Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2061 Flarefur
2062 Honeyclaw
2063 Cloverfrost
2064 Brightcloud
2065 Nightfrost

I'm sorry I posted it twice. It kept on not showing up lol
~ Gingerpaw

This is an awesome name why did you post your comment twice?
~ Waterpaw of FeatherClan

I made this up:) hope you all like it and you are free to use all of my names.
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

I love this name; it reminds me of Nightmist, Sandfeather's mate.
This might have been a better name fork his but the suffixes are basically the same. :)

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2066 Sparkfur
2067 Dogfang
2068 Fernwhisker

Doe psnt this name already exist if not I see a cream colored she cat with lighter paws and ears and green eyes

2069 Rosedapple

Love it, I imagine a white she cat russet dapple with dark amber eyes

2070 Lilysong
2071 Softsong

At least I know someone has scrolled as far as me - Roseclaw

Cream coat queen with green blue eyes

2072 Heatherfeather
2073 Jayflight
2074 Thornfang
2075 Chattyclaw V 3 Comments
2076 Fluffybrain

This name makes no sense whatsoever.

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2077 Spottedbelly
2078 Silverstrike

A white she cat with gray stripes and blue eyes. She is very sweet, but when it comes down to defending WindClan, she can strike an enemy down with one blow, earning her the suffix -strike.

Silver she-cat with one white paw. - Embershine

2079 Kitstarpawheart

Hmm? Only one prefix and one suffix. And it needs to make sense.

Kitstarpawheart, I like it. It's funny!
By the way, shouldn't it be Kitpawheartstar so it goes in name order?
Just a thought

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2080 Doremifasolatidostar V 1 Comment
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