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2041 Volepaw

A grey Tom with yellow eyes. As an apprentice, he got lost in training and was killed by a bloodclan cat.

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2042 Foxfury

As a beautiful white kit with blue eyes, Flakekit, later became flakepaw, and as an apprentice attacked by a fox and lost her both pretty eyes and luminous ears. She survived, but hated foxes more than anyone else. She changed her warrior name to Foxfury.

2043 Stormstar

She was born as a grey kit with stripes and yellow eyes. Her father was so crazy he tried to take over the clan and kill every cat in Thunderclan. But she rescued the clan and though about her sister while she killed Wildheart.

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2044 Dewgaze

Light gray she cat with dull gun blue eyes, white ears and tail tip. Her father was leader, but died. It debased her, she baca me depressed. Then one gathering met a very kind gentle brown warrior from a different clan. She knew it would please her father in star clan to see her sneak off with this handsome tom. She got dreams from her father telling her to make herself happy. She broke the medicine cat rule and had three kits. Lambkit, fluffy white kit green eyes. Barkkit, brown tom with white ears, blue eyes, and Twigkit, light brown she kit with a lighter brown tail and light brown splotches.

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2045 Thunderstep

A huge brown tom who when he runs it sounds like thunder.

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2046 Crimsonstrike

Black she with tabby ginger spots?

2047 Rocksnow
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2050 Dovefang

But doves don't have fangs... This name doesn't make a lot of sense.

It shows Love and Bravery at the same time

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2051 MintFang

I don't know it just sounds cool

2052 Swiftstripe

Sounds like a mysterious tom wonderful fighter.

2053 Nettlethorn

Probably a golden tom with brown patches.

2054 Snowstep

I think med cat white with blue eyes.

2055 BadgerScar
2056 Pepperdash
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2058 Aspenfall

Aspenfall is a WindClan cat in Tallstar's Revenge. He "is a sleek, lithe gray-and-white tom with long legs and a wiry tail," according to the Warriors Wiki. His apprentice is Doespring.
This is Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist, not Top Ten Warrior Cat Names from the Books.

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2059 Shimmeringsky
2060 Wildflower

Love it it make me think of a flame colored, free spirited, she cat with bright Doreen eyes, who was once a warrior, but became a rouge and lives her life freeliyv

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