Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2061 MeanameIcallmyself

It's the sound of music! But dumb and pathetic

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2062 Faalonglongwaytorun V 1 Comment
2063 Sewaneedlepullingthread

We have began the sound of music - Roseclaw

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2064 Lostgaze

Love it, a picture light gray elder with yellow eyes with white pages and muzzle ; sad back story

2065 Autumnleaf

A brown, orange, black, and white she-cat with very fierce but understanding green eyes.

Cats do not call the seasons their actual names. They use leaf-fall instead of Autumn, I believe.

2066 Blossomflower

Do you think primrosekit sounds nice? - princess bagelgobbler

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2067 Leapardspark V 2 Comments
2068 Hollowheart

Poor hollowheart she can not love

Oh ma guard so sad

2069 Poopfur

Really? Did you HAVE to? If so, why?

Gross learn some manners and change the name

Disgusting and mean. - IcetailofWishClan

Really?!? Why just why

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2070 Blisterbleed



2071 Glidewing

When the person below me said Runningfoot, I imagined a foot with legs - Froststar_of_iceclan

Hey, There's a Runningfoot; why not a Glidewing?

2072 Rapidclaw

A rapidly fast fighter, he has a dark brown tabby coat and scars across his shoulder

A skilful fighter
Any colour

2073 Galeheart

A beautiful prey she cat with pure blue eyes, a very gentle cat with a fat heart

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2074 Wildheart

A long haired red Tom

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2075 Gustystar

Gusty- meaning brave or the weather
A smart,intelligent, noble leader who continues to put the clan first

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2076 Hazestorm

Tortoise shell/ calico, or brown she

A fiery calico she cat with a nasty temper, she is also a skillfull horse rider (joking)

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2077 Daintytail

Who's that cat? Its only the best medicine cat ever!
She works on finding new cures for diseases
Her pelt is a shining ginger colour

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2078 Sunnyheart

Sunny heart is a buff she cat
Her sister, shimmer strike, is a good fighter but sunny heart insists that food is more important that winning fights
"We won't have a home, not a place to hunt or put the prey you catch"! Shimmer strike argued. Sunny heart flicked her head "hungry"? She mewed "we need food to survive"! She raised her eyes. One spot walked in between "we teach are cats three things: hunting, stalking, and tracking", he listed "I think tacking is the most important, We track prey and we track our enemy's they could be sneaking up on us"!

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2079 Lionleaf

I think it is a really cool name and I have never been in one.

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2080 Silverpool

I LOVE THIS! - Spottedtail

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