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261 Redpool

Redpool is a she-cat with amazing dark green eyes with specks of light green in them. She has dark brown fur that looks red at times. She is kind and always gives while never asking for anything in return.

The name actually works, although it doesn't necessarily sound the best.

Sounds like a dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes. She would be daring and bold!

Yeah it does sound like Deadpool. Good movie though lol

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262 Aspenleaf

For some reason I think of a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes and white ears. - IcetailofWishClan

Wow. Just wow! I actually think this name is great! Most likely a brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is formerly a warrior but he is now a medicine cat from Shadowclan!

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263 Honeyfrost

Why doesn't this name have any comments? It's beautiful. I picture a ginger tabby she-cat with red patches and a white chest, face, and paws. Maybe one eye can be green and the other can be amber.

264 Pebblestep

I imagine a small light grey tom with darker splashes that look like pebbles with navy blue eyes

Ooh sounds like a silver tabby she cat with pale blue eyes- Willowleaf of thunderclan

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265 Cloverstripe

Grey tabby she-cat with ginger tabby patches and blue eyes medicine cat apprentice

Pale gray green kit mother with a super sturn gaze so be good kits! Clearstar

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266 Ivydawn

I like it! Cute name. I imagine a cream she-cat with maybe blue eyes, like Ivypool's?



In my book.
Mother: Embershine (med cat) (main character)
Father: Oakstorm
Sisters: Willowflame, Dapplesong, Fawnwing
Brother: Flamesplash
Adoptive mother & father: Cherrysplash and Icetooth

Ivydawn is a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with one amber eye and one green. - Embershine

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267 Honeyheart

I imagine Honeyheart as a beautiful Orange she-cat with darker orange stripes. Her chest is the brightest white that runs down her stomach. Her eyes are a striking green that sparkles with laughter and emotion. Honeyheart has a soft voice and she is very sweet. Her mate is a huge black tom named Furyclaw with very dark brown stripes. When Honeyheart found out she was having kits she was very excited.

On the night they were born Furyclaw snuck into the nercury and killed two of the kits. Before Furyclaw could kill the last kit, Honeyheart killed him with her own claws.

Honeyheart was shaken after the death of her mate and two kits. She became quiet and her green eyes were now a deep and dark green color. Her kit, Silverkit became Silversnow and grew up to be the best fighter the clan has seen. Honeyheart got her old personality back and got to watch her kit grow into a fine warrior. Moons later Honeyheart retired to the elders den and shortly after, died in her sleep.

268 Badgerstep

I feel like he is a brave wind clan cat he has no ambition and hangs out with the elders he is lazy and no cat likes him he only eats sleeps and eats again his pelt is black with a white belly and stubby tail his ears are huge and he has large back teeth he is as usual hence his named is called a no good badger and kits and apprentices even warriors say he IS a badger and should leave the clan - WolfClawWarriorCats

Seems like a though but quit tom

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269 Spottedwing

Someone please put the name bramble shine on this list is a good of name.

Sounds like a medicine cat!

Brambleshine is a good name. This one is awesome. Makes me think of Spottedleaf.

Thank you for finally making a name I liek

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270 Flamerise

Best name if I were a warrior cat I would declare for this name no questions asked please

A good omen name "When spark touches clans flame will rise and save the end from fire

Good but you should make it RisingFlame

Bad name.

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271 Honeywhisker

Why are people saying such bad stuff about this name? I love everything about it! The way it sounds and, well, EVERYTHING!

People in the comments are saying 'i imagine honey on a cats whiskers it doesn't work' then what about every other warrior name? Ferncloud? Fireheart? Hollyleaf? that's what warrior names are

I imagine a cat with honey on its whiskers...? Doesn't really work

I honestly love this name! It's very cute! I would image a golden-orange she-cat with beautiful green eyes and a white chest and paws.

As far as people say, "it's like honey on a whisker it doesn't work" well, what about the names "Dustpelt," "Honeyfern," "Snowfur" see? Those names (plus many more) seem like their are actually things on their fur, or with Honeyfern, Honey that is actually on a fern.

I think it's adorable!

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272 Fireclaw

Maybe a tom with a tawny and flame cloured pelt

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273 Slitherstar

But how would he get the name? Was he slithering as a kit?

Shadow clan leader, ready to bite and fight at any signal of a battle!

I agree with you guys too

Bad one

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274 Echoblaze

I love it personally. I picture a black smokey cat with blue eyes like the blue moon and is a tom.

Whinny adults fighting over a name. Interesting to a 14 year old like me.

I picture it more like a black she cat with ginger spots

This is sister of Embershine. Tortoiseshell she-cat. Very pretty and energetic. - Embershine

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275 Featherpelt

It is a name already! - Spottedtail

Actually, featherpelt is a cat. She was a tortoiseshell and white she cat which was thunderclans deputy.

No Spottedtail Featherpelt is not a thing - Frogjaw1996

It is a cat out my story she is in love whit a cat from the riverclan she is a tunderclan cat herself her sister is an kittypet and her brother tryed to kill al cats in shadowclan and stil she becomes clan leader after a lot of trouble she is a white cat whit a red spot on her head

276 Streamleaf

A pale tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. - IcetailofWishClan



I imagin her as a kit who has 3 siblings named Redkit Gingerkit and Rosekit she was always left out and has always been the shyest when she was an apprentice her mentor was Brownleaf he was very strict and she always came back to her den hurt.Then one day she decided to be a med cat she already knew all of the herbs one night at a gathering she met a cat named Oakfeather he loved her but she didn't feel the same.Then one night he said meet up with me at midnight I said your...ok.when she met with him he made her mate with him she kept saying,i'm a med cat! but he just dug in harder so he made her meet at the same place every night if she didn't he would kill her so she got used to it and let him do it soon she actually started to enjoy it.A few moons later she became pregnant and she was only 8 moons old(apprentice)so she told him and he was shocked but happy he said this is amazing she hissed no its not I'm a med cat and I'm from a different clan then he got an idea lets run away he ...more

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277 Shadowheart

This is my oc Shadowstar's warrior name. She is a pure black she-cat with a bobbed tail and hazel eyes (that means they change color but are originally green-brown). I'm also going to start signing off so you can tell who posted these.


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278 Dawnfur

I really like this name I can picture a sweet dark grey she cat with her fur fading lighter, green eyes.-Shadowmist

279 Glimmernose

Sounds nice, but maybe the suffix could be changed? I imagine her as a beautiful tortoiseshell and white tabby, with glowing amber eyes and white paws. When the sun catches her pelt, it looks like it glows.

I don't think that glimmer is a very good prefix...

Hunger Games, anyone?

It's a Mary Sue,it's a Mary Sue and you can't deny it.

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280 Lakeshine

Lakeshine sounds lovely, like the sun shining off the water.

Lake shine was in the book crooked stars promise

This is a real cat. - IcetailofWishClan

Real cat - Frogjaw1996

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