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261 Floodstar

Why is nobody voting for this name?!?
I mean seriously, the power of a flood in a leader! Imagine what good that could do for a clan. A passionate leader could use this power to completely change the clan.
For good or bad I do not know.

(I wonder what his warrior name would be?

I love this name! It could be used as a tom or she-cat, but I imagine a muscular Russian Blue (You know, the cat breed? ) with gray-blue eyes.

I imagine this queen having her kits during a flood in Riverclan but only one of her kits made it. Her mother names her after the flood and everyone mistreats her because she is named after a flood that wiped out their camp. But she proves everyone wrong, but they only person that understands her is a tom named...Blank...
and they fall in love and have kits and... I think you get it


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262 Sunfrost

This is an amazing and beautiful name. A tom with blue eyes and ginger/pale fur. He's soft and caring, but can be fierce and brave.

I used this one too! WHO IS STEALING MY HARD WORK IN NAMES!? At least I still have Hades Star's brother...

I used it already.

Love it! it sounds like a tabby she-cat with ginger fur and ice blue eyes! Maybe she has an important destiny from starclan?

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263 Oliveleaf

Light brown tabby she cat with darker stripes

Tortoiseshell-and-white tabby she-cat. - IcetailofWishClan

I love this name so much and I was the one who made it up. Please vote for Oliveleaf!

I love it I inage a olive brown she-cat with white markings that looks like a leaf

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264 Sunspark

Sunspark? I love that name! This should be in at least the top 50! I imagine a yellow tom with brown patches and amber eyes. He is very playful, and doesn't really want to be in a higher position than warrior. He often has a mischevious glint in his eyes, and often will get in trouble (Hiding burrs in nests, messing up the medicine den, taking feathers from nests and putting them all in his, etc.).

Just because Spark hasn't been used in the books doesn't mean it can't be used here. Most any noun or verb that cats are familiar with can be a suffix. And for prefix, any noun, verb, or adjective or the occasional adverb can be used for a name. Sunspark. It makes sense and it's a very beautiful name for a she cat or a strong nmae for a tom.

Sunspark! Sounds like a powerful cat's name, like a deputy of senor warrior

I used it!

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265 Sexyfurr

You guys, there are kids on this. Please take it off. - Spottedtail

This is inappropriate! Children should not be see this. I didn't even know that 'sexy' was a word until like last year! Stop it! - lilydoestopten

They don't know what sex is - kittymittens2014

I am disgusted by his name! This is stupid,distrespectful,and Disgusting.I hate this, Chidren are looking at this and are probably throwing up by how disrespectful and disgusting this is

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266 Stumptail

It's not really a bad name, it's not the prettiest. But some cats may have a really short tail. And it could work. But it's just weird for a cat with a normal tail

I can't help but think of Patrick Stump with a tail. I don't even know why.

A cat with a stump for a tail - lilydoestopten

It sounds like berrynose or berrystumpytail (; haha

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267 Leopardleaf

Wow this name is gorgeous and it makes me think of a leopard spotted she cat in a forest of glossy green leafs. so beautiful!

Wow amazing name I see a leopard spotted she cat walking through a forest of glossy green leafs

When she was born, Leopardleaf had a leaf fall on her nose right when she was born. Her pelt was spotted like a Leopard. ~Ravenwing

Paws off please

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268 Cherryblossom

That is a name I made up, I can tell the whole story but it's really long. So there were cats living on these mountains with two other groups, snow cats and desert cats. The snow cats took over mountain cats, and captured Cherryblossom, and cherrysplash(me) managed to get away we were just kits. However they killed our father darksplash, and our mother cherry, in the process. I lived my life alone, but my mate was mean, so I ran to a beach far away from any territory, there I found another cat who looked like me. Then after much talking and remembering, I knew it must be Cherryblossom, my sis! I told my sis that cherry had told us to cross the great waves to reach the cats of clans, and together we could do it and be safe. So the next sunrise we set out swimming. We swam, and swam and swam, with more energy and power than any other cat could hold, until we reached the waves. I knew at that point that my sister was very tired, so I grabbed her scruff and with the power of starclan swam ...more

They named the clan in honor of a friend they found along the way. The reason Cherry is in all of their names is to remember the last cats. Their real names should be Blossom and Splash. Anyway, if you've heard of the site quotev, I wrote this story on there. It's a bit different, because when I wrote this on here it was just an idea in my head. It's called The Legend Of Two Sisters.

