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301 Lemontwist

Nice! I think that Warriors is in the UK or something though, and lemons are Mediterranean..

I really like Lemontwist, still. Maybe a yellowish-cream colour she with a long tail and warm green eyes. Incredibly competitive, finds kits disgusting and refuses to do duties unless the leader's in earshot.

I'm picturing a cupcake lol

I don't really think this is a good name...

This sounds like a candy, lol. - Embershine

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302 Fallenstar

Your granddaughter is Fallensnow

(This is in the future: after Bramblestar's time with the clans has ended and four generations of the great Firestar's bloodline have been born, lived, led, and died with Thunderclan.) An ancient leader in Starclan has fallen back to the clans and is prophesized to save them again. Fallenkit, born from Silvercrest(I don't take credit for this name), the great-great-great-great-grandchild of Firestar, fell from the top of the gorge and has hideously disfigured his forepaw... for life. Which is ironically how he got his name. Only in his dreams does he know of his former self, but this knowledge does not follow him into the waking world. (Trying to give it a Cinderpelt/Cinderheart spin to it.) He struggles through his apprenticeship and learns a life changing secret in his first visit to the Moonpool, and remembers it when he wakes up. If you want to hear more or give me ideas I might be making a Wattpad account. - Annemolz

Cool idea!

303 Leopardstorm

I love it. Totally agree with comment below, and I see him as a white tom with pitch black leopard markings and pale amber eyes. Beautiful name.

I made up a strong dep named Leopardstorm and I love the name so I say he should be up there GO LEOPARDSTORM!

My and a friend of mine are using this name she fall in love with a tom name sandwing

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304 Rainpaw

Warrior name should be Rainshadow

*threw* - Embershine

Oh wow, my name is Rainpaw... Sorry.
I'm she-cat, with really dark gray, but not black, fur. My eyes are blue-grey, my paws are white, along with three rings around my tall and my ear tips. I don't like toms, I prefer she-cat's...

Wind howled over the empty moorland, a tiny kit sprinted forwards, being knocked back two meters every four she ran.
"No! " She shouted, three big dogs were gaining on her.
They where heavier, so they were able to run a steady pace. They caught her, and her scream cut throughout the wind like fire. A Thunderclan border patrol was just passing by and heard the shriek. Completely ignoring the borders, Moonswirl, a warrior who just got out of the nursery, dashed after the kit. The kit was lying still beneath one of the dogs paws, but she was still breathing. The warrior through herself at the dogs, hoping she had their attention, She ran. She lead them over the Windclan border, where the dogs ran back to their horseplace. Moonswirl ...more

305 Mistblossom

I imagine a she-cat with a gray pelt and a calm stare. She would be filled with wisdom and understanding if she were a mentor

Hey! I thought of this name! She is a long haired tabby medicine cat and very kind and gentle all of the time...except when kits mess around with her herbs and patients - SnowThunder

This name is beautiful! I imagine her/him as a misty gray cat with piercing green eyes.

Mistblossom ran through the forest in search of her kit, her thick blue-gray fur fluffed up against the cold leaf bare wind. She heard a wail. Blossomkit! She ran towards the sound of her kit crying. She found Blossomkit shaking in a clearing. She was surrounded by two foxes. Mistblossom froze with fear for her kit. What was she going to do? Blossonkit's fluffy black and white pelt was shaking in fear. Quickly, Mistblossom darted towards Blossomkit. Grabbing her by the scruff she tucked her kit into a safe bush. Then she turned around to face the foxes. She threw herself at the nearest fox, hissing with rage. She bit its fluffy tail and it howled. She scratched its face with her long, sharp claws. She bit repeatedly on its ear. Then, the fox threw her off and the other attacked as it ran howling. She was underneath the big, fluffy fox as it tried to bite her face and throat. She scratched its white belly with her back claws. It howled, jumping off her and running away into the frosty ...more - Embershine

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306 Snowfield

This one is BEAUTIFUL. If I was a warrior and I got to pick my own name, I'd choose this!

Sounds beautiful but I don't really like the prefix, or suffix actually, field

I love this name! It's like a beautiful white queen - Brokenangel

My warrior cat name is Frostheart Blazeclan cat a queen who is brave and kind but frosty and sour to cats she doesn't like. her mate is Lionmane.

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307 Runningwind

This is so obviously used! he in the very first book!

SPOILER! Just because this guy got murdered doesn't you can use his name!?!?!

Just saying he died he was a brave cat but he died he was real

Sorry but he is in the books. - Embershine

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308 Autumnleaves

They don't know the real name of the seasons.

This is so much like fallen leaves

Cats call it leaf-fall, not autumn - and leaf-fallleaves just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Fallenleaves is pretty close maybe it is the female version of Fallenleaves?

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309 Sweetfang

Sounds like a cat with a cavity

Sweetfang doesn't exactly make sense, although that could be me. My reasoning is that Sweet & Fang don't exactly go together, Sweet would be, well, Sweet! However Fang is something more for cats who lean towards the battle side like Yellowfang or Adderfang.

I think of a light brown she-cat with white swirls and amber eyes.

Sounds like a person that ate too much candy lol. But good name - Embershine

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310 Woodwing
311 Snowbud

I see a white she-cat with green eyes. She would be a medicine cat and always comforts her patients.

White she-cat with deep greens. Maybe a medicine cat.

So gorgeous. Sounds like a young, energetic warrior.

This name makes me picture a cat that is small white but really fluffy.Probbaly light blue eyes. Caring kind like a medicine cat.

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312 Blackwisp

Sounds like a black she-cat with white paws - Cinderheart999

Cool name - Cinderheart999

A black she-cat with silver streaks and light blue eyes, probably from RiverClan or ShadowClan - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

It's a great name!
i imagine a completely black she-cat with bright pale blue eyes. She would be great to her clan and despite the name sounding a bit evil she is the best kind of cat you could find!

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313 Cinderflame

I love this name! Sounds like a silver colored tom with thin black stripes and a short bobbed tail, quiet and temperamental, Cinderflame has had a terrible past, with his father being Thistleclaw and his mother being Mapleshade, no one trusts him and while he is eager to prove himself, loses it and kills Cloudtail of ThunderClan, now banished Cinderflame wanders the borders, looking for more kills and now in his sleep, he is trained by his mother and father and can't wait until the Dark Forest attacks the clans...

Ginger tabby Tom, little and stringent, Cinderflame has it all, a grayish Tom with thick black stipes running diagonal down from his back to his stomach, with pale cream colored from chest to end if stomach, is flecked with prices that look like ash, dark amber eyes with a nasty scar running down his check, black paws and a long thick tail same pattern as his body. A ShadowClan warrior with an attitude and serious commitment.

