Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2221 Honeylight
2222 Reedshine

This name is USED! Reedshine and Mapleshade are fighting over Appledusk!
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

2223 Bramblewing
2224 Ottersplash V 2 Comments
2225 Hollyfeather
2226 Volewhisker
2227 Sunwhisker
2228 Ivypetal

Sounds like a name for a medicine cat. I picture a pale brown she-cat with a white muzzle, paws, and chest. Vibrant green eyes. Very sleek, thoughtful, observant, and definitely intelligent.

2229 Pearlstream

I used a name like this in my story I'm writing. Her name is pearl Pelt

V 1 Comment
2230 Gingerleaf

This is my first time posting a name. I hope you all like it. Gingerleaf is a dark ginger she-cat with focused green eyes.

~ Gingerpaw

V 2 Comments
2231 Frecklefur

I love this name so much. I made it up

2232 Lightmoon
2233 Snowdapple

White and gray tabby she-cat

2234 Fernwillow V 1 Comment
2235 Briarpad
2236 Autunmblaze

It's cool, but you can't use Autumn, Winter, and Summer. You can use spring and fall because they're actions as well as seasons.

2237 Stormspots

I just think it sounds nice and pretty.

I really like this name! Light brown she cat with pale gray splashes! Oh and stormy green eyes!
- Robinpaw

2238 Sunstar V 3 Comments
2239 Tabbyleaf V 1 Comment
2240 Amberwing
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