Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2421 Flamepoint

I like this name a lot. Just thought I should share it. DO you like it?

2422 Littlebee

This is such a cute name! - Roseclaw

This was based off my cat, Little B. She is a light silver gray she-cat with green eyes.

2423 Hollowwing

Love it, it makes me think of a white cat with dull gray eyes, who became depressed after the death or her best friend and mate in combat

2424 Fallen Skies

I found a stray cat, tortishell and white, very kind, I called her fall, so maybe a warrior name for her?

2425 Gleamshine
2426 Shatterlight
2427 Dawnrise
2428 Fernwish
2429 Owlheart

YES! Yes yes yes yes yes. Do you mind if I use this in a book?

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2430 Darkmoon

Doesn't really make sense, but maybe is he was born in a lunar eclipse or a new moon

2431 Pebblecreek
2432 Songbreeze
2433 Meadowshine
2434 Spiderleap
2435 Amberstripe
2436 Brookskip
2437 Willowbranch

I'm trolling around

2438 Ferndapple V 1 Comment
2439 Lilacpelt
2440 Blaze

Cool, but there needs to be a prefix as well. If this is a Kittypet, loner, or rogue, read the title; it says "Warrior Cat Names".

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