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2501 Honeystar

The best name ever!

2502 Peachcloud V 2 Comments
2503 Thunderstrike

It sounds like a dark grey Tom with a scar over his eye with blacks paws a clan leader

Looks like Longtail and has a crooked tail and was born in a storm. - Embershine

2504 Wolfwhisker

I love this name, It would be like a wolf looking cat, with EXTRA WHISKERS! @

2505 Crystalheart

I know the prefix Crystal is unusual for a warrior cat name, but it actually goes well with the suffix, heart. She could be a cream colored tabby she-cat but with a dark personality. Blue eyes? Just help me out here

2506 Echosoul

Echosoul had a hard past, and Echosoul's image to me is a pretty calico she-cat with a stone hard gaze and an icy, mystical voice. Ideas?

2507 Whisperingsong
2508 Darkstone

A dark gray tom with deep blue eyes.

2509 Mistymoon

Pale grey tabby she-cat, mate of Crowfeather.

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2510 Softcloud

A fluffy white she-cat with pale blue eyes.

2511 Ripplewind
2512 BattleStar

Blood clans new leader and is scouges kit one she cat whith a gray and a black spot on her ear that look like the moon because her mother was Luna heart and is important in star clan just like her father
Blood clan will never die BATTLE star will rule thunder clan and end bramble star like her father ended tiger star

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2513 Cloverkit

I made a whole bunch of warriors, even a book that exists in my head (I'm too lazy to right it). Gingerheart is the main character. Gingerheart's best friend is Dawnpelt. Dawnpelt's mate is Rosetail, and together they have brave little Cloverkit.

2514 Lightningfang

A very strong yellow and gray cat, It would look like a storm with lightning and has a very powerful bite. ShadowClan learned that the hard way during a battle. Lightningfang would basically be an all good, brave, and heroic Tigerstar. - AbduZine

2515 Spiritcloud

I know it goes against the rules, but I still think it's pretty.

2516 Fernbelly

Grumpy elder? - Annemolz

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2517 Rippleshine
2518 Perchedbird

One eye green one eye Amber a Silver black striped she-cat

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2519 Eaglesoar

Unique, yet possible! I like that!

2520 Magentakick

I love this name who thought it up? I'm so using it!

Loved and I gotta patent on it

Best badass cat name ever!

What the?!? A little strange, and silverfeather thought it up! - princess bagelgobbler

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