Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2421 Dottedcloud
2422 Flarepelt

I agree that you probably meant Flametail. Flamepelt is from tallstar's revenge though I don't it is mentioned that he dies.

I love it. It sounds like a cool medicine cat name. It reminds me of Flamepelt :( I wish he didn't die...

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2423 Honeymoon
2424 Ferretflight V 1 Comment
2425 Lily

I don't know I just came up with a random tribe name

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2426 MistCurl

What about Miststraight?

Or does everyone just like curly hair? HUH DONALD TRUMp

2427 TallBerry
2428 Maplefur
2429 Diamondsong
2430 Sunfire

Nighstorm's mate, yellow tom with orange ripples down his body. I have a whole clan of these names, like Snakestripe, Amberclaw, Cloudheart, and so on.

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2431 Shadowgazer V 1 Comment
2432 Lakewood

Lakewood would be a really cool name!

2433 Freestory

Freestory is a cool name

2434 Treegazer
2435 Dawnclaw
2436 Echostar
2437 Wildsong
2438 Raina

If this is a Kittypet, Loner, or Rogue, read the title; it says "Warrior Cat Names".
If this is a Warrior, two reasons why it's wrong:
1) "Raina" doesn't mean anything. "Rain" does, so it would count.
2) It needs another word attached. A Prefix or a Suffix.

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2439 Grassgazer
2440 Silverlake
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