Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2461 Brindletail
2462 Ryefeather
2463 MoonStarStarMoon V 1 Comment
2464 Talloak V 1 Comment
2465 Cloudrunner V 2 Comments
2466 Skywhisker

I think this could be a med cat name - Catluv50

2467 Rowanwing

I don't know, a flame colored tom maybe? - Catluv50

2468 Honeypelt
2469 Embercloud V 1 Comment
2470 Birchclaw

I like it! It's a great name for a strong, kind tom!

2471 Stormdust

What I imagine it looks like;
Dark grey with blue-grey stripes. Black and sand-yellow flecks all over her pelt. White/Blind or blue eyes.

2472 Emberbreeze

A ginger-and-black she-cat with a white patch on chest and leaf green eyes. My friend and I play a warriors game and this is my character. :-)
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

2473 Frostedwing
2474 Seedheart

I picture a little brown RiverClan cat with darker flecks and green eyes. Very optimistic and playful. A little prankster at times.

I just added this because I think this should have been Seedpaw's warrior name

2475 Sandstrike

A sand colored she with a darker stripe from her ears to her tail tip and amber eyes
Sounds cool to me!

2476 Breezesong

Hm this is a hard one I can't think of a description for her. All I can think of is a she-cat. Very pretty name though!

Awesome! - Spottedtail

Beautiful black she-cat with white paws, white muzzle and white tipped tail. She is a very loyal and clever warrior. She has a mate named Stonefang and two kits (Newly warriors! ) named Berryfrost and Silverwillow!

2477 Rainheart

To be honest, I don't know if this is already a real name, but whatever.

2478 Bumblekit
2479 Rosetuft

Imagine a dark reddish longhaired she-cat with black, characteristic tufted ears and leaf green eyes. Lovely!

2480 Silvertail

Probably would look like Feathertail, silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a fluffy tail

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