Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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2521 Clearpelt

Makes u think of cat who never ever was scratched, doesn't it!

Kindau suppose or one with a disorder that gives her clear skin...? Ew

2522 BattleFang
2523 Pinkspots

Pretty and looks like brightheart

2524 Silverheart V 1 Comment
2525 Shatteredheart

Lovely lovely! Bravo bravo! Shatteredheart is clear white and has turquoise eyes she has a shattered heart because her mother was mean and abusive and her father left her and her siblings before she was born and her siblings hated her and the rest of the clan ignored her - princess bagelgobbler

A beautiful, innocent, heart broken she-cat. Her heart is shattered but her soul remains. - birdechosplash

Beautiful name! Sounds like a cat who had a rough, desperate life and grew to be cold hearted because of her past. Agian, beautiful!

2526 Kinktuft V 1 Comment
2527 Stormclaw V 1 Comment
2528 Flowerpelt
2529 Blackshadow
2530 Maplemist

A calico she cat with amber eyes

V 2 Comments
2531 Rowanbelly

A multicolored tom with a chubby tummy

2532 Nighteyes V 1 Comment
2533 Dewbird

Gray tom with brown on paws and nose

2534 Mintycloud

Gray and white she cat with minty green eyes

2535 Milklight
2536 Wildfern

Tabby she cat

2537 Reedwhisker

Tuxedo tom with golden eyes

V 1 Comment
2538 Lostheart
2539 Swiftfoot

Sorry. This is a not well known character. - Spottedtail

2540 Mistywing

This name sounds like a she-cat that would be quiet and peaceful doesn't want to fight

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