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2041 Diamondshine

Cats don't know what a diamond is. To them, the gold and silver prefixes come from the kit's pelt color, not from the mineral..

For a pretty graceful she-cat I imagine a pure white cat when the sun shines on her pelt she shimmers

2042 Blazewhisker

Wow like the stongest tom ever and handsome a fast cat with a yellow kinda orange pelt and he is SO CUTE

2043 Skylight

I imagine a cat similar to the personality of Squirrelflight, except a little less rude and more to the side of obedience. Possibly a fluffy cloud gray she-cat with faded whitish-blue eyes.

She-cat or a tom blue white fur with jet black paws and he/she is strong

2044 Windyheart V 1 Comment
2045 Splashfeather

I picture a white she-cat with splashes of pale gray all over her pelt. Dark blue eyes. Always ready to put the Clan first above all

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2046 Cliffheart
2047 Lightningfur
2048 Blossomsplash

White she cat with ginger patches and blue eyes

2049 Blossomstream
2050 Mistface

Brown tabby she cat with a white face

2051 Otterfrost

Dark brown she cat with a black tail

2052 Star That Gleams In the Night Sky

I made this name so I will put the description: blue she cat from the tribe of rushing water with glossy blue eyes and a long fluffy tail

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2053 Dapplemist

She is a dappled golden she-cat with bright blue eyes

2054 Echostone

Beautiful light gray she-cat

2055 Blossomfloatinginpond

Ginger and white she cat with blue eyes. She is part of the tribe of the rushing water

Blossom that Floats in a pond. That would be a better name for her now.

2056 Amberspots

I put this name here so I will make the description.tortiseshell she car with Amber eyes

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2057 MapleSap
2058 Mothdance

I just thought it was a really pretty name, it's so cute but strong and beautiful. I think a dark brown/red she-cat with really sharp figures and emerald green eyes would have this name. She's beautiful and thoughtful, but very independent

I picture of a cream coat she cat with green eyes

My little spiderdance is coming to get you! - princess bagelgobbler

2059 Flarefur
2060 Honeyclaw
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