Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2101 Heatherfeather
2102 Jayflight
2103 Thornfang
2104 Chattyclaw V 3 Comments
2105 Fluffybrain

This name makes no sense whatsoever.

V 1 Comment
2106 Spottedbelly
2107 Silverstrike

A white she cat with gray stripes and blue eyes. She is very sweet, but when it comes down to defending WindClan, she can strike an enemy down with one blow, earning her the suffix -strike.

Silver she-cat with one white paw. - Embershine

2108 Kitstarpawheart

Hmm? Only one prefix and one suffix. And it needs to make sense.

Kitstarpawheart, I like it. It's funny!
By the way, shouldn't it be Kitpawheartstar so it goes in name order?
Just a thought

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2109 Doremifasolatidostar V 1 Comment
2110 Swiftclaw

Swiftpaw's warrior name? (Read into the wild)

Love it white she cat with blue eyes

This is what I imagine swiftpaws name would be if those dogs hadn't killed him... He was amazing favorite cat ever.

2111 Eagleheart
2112 Applesong
2113 Applewing
2114 Tinyclaw
2115 Morningcloud

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this a Code of the Clans cat - Frogjaw1996

A pale golden tabby shecat with green eyes. I used this as my warrior name on a roleplay game.

2116 Dappleleaf

To me, Dappleleaf would be a dappled gray she-cat.

A dark brown shecat with amber eyes and a grey and fire dappled pelt
(medicine cat)

2117 Fawnfur

Creamy brown she-cat with tiny white spots white dash on chest and white tip tail and white ears and white under belly

The first comment is me fawnfur she has white legs now and white spotted back-fawnfur

Fawnfur has white speckled back and white front legs -fawnfur

2118 Emberfoot

Dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes mate's with sharp claw

Sorry emberfoot is really light brown tabby with ginger paws

Emberfoot is a real cat

WindClan cat - Frogjaw1996

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2119 Tiggerclaw

Dark tabby tom mate's with fawnfur

This already exist, into the wild, Forrest of secrets, etc

Um no but it still sucks

T I double g er. That spells Tigger!

V 4 Comments
2120 Sharpclaw

Dark gray tabby tom emberfoot's mate brother to ring tail and tiggerclaw

Sharp claw is not mate's with emberfoot

He is already in the books! Skyclan's Destiny!

SkyClan deputy - Frogjaw1996

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