Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2441 Eaglesky
2442 Darknose

It reminds me of an inky black she cat with maybe a small white spot on her nose.

2443 Leafblaze
2444 Tawnyear
2445 Larktail
2446 Mothfang

It makes me think of a handsome Tom with light brown pelt and blue eyes.

2447 Whiteheart
2448 Swiftleaf
2449 Dottedcloud
2450 Flarepelt

I agree that you probably meant Flametail. Flamepelt is from tallstar's revenge though I don't it is mentioned that he dies.

I love it. It sounds like a cool medicine cat name. It reminds me of Flamepelt :( I wish he didn't die...

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2451 Honeymoon
2452 Ferretflight V 1 Comment
2453 Lily

I don't know I just came up with a random tribe name

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2454 MistCurl

What about Miststraight?

Or does everyone just like curly hair? HUH DONALD TRUMp

2455 TallBerry
2456 Maplefur
2457 Diamondsong
2458 Sunfire

Nighstorm's mate, yellow tom with orange ripples down his body. I have a whole clan of these names, like Snakestripe, Amberclaw, Cloudheart, and so on.

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2459 Shadowgazer V 1 Comment
2460 Lakewood

Lakewood would be a really cool name!

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