White with dark red ginger spots and green eyes

White she-cat - Spottedtail

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269 Snowblaze

Sounds like a white she cat with green eyes short tempered and can get annoyed easily but is a great hunter

Cool name. Like a really gentle queen that is actually deadly and super protective.

I think of it as a white and fire-orange queen with a fiery personality

White tom with BRIGHT amber eyes - Spottedtail

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270 Tigerfrost

Don't put names on here if you don't want people to use them! The whole point of this website is to give people ideas. GEEZ!

I already used this name so yea. Anyone should be able to use whatever name they want. GEEZ!

How did tigerheart or whatever his name was knew what the heck a tiger was?!

I also had these on my fan-fiction. I see him A LOT like Hawkfrost

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271 Darkwing

Because we have super hero ducks running around the Forrest

This is a title of a book already about bats

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272 Deersplash

I like it, it reminds me of a calm gentle forest

It's a pretty name it reminds me of a nice calm fawn.

I love this, I picture a cream colored she cat with blue eyes and blown patches
- Owlfang

Love it. I imagine a gentle she cat. she was a warrior but decided to change to be a medicine cat. she has reddish brown fur with one blue paw and blue eyes. she has a mate but she had to give him up to be a med cat. However, pretty much the whole clan can see they still love each other, so Starclan granted them a miracle by letting them mate and be happy together with her still as a med cat-Forestleap

273 Ravenwhisker

Yo, This name is taken already! He becomes RavenStripe, then RavenStar! - SnowThunder

You can't take a name unless you copyright it in which I'm pretty sure you didn't, because copyrighting takes money. - Oliveleaf

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274 Maplespring

Maplefur is better or a cat who is real? Mapleshade the only girl villan?

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275 Bluesoul

Great name! I imagine a small blue-grey she cat with pebble grey eyes that are hauntingly disturbing. She sounds quiet, and slightly intimidating despite her size. She was such a quiet kit the medicine cat almost thought she was mute, but she wasn't. She doesn't like talking, but isn't hostile when you talk to her. She ignores you, but you don't feel upset. Something tells you it's better off she ignored you...

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276 Rabbitwhisker

Sounds like a lean but well-muscled light brown tabby tom from WindClan considering how moor hares and rabbits are lean but have powerful kicks. The name Rabbitwhisker will make you think of an adorable plump little rabbit grooming its cute feathery whiskers.

277 Waterflower

Does anyone want to share their ideas of clans they made my fellow warrior cat book reader?

I like this it sounds like a shy she-cat

Water is an unusual prefix. I like it! - Spottedtail

A white she cat with pale blue stripes and spots around her face. She was born into RiverClan by PaleMist, a grey she cat with white paws and muzzle. Waterflower's father was a smokey grey tom named SmokeBlaze. He was made a rouge for the safety of his kits.
Waterflower had 2 siblings, Heronkit a white tom with black spots on his face
And Iriskit a dark blue gray she cat with bright blue eyes.
As a kit Waterkit was always wondering which sometimes got her into trouble. Like the time she was investing a rock gorge and accidentally trapped the elders in their den. Or the time she flooded the river by moving a log.
But soon enough she became an apprentice and trained hard with her mentor, MorningSong.
One morning a red fox wandered into RiverClan territory. It smelled the scent of kits. He snuck slowly into a den. Waterflower was playing with a twig when she heard a yowl.
A fox! She hissed and saw a splatter of blood. The fox screeched. Waterflower jumped on the back of ...more

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278 Fireclaw

Maybe a tom with a tawny and flame cloured pelt

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279 Crowtalon

A all black retired tom, long haired, with orange eyes. He lost a eye to a crow, which he says he lost it from battle. He is grumpy most of the time and as a short fuse with young playful kits who bother him. Always telling stories about his adventures when he isn't grumpy. Very sharp claws - SnowThunder

The old retired CrowTalon is usually muttering about how energetic kits can be, in a bad way. He hates when energetic kits bug him - SnowThunder

I imagine a slender brown tabby tom with sharp senses and a piercing stare

I don't really like the prefix "Crow" - Spottedtail

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280 Batbite

I really like this name! It sounds like a rough cat with a tough guy exterior but on the inside he's caring and has concern for every cat in his clan.

Not pretty, but good for a pitch black shadow clan tom that seems emotionless

I love this name! Kudos to whoever posted it on here! Batbite is now an official member of DragonClan!

How are they supposed to know what a bat is? Really guys how about u actually take time to think about this

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