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221 Tideheart

Tideheart is a fresh, cute name that really sticks out. I love it.

222 Silkleg

Like Spiderleg, but in she-cat form. Also, do cats even know what silk is? Maybe medicine cats recognize that spider's silk is called silk, but would they really call it SILK? Humans have adapted the name for it because it reminds us of the material, silk. But cats don't know about that, so how can this be?

Is it Silk like the material? Or just silk worms... :T

Do cats know what silk is?

"Silk" is also used to describe fur textures. Like a silky gray tom or something similar to that.
and Like the person below said, Spiders use silk to make webs, and cats know what webs are.

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223 Embershine




Embershine is a character in my book. She has three littermates, Sunblaze, Cherrysplash, and Honeybreeze. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with deep amber eyes. She is a medicine cat but she has kits. She gives them to her sister, Cherrysplash. One of her kits, Willowflame becomes her apprentice. During a battle in their Clan, StormClan's, camp a warrior attacks Willowflame and she is badly wounded. Embershine fights against the attacker in order to save her kit. She gets a wound on her belly. She tries to treat Willowflame before herself. While she does, she bleeds a lot. Willowflame wakes up treated with Embershine lying weak beside her. Embershine tells her that she is her mother and to tell her littermates. She bleeds and says with her dying breath "I love you."

224 Pinestripe
225 Windsong

If you're writing a story, and you're using clans you made up, not the ones in the book, Windsong would be a perfectly fine name to use.

OH! This sounds like a graceful, light gray she-cat just waiting for freedom!

I know wind can't really be used because it's a clan name, but there's Windflight so why can't I add Windsong? I like it because it makes me think of wind howling. Windsong is a pale gray she-cat with sky blue eyes and a calm, gentle personality

€�Wind” actually can be used, as well as Shadow, River, Thunder, and Sky. - Embershine

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226 Fallenwish

Would be a ginger and white tabby tom with leaf green eyes.

Nice name I love it


227 Laurelshine
228 Sleepysquirrel

Why do I find this weirdly adorable? I could just hug Sleepysquirrel.

I think Sleepysquirrel is actually an adorable name, maybe fpor a gingery-brown she with fluffy fur and light green eyes. Probably a queen, seeing as I can't really picture Sleepysquirrel over here covered in blood from a battle.

So stupid that it makes it amazingly adorable. Terrible name for a serious, epic warrior, but its cute for a funny little scrap of fur.

Aww, Sleepysquirrel sounds so cute and cuddly! I want to squish it now! (in a good way) - lilydoestopten

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229 Briarberry

Pretty reddish brown she-cat with very orange eyes. Blind. Has many kits with mate, Cloudstripe. - Embershine

How has nobody commented for this name?! It is beautiful! I imagine a dark brown she-cat with a reddish brown tint to her fur, and dark hazel eyes. She would be a medicine cat of either ShadowClan or ThunderClan.

230 Lilyheart

Reminds me of Lily Evans/Potter from Harry Potter.

I read Bramblestar's storm...was used already

This was used in Bramblestar's storm I think

It's already a name. - Spottedtail

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231 Ravenheart

A sleek black tom with patches of red fur on his belly

A lithe tan she-cat with autumn-leaf-orange eyes that is fairly pretty but is rude and annoying. She is pretty much like a raven. They don't care who or what they bother and are very annoying.


Should have been Ravenpaw's warrior name.

A black and white tom with green eyes. He would live in Shadowclan. As a kit he would want to learn herbs. The medicine cat, Blossomfeather, didn't allow him to be a medicine cat. Ravenkit's mother was Pigeoncloud. His father was Hawkflight. His siblings were Nutkit and Russetkit. He was apprenticed to Flintheart. Flintheart was hard on him. He became Ravenheart after four moons of training. Nutpaw became Nutpelt and Russetpaw became Russetsong. Ravenheart was mates with Cloudwing. They had three heathly kits, Chestnutkit, Aspenkit, and Ferretkit. Aspenkit died at two moons by greencough. Chestnutpaw died by defending the nursery during a attack from Windclan. Ferretpaw became Ferretwhisker. Ravenheart became the leader, Ravenstar after the cruel leader, Dawnstar died. Cloudwing was deputy for three moons until Ravenstar died from a Windclan cat ripping his throat out.

