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2001 Daintytail

Who's that cat? Its only the best medicine cat ever!
She works on finding new cures for diseases
Her pelt is a shining ginger colour

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2002 Sunnyheart

Sunny heart is a buff she cat
Her sister, shimmer strike, is a good fighter but sunny heart insists that food is more important that winning fights
"We won't have a home, not a place to hunt or put the prey you catch"! Shimmer strike argued. Sunny heart flicked her head "hungry"? She mewed "we need food to survive"! She raised her eyes. One spot walked in between "we teach are cats three things: hunting, stalking, and tracking", he listed "I think tacking is the most important, We track prey and we track our enemy's they could be sneaking up on us"!

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2003 Lionleaf

I think it is a really cool name and I have never been in one.

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2004 Silverpool

I LOVE THIS! - Spottedtail

2005 Thundertail

Thundertail Is a lovely kind black and white she cat but her family us mostly evil her sister blossomstar was evil and mean and her mum killed over six cats but her brother lightning tail is a sweet kind tom as well as skyheart her handsome brave mate

2006 Finchfur

It sounds so pretty.I imagine her as a silver she cat with gray stripes.

I think she has a light brown and ginger pelt.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

2007 Firefeather
2008 Riverlife
2009 Softbreath V 1 Comment
2010 Sunleaf
2011 Longleaf
2012 Acornstep

I think it would be a white cat with brown feet and eyespots

2013 GlacierBreeze

So majestic,I picture a silver she-cat with the deepest sea-blue eyes.

2014 Spottedblaze
2015 Ravenhigh
2016 Heathersong
2017 TangleStripe
2018 CrestFur
2019 ShootingStar
2020 Splashclaw
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