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2501 Snowfeather

I don't know? Not the best name is could think of... eh it's ok. This is what I imagine.. a light silver she cat. BHAM

2502 Breezepetal

Just thought, light brown she cat with white patches and amber eyes. Her only sibling Barkkit died of whitecough. Her mother died in a fire and her father drowned. Then see became deputy and became the greatest leader of all times.

When I thought of this name it
sounded like a light blue-gray she-cat with one light blue eye and one dark blue eye. Friendly and calm, yet a warrior who wants to be a medicine cat. Cares for mate and all kits very much.

2503 Dawnspark
2504 Sorrelfrost
2505 Birchfire

A handsome, sturdy tom. Golden, with bright green eyes. Can be serious, but can also be kind and playful. Has 2 siblings, Skywillow and Leafsong.

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2506 Sweetwhisker V 1 Comment
2507 Shinefur

Shinefur... so beautiful! I imagine a golden she cat with white paws, chest, underbelly, and golden rings on her tail. She is a RiverClan medicine cat, and broke the warrior code by giving birth to kits. Flamekit, one of her kits, rose to be leader of ShadowClan with the name of Flamestar. When he found out Shinefur was his mother, he went mad and killed her, along with his father and siblings.
R.I.P. Shinefur.

2508 Flowersky

She sounds to me like a long, thick furred ginger shecat, but her pelt is all different shades of brown and ginger melted together. Her pelt is very glossy, and she has elegant white paws to match her warm green eyes. A riverclan medicine cat. She is so delicate and well groomed it's hard to believe she was Clanborn!

2509 Dovebreeze

A gray she cat with white paws, chest, underfur and white stripes on the insides of her forelegs. Blue eyes

2510 Sorrelstone

Just to put an actual good name up here. - 1000unicorns

2511 Freeshine

Possibly a former kittypet who wanted to be free from being a kittypet so they went to join the clans... - 1000unicorns

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2512 Snowmist

A character in mah fanfic. Thick-furred white she-cat with plumy tail and pale green eyes (with black hairs tipping muzzle.) Kind, patient, friendly. Died of greencough after giving birth to the leader's four kits.

- Avalanche

2513 Mallowtuft
2514 Echofall
2515 Novasplash
2516 Ravineclaw

Brown tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes and an agile body. Her mate is Pebblefur and her three kits are Lynxheart (brown tabby tom with ear tufts), Leopardcall (golden she-cat with black spots) and Lilacheart (brown tabby she-cat with indigo eyes). - Ravineclaw

2517 Cloudsky
2518 Brokenstorm
2519 Plasmastar
2520 Smokeystar
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