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232 Shadowstorm

White and dark gray dappled tom. He would have striking blue eyes and a black tail. - Embershine

This is kind of overused...

Maybe Stormshadow would be better, more unique and unused. Also this at would be powerful

Sounds like a jet-black she-cat with ice-blue eyes. I imagine yowling at the gray clouds, the rain pattering down like paws. Her pelt is slick with water, her tail waving playfully. She would be in ShadowClan and a skilled hunter and fighter. Many cats were impressed that Shadowstorm brought back two mice when she was first made an apprentice. She enjoys rainstorms but she died at a young age when drowning. Although Shadowstorm's Clanmates mourned her, they also suspected they Rainpelt of RiverClan loved her. ~Mistyrain

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233 Blossomfur
234 Heatherbreeze

I imagine a she-cat with a slender pale brown pelt and eyes like the colour of heather. The name sorta sounds like she's full of wisdom and sounds like a great queen name.

This is like heather tail and breeze pelt

Reminds me of Heathertail and breezepelt. I hate that couple


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235 Nightclaw

I used this in my scratch game before I saw this list - Spottedtail

It seems kind of generic, but it's very solid. - Warriorcatsfandom

I usually use this as my warrior name


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236 Poppysong

A very pretty name in my opinion. She sounds like either a spotted dark ginger she-cat or a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. I imagine that she has a very soft, pretty voice that she raises when she's angry or upset.

How could no one put any comments on this beautiful name! Poppy's make cats fall asleep.. so they sing a song to put them to sleep too! Great job.

I love names like this! Good job!

It would makes me sleepy.

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237 Willowblossom V 4 Comments
238 Ashwind

Love this name! A black tom/she-cat with yellow eyes. She runs faster than the wind and when she runs past you, you think that it was a pile of ash flying past U. LOVE IT

Black tom with yellowy-orange eyes. When he runs he gives the impression of ash blowin in the wind

I guess this in okay name. I do not mean to be a hater, but none of these names inspire me

This is amazing

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239 Stormsong

It sounds like a dark ashy gray she cat with one dark icy blue eye, and firey amber eye with long thick fur. The daughter of a leader/deputy possibly. Hidden past, with a dark and deadly secret.

This was the name of my first cat I made! I love this name.
I imagine a confident pale gray she-cat with deep blue eyes. She was born into Thunderclan where she grew to be Stormpaw. While she was training with her mentor, Swiftstream, she fell into the river where she was learning a new battle strategy. Swiftstream jumped in and died trying to save young Stormpaw. She hit her head on a rock and floated, unconscious, to Riverclan. She lay in the grass still unconscious until the new medicine cat of Riverclan found her. The young medicine cat, Redfern, took her back to his Clan and told the leader of Riverclan, Willowstar, how he found the apprentice in the river. That's when Stormpaw woke up. Every since that day she became a proud member of Riverclan where she trained hard with her new mentor, a large black tom named Ravenflight. After many moons of training she became a Warrior with the name Stormsong. Moons later she had kits with her mate, Goldstripe, who was her first friend ...more - Rainsilver

240 Owlpurr

They CAN BE NAMED AFTER SOUNDS! Just because this suffix has not been used in the books doesn't make it unusable

I love the name, even though it doesn't make sense

I really like the end "purr" but owl doesn't quite fit it...

Ok there's a lot and I mean A LOT of things wrong with this name, and why it can't and shouldn't be a real name. but mainly OWLS can't PURR - WarriorCatsFan

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