with turquoise eyes.

1992 Puredove

Silver tabby she cat with icy blue eyes and white oval on her forehead. Secretly related to Cloudstar!

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1993 Wiltedrose

I just love this name for no reason

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1994 Fallingskies

A muscular big grey and black tom with pale blue eyes, almost like ice.

1995 Fallingdove V 3 Comments
1996 Rockflower

It sound sweet but tough.

1997 Maplefall
1998 Dapplelight
1999 Ivyclaw

A fierce ShadowClan she-cat that has a dappled silver white and brown pelt. Her words can cut like claws, but she is very loyal to those close to her.

2000 Risingsun

Hooray to all the people that went this far - Roseclaw

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