Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1981 Mothspeck
1982 Speedpaw V 1 Comment
1983 Speedslash
1984 Oceankit

Love it, it reminds me of my Oc Oceanstar but as a kit, blue gray she cat with dark blue eyes and one white paw

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1985 Oceanpaw
1986 Oceanfur
1987 Icepaw

Ooh sounds like a white she-cat with amber eyes to me

1988 Clawface

Calm down! I doubt you've read all the books either. Stop getting triggered over a name.

*My comment is directed to the rude person who is screeching in all caps

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1989 Dustcloud

Pale tabby tom with Amber eyes

1990 Flowerfall
1991 Yellowfeather

A yellowish color with orange stripes and green eyes

1992 Cloudheart

A white she-cat with a tan chest and paws with deep blue eyes

1993 Breezeberry
1994 Snowleap
1995 Nightpoppy
1996 Honeylight
1997 Reedshine

This name is USED! Reedshine and Mapleshade are fighting over Appledusk!
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

1998 Bramblewing
1999 Ottersplash V 2 Comments
2000 Hollyfeather
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