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241 Spottedwing

Someone please put the name bramble shine on this list is a good of name.

Sounds like a medicine cat!

Brambleshine is a good name. This one is awesome. Makes me think of Spottedleaf.

Thank you for finally making a name I liek

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242 Flamerise

Best name if I were a warrior cat I would declare for this name no questions asked please

A good omen name "When spark touches clans flame will rise and save the end from fire

Good but you should make it RisingFlame

Bad name.

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243 Honeywhisker

Why are people saying such bad stuff about this name? I love everything about it! The way it sounds and, well, EVERYTHING!

People in the comments are saying 'i imagine honey on a cats whiskers it doesn't work' then what about every other warrior name? Ferncloud? Fireheart? Hollyleaf? that's what warrior names are

I imagine a cat with honey on its whiskers...? Doesn't really work

I honestly love this name! It's very cute! I would image a golden-orange she-cat with beautiful green eyes and a white chest and paws.

As far as people say, "it's like honey on a whisker it doesn't work" well, what about the names "Dustpelt," "Honeyfern," "Snowfur" see? Those names (plus many more) seem like their are actually things on their fur, or with Honeyfern, Honey that is actually on a fern.

I think it's adorable!

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244 Slitherstar

But how would he get the name? Was he slithering as a kit?

Shadow clan leader, ready to bite and fight at any signal of a battle!

I agree with you guys too

Bad one

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245 Shadowheart

This is my oc Shadowstar's warrior name. She is a pure black she-cat with a bobbed tail and hazel eyes (that means they change color but are originally green-brown). I'm also going to start signing off so you can tell who posted these.


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246 Dawnfur

I really like this name I can picture a sweet dark grey she cat with her fur fading lighter, green eyes.-Shadowmist

247 Glimmernose

Sounds nice, but maybe the suffix could be changed? I imagine her as a beautiful tortoiseshell and white tabby, with glowing amber eyes and white paws. When the sun catches her pelt, it looks like it glows.

I don't think that glimmer is a very good prefix...

Hunger Games, anyone?

It's a Mary Sue,it's a Mary Sue and you can't deny it.

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248 Echoblaze

I love it personally. I picture a black smokey cat with blue eyes like the blue moon and is a tom.

Whinny adults fighting over a name. Interesting to a 14 year old like me.

I picture it more like a black she cat with ginger spots

Ha! my name is ekco irl(yes it is spelt like e-k-c-o)i imagine a creamy she-cat w/dark ginger markings on her face,paws,and tail-tip.she has blue eyes as well.
-cloudshine of mistclan

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249 Featherpelt

It is a name already! - Spottedtail

It is a cat out my story she is in love whit a cat from the riverclan she is a tunderclan cat herself her sister is an kittypet and her brother tryed to kill al cats in shadowclan and stil she becomes clan leader after a lot of trouble she is a white cat whit a red spot on her head

250 Cloudcover

Sounds like a cat that can hide very easily

Wow sounds like science

Cover doesn't exist.

Ah they must have ment Cloudclover... maybe ~Ravenwing

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251 Streamleaf

A pale tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

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252 Fallenpetal

AWESOME name! It could be like a brown she cat with a missing eye and one Amber one. Went crazy but at her death made every thing up by saving a whole clan from a mudslide Avalanche thing. She is kind of like Bluestar but better

Amazing name sounds like a beautiful she-cat with a light red pelt and Emerald green eyes and she is loving and kind to everyone

253 Ivydawn

I like it! Cute name. I imagine a cream she-cat with maybe blue eyes, like Ivypool's?



Maybe at the bottom of her body it would be cream but than slowly transitioned to brown all the way to her ear-tips? eyes?
-Cloudshine of MistClan

254 Softtail

Beautiful name! I imagine a small she-cat with very light gray tabby fur. I might have used this once. - PaintedWolves

255 Dewfern

Um it's a little strange bit okay

I agree with the comment below.

A fern covered in dew

Not that weird. The Deputy thing of Creek Tribe was once Dewclaw... And now Dewstripe...I think... Sounds rlly weird...DewStripe - SnowThunder

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256 Wildflight

Already used in Bluestar's prophecy. Half windclan cat.

Yea everyone who reads warriors knows its taken

Wild flight is a person on the scratch team. loll

Guys, This isn't taken. Windflight is the cat your thinking about

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257 Sorrelpoppy

The cat will be a she-cat, her pelt will be dark grey with patches of brown on them. "Sorrel" will stand for her pelt colors and "poppy" will stand for how small her spots are on her pelt.

- Frost

Um, I'm not sure about this. Sorrel and Poppy are both prefixes...

Hmm two plants together doesn't sound right

258 Flamepool

I really like the name and is she a med cat

Leader: this fair is amazing! What do you think, loyal medicine cat? Med.: not good. I got paintballed by some drunk clan member. Drunk clan member: hey, let's dunk him in the pool!

I used this name before she was a med cat

259 Brackenfoot

It may not be my favorite but I can easily see this in a warriors book!

Brackenfoot is in yellowfang's secret.

Brackenfoot is a cat name... I think in Crookedstar's Promise or something like that - rugerboo

This is already in Yellowfang's Secret!

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260 Foxwhisker

A reddish brown tom with piercing green eyes. He is a loyal Thunder Clan warrior and as an apprentice he had Chill feather as his mentor but he didn't know his mother.

A white tom with a bushy red tail and perfect dark blue eyes!
His mom is Wrenfur
His dad is Mouseclaw
His sisters are Jayflight and Gopherkit
And his brothers are Featherkit and Nightpool

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