Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2421 Lightningwave
2422 Crystalwater
2423 Crystalstar
2424 Blueblood

Really? This was the name of the mean prince in My Little Pony. Besides, who wants a name like Blueblood?

It's cool! It makes me think of a cold cat.

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2425 Earthplant
2426 Riverstone
2427 Earthweed
2428 Fireflame V 1 Comment
2429 Earthdirt
2430 Camomileflower
2431 Lavendereye
2432 Pretty Forest
2433 Waterfur
2434 Firecloud

Makes me think of smoke. Actually not bad!

2435 Dawnsky

The pink-orange sky before dawn. - birdechosplash

2436 Yellowsnow

I'm sorry but I just had to add this...

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2437 Silverlink
2438 Sylvalink
2439 Sylverlink
2440 Speckfeather
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