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201 Embershine



Embershine is a character in my book. She has three littermates, Sunblaze, Cherrysplash, and Honeybreeze. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with deep amber eyes. She is a medicine cat but she has kits. She gives them to her sister, Cherrysplash. One of her kits, Willowflame becomes her apprentice. During a battle in their Clan, StormClan's, camp a warrior attacks Willowflame and she is badly wounded. Embershine fights against the attacker in order to save her kit. She gets a wound on her belly. She tries to treat Willowflame before herself. While she does, she bleeds a lot. Willowflame wakes up treated with Embershine lying weak beside her. Embershine tells her that she is her mother and to tell her littermates. She bleeds and says with her dying breath "I love you."

202 Briarberry

How has nobody commented for this name?! It is beautiful! I imagine a dark brown she-cat with a reddish brown tint to her fur, and dark hazel eyes. She would be a medicine cat of either ShadowClan or ThunderClan.

203 Lilyheart

Reminds me of Lily Evans/Potter from Harry Potter.

I read Bramblestar's storm...was used already

This was used in Bramblestar's storm I think

It's already a name. - Spottedtail

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204 Firebutt

If you aren't going to take this seriously then just shut up!

Jeez people can be rude. I think this name is funny. This is the internet people! If you're unable to handle funny names then you can: A. Go calm down B. realize that you cannot control what other people if you do and if you can't take that, take a break from the internet. Or C. Just keep your feelings to yourself

I agree its an atrocity but it's really funny

Wow... - IcetailofWishClan

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205 Sleepysquirrel

Why do I find this weirdly adorable? I could just hug Sleepysquirrel.

I think Sleepysquirrel is actually an adorable name, maybe fpor a gingery-brown she with fluffy fur and light green eyes. Probably a queen, seeing as I can't really picture Sleepysquirrel over here covered in blood from a battle.

So stupid that it makes it amazingly adorable. Terrible name for a serious, epic warrior, but its cute for a funny little scrap of fur.

Aww, Sleepysquirrel sounds so cute and cuddly! I want to squish it now! (in a good way) - lilydoestopten

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206 Nightclaw

I used this in my scratch game before I saw this list - Spottedtail

It seems kind of generic, but it's very solid. - Warriorcatsfandom

I usually use this as my warrior name


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207 Poppysong

A very pretty name in my opinion. She sounds like either a spotted dark ginger she-cat or a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. I imagine that she has a very soft, pretty voice that she raises when she's angry or upset.

How could no one put any comments on this beautiful name! Poppy's make cats fall asleep.. so they sing a song to put them to sleep too! Great job.

I love names like this! Good job!

It would makes me sleepy.

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208 Willowblossom V 4 Comments
209 Blossomfur
210 Heatherbreeze

I imagine a she-cat with a slender pale brown pelt and eyes like the colour of heather. The name sorta sounds like she's full of wisdom and sounds like a great queen name.

This is like heather tail and breeze pelt

Reminds me of Heathertail and breezepelt. I hate that couple


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211 Ashwind

Love this name! A black tom/she-cat with yellow eyes. She runs faster than the wind and when she runs past you, you think that it was a pile of ash flying past U. LOVE IT

Black tom with yellowy-orange eyes. When he runs he gives the impression of ash blowin in the wind

I guess this in okay name. I do not mean to be a hater, but none of these names inspire me

Ashwind. It sounds majestic, but yet peaceful. I imagine him as an extremely black-pelted tom, with a muscular build and unusually long front claws, with a long scrap of fur growing at his neck. He has blazing amber eyes, and when you look at him you can see deep sorrow, but still deep happiness. His sorrow tarted when he was a mewling kit. Born to Mistytail, this Ashkit always recieved the weak end of the stick. Much like Tiny/Scourge, he was bullied by his large bunch of littermates. Once, to get away from his family, he ran away. He was a WindClan cat, and accidentally made his way to ThunderClan territory. He was whimpering, slowly walking through the bushes, and a he meets a she-cat, a kit named Redkit. They become fast frieds, even though they had a little fight before, as Redkit knew Ashkit was from WindClan. Redkit tells him that she had the same experiences at home, and they can sympathize with each other. Every night, Ashkit snuck out to meet Redkit. He knew he was going ...more

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212 Shadowstorm

Maybe Stormshadow would be better, more unique and unused. Also this at would be powerful

I used this name before he was the mate to honeyfeather and in there first litter they had two toms mudtail and pineclaw and in there secound litter they had there son harepelt and the daughter ivywing

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213 Lilycloud

How does this not have any comments? I love this name! I picture a fluffy white she-cat with patches of ginger on her fur. She has fierce green eyes and is a kindhearted cat - Timberfall

214 Toadslime

Thanks for that image...

Pfft, really? If you post a name, at least be SERIOUS! SERIOUSLY! - AirfrostOfJayClan

Ugh. There isn't anything else to say.

Honestly I kinda dig this name, I like both parts but not together. maybe toadstep?

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215 Owlpurr

They CAN BE NAMED AFTER SOUNDS! Just because this suffix has not been used in the books doesn't make it unusable

I love the name, even though it doesn't make sense

I really like the end "purr" but owl doesn't quite fit it...

Owls don't purr

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216 Nightburn

When night sees a tree that's burnt she'll think Cindersorrows

It's so dark, it's burning my eyes!

This doesn't really make sense.

That prophosy is awesome

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217 Blizzardtail

I can see a white she-cat with a flurry of gray spots on her back, looking like snow in a snow storm/blizzard AMD her tail tip is gray, breaking out into gray spots too. She had icy-blue eyes and her ear tips have gray tufts on the tops of them. I really like. Wait, no I don't LIKE it... I LOVE IT!

I think of a nice gray she cat with green eyes and 2 little kits

I would probably think of this as a male name.

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218 Tigerfur

Already made by me sorry

I used this. Snowclan deputy Lemonheart's mate.

Well his name was Tigerpelt his sister was Maplestar.

219 Cindersorrows

Don't really like it. Sorrows? What has Cinder have to do with Sorrows?

Sounds like China Sorrows from Skulduggery Pleasant

I don't really think sorrows is a suffix, but it works. I like it!

I agree with comment below.

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220 Flame

This isn't even a warrior name. - Warriorcatsfandom

A rogue that became a warrior cat? I like the prefix though - lilydoestopten

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