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281 Spottedjay

GREAT NAME, however...Jay isn't exactly a suffix, Spottedbird would be a lot better cause "Spottedjay would HAVE TO BE a spotted blue cat cause of the "Jay" suffix is referring to a blue bird or brown bird with blue. So this is a very limited name to only certain cats, and I just don't see it ever being used.

I love this name it makes me think of a beautiful speckled golden she cat with jay blue eyes

I don't know I kinda like Spottedjay

I honestly love this lol

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282 Poppycloud

I'm sorry but Poppycloud is a real cat in the books. She was the cat that made code 11.

Tortoiseshell she-cat with very pale blue eyes.

283 Daisybreeze

Should be Daisy's name. - Spottedtail

Light cream and brown she-cat with deep honey eyes. She is a brave and loyal warrior, but when her Clans medicine cat does, StarClan calls her to be the next one. She wanted to make the previous med cat proud, but she had kits with a warrior of her Clan. She let her mother care for them and when one of her kits, Featherkit becomes a med cat apprentice she is over joyed because she thinks that this is her chance to be a good mother and mentor to the kits that she hardly knew. Featherpaw becomes Feathershine. Daisybreeze knew she couldn't keep her secret forever so she told Feathershine everything, The young med cat was shocked most of all but also glad that she had been told. She told her littermates, Sunblossom and Blazefeather. Both were outrages but in due time they forgave her and when Daisybreeze died her kits grieved for her like they had known she truly was their mother.

284 Fadedstorm

My image reminds me of a faded silver, white, and light gray she with faded amber eyes. She would be pretty, lonely, kind, honest, and secretly loved. Honestly, think of a cat that doesn't know she is loved.

White she-cat with green eyes, she has a gray swirl on her belly.

285 Flamingfrost

I think it would be an orange and silver tabby

PURE EPICNESS - my name would be one of these if I was a warrior cat. Love these names! •_÷

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286 Fernshade

She is a real cat. - Jetmaster

Fernshade already exists. People, the title says "Top Ten Warrior Cat Names That DO NOT EXIST"

There is a cat called fernshade in yellow fangs secret

real cat - Spottedtail

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287 Whitewillow

Wow! It seems like a light silver cat with piercing blue eyes and a kind heart.

I don't know. It sounds beautiful.

White Willow is good but Birch wood is better.

This name is amazing!

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288 Snowdrop

How about Snowfall? - Spottedtail

A black she-cat with a huge white splotch on her back and kind light blue eyes! Clearstar

This is a kittypet in the books, but I like it for a warrior name too

A real kittypet in the fourth apprentice - Spottedtail

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289 Flamesplash

It works very well! Both the prefix and the suffix compliment each other greatly with the oxymoron of "a splash of flames" very creative!

I see a big bright ginger TOM with grey eyes and darker ginger markings on his sides that resemble leaping flames.


I swear I added this. Flamesplash is in my story - AnonymousChick

This backward is Splashflame, which I enjoy a lot better

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290 Night

SPOILER ALERT FOR WARRIOR CATS BOOK 3 OUTCAST)) A black she-cat with very thick fur. She lives in the mountains with the tribe of rushing water and her full name is Night of No Stars

This is not a warrior name, but maybe a tribe name. ( it was actually in the books! )

She could be a jet black rouge with silver eyes

tribe cat

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291 Darkstar

It doesn't matter if a leader's name already exists :/ I imagine a muscular, long-haired dark grey tabby tom with piercing green eyes

No an evil cat comes upon ye forest

Sorry this name already exists


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292 Fightingwind

Wind doesn't fight... Does this cat fight his whole life? But I like this name still

Dark gray tom, rather be alone and cannot stand how energetic kits can be.

What queen would name their kit Fightingkit? Or was his name from something he did?


I like it! you guysAre crap,

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293 Gracelight

Beautiful pale sandy color with cream paws and a white stripe down her back very kind and a queen, loves kits and any kit like her own.

I love Gracelight, "Grace" is such a unique prefix, not a lot of cats have it, or "light"

It's okay. I like your creativity though!

Its beautiful. Grace isn't really a prefix, but I love it! - lilydoestopten

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294 Furrybutface

If you're going to make jokes of your names at least make them consistent to the series. Only two words can be used in a name, not three. Also, I'm fairly certain you misspelled "but"- unless for some reason you intended it to be that.

