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2021 Hailstorm

A white, fluffy tom with a light grey muzzle, and legs is how I picture this name as a cat.

I actually use this in my O/C

She's a grey she-cat with little white splotches everywhere with misty blue eyes and a pale pink nose.
She falls in love with Grasspelt in Riverclan and breaks the warrior code. After he dies, she joins Riverclan and raises her kits there. - Heatherbrook

2022 Wintersong

You can't use Autumn, Winter, and Summer. You can use Spring and Fall because they're actions as well as seasons.

2023 Deadleaf
2024 Springlake V 1 Comment
2025 Snakeyes
2026 Newtfoot
2027 Cloudfeather

She would be white with grey stripes

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2028 Happyfur V 1 Comment
2029 Rivershock
2030 MorningFeather
2031 Briarstorm

Pretty speckled brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Personality: leader-like, wise, tough, caring. Mate: Antnose. Kits: None. Position: deputy.

2032 Sweetspeckle

In my head (which is full of ridiculousness) I would see this certain she-cat as a tortioseshell reserved, quiet and caring. Is not very popular but Beechleaf from ShadowClan (she's in WindClan) likes her, but Sweetspeckle rejected him. She fought to the death against all the four Clans, who were all at war. Going to StarClan, Sweetspeckle gave a prophecy the darkness of shadows shall meet blood, and night will rise. (P.S., sorry if I spelled ridiculousness wrong)

2033 Lightpatch

If she were real she would be a kittypet and start moonclan with her mate bonepelt. She was sourced from my black cat with a white neck patch crystal!

2034 Bonepelt
2035 Roostersong V 3 Comments
2036 Otterfeet
2037 Darkfury

A black Tom with one white patch on his left eye around his Amber eyes

2038 Flowernose

A cream coulored she-cat with a black nose patch close to her blue eyes.

2039 Greysky

A misty grey she-cat with silvery-white eyes, could be full blind.

2040 Dungface

A dull coulored dung furred Tom with Amber eyes. He left the clan due to his insulted lame personality and ragged fur, so he jumped into the gorge and drowned himself. 😿

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