Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2461 Crimeheart

It sounds like a strong, black yellow or amber eyes tom. A Killer tom that is the best deputy, leader, and strongest Firstborn kit.

2462 Tissuepelt

Cats don't know what tissues are...

Sounds like a grayish white Shecat, her eyes a greenish and light blue eyes, her claws long and thin, Swift, and matches in with the clouds like a black tom in a burned bush.

2463 Chainheart

Sounds like a misunderstood, shy She-cat, No mate because everyone thinks is a monster...

I don't think cats know what a chain is but I like the description

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2464 Snowpelt

A furry white med cat Tom with a silver muzzle

2465 Moonrose
2466 Brightsong
2467 Oakpelt
2468 Bluebreeze
2469 Moonleap
2470 Sweetwing
2471 Carmaldrop
2472 Candycloud

Warrior cats don't know of candy.
If this is a Kittypet, read the title; it says "Warrior Cat Names".

2473 Lostsky
2474 Half-Flame
2475 Cheetasoul
2476 Takifur
2477 Bumblebee
2478 Blossompetal
2479 Briarthorn
2480 Twilightsong V 2 Comments
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