It isn't even spelled correctly. Was this just done to get attention or something?

I don't like haters but the name is... really? its really funny though so thanks for the laugh

K... yea... Furry and Face are okay since face is used for a suffix and furry... well furry isn't common but it can be used. But well, you did spell the middle name wrong so... its not butt? - lilydoestopten

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295 Lemontwist

Nice! I think that Warriors is in the UK or something though, and lemons are Mediterranean..

I really like Lemontwist, still. Maybe a yellowish-cream colour she with a long tail and warm green eyes. Incredibly competitive, finds kits disgusting and refuses to do duties unless the leader's in earshot.

I'm picturing a cupcake lol

I don't really think this is a good name...

This sounds like a candy, lol. - Embershine

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296 Leopardstorm

I love it. Totally agree with comment below, and I see him as a white tom with pitch black leopard markings and pale amber eyes. Beautiful name.

I made up a strong dep named Leopardstorm and I love the name so I say he should be up there GO LEOPARDSTORM!

My and a friend of mine are using this name she fall in love with a tom name sandwing

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297 Rainpaw

Warrior name should be Rainshadow

*threw* - Embershine

Oh wow, my name is Rainpaw... Sorry.
I'm she-cat, with really dark gray, but not black, fur. My eyes are blue-grey, my paws are white, along with three rings around my tall and my ear tips. I don't like toms, I prefer she-cat's...

Wind howled over the empty moorland, a tiny kit sprinted forwards, being knocked back two meters every four she ran.
"No! " She shouted, three big dogs were gaining on her.
They where heavier, so they were able to run a steady pace. They caught her, and her scream cut throughout the wind like fire. A Thunderclan border patrol was just passing by and heard the shriek. Completely ignoring the borders, Moonswirl, a warrior who just got out of the nursery, dashed after the kit. The kit was lying still beneath one of the dogs paws, but she was still breathing. The warrior through herself at the dogs, hoping she had their attention, She ran. She lead them over the Windclan border, where the dogs ran back to their horseplace. Moonswirl ...more

298 Mistblossom

I imagine a she-cat with a gray pelt and a calm stare. She would be filled with wisdom and understanding if she were a mentor

Hey! I thought of this name! She is a long haired tabby medicine cat and very kind and gentle all of the time...except when kits mess around with her herbs and patients - SnowThunder

This name is beautiful! I imagine her/him as a misty gray cat with piercing green eyes.

Mistblossom ran through the forest in search of her kit, her thick blue-gray fur fluffed up against the cold leaf bare wind. She heard a wail. Blossomkit! She ran towards the sound of her kit crying. She found Blossomkit shaking in a clearing. She was surrounded by two foxes. Mistblossom froze with fear for her kit. What was she going to do? Blossonkit's fluffy black and white pelt was shaking in fear. Quickly, Mistblossom darted towards Blossomkit. Grabbing her by the scruff she tucked her kit into a safe bush. Then she turned around to face the foxes. She threw herself at the nearest fox, hissing with rage. She bit its fluffy tail and it howled. She scratched its face with her long, sharp claws. She bit repeatedly on its ear. Then, the fox threw her off and the other attacked as it ran howling. She was underneath the big, fluffy fox as it tried to bite her face and throat. She scratched its white belly with her back claws. It howled, jumping off her and running away into the frosty ...more - Embershine

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299 Snowfield

This one is BEAUTIFUL. If I was a warrior and I got to pick my own name, I'd choose this!

Sounds beautiful but I don't really like the prefix, or suffix actually, field

I love this name! It's like a beautiful white queen - Brokenangel

My warrior cat name is Frostheart Blazeclan cat a queen who is brave and kind but frosty and sour to cats she doesn't like. her mate is Lionmane.

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300 Spiderstrike

This name is awesome! I can just imagine a large, strong black tom with amber eyes and long claws. HE'D BE TOTALLY OP IN BATTLE

I Love it, I picture a black Tom with green glowing eyes

Like a spider pouncing at my face. (My expression when it does: GAHHH GET AWAY YOU SPIDERSTRIKER...) So it's a good name to remember, don't ya think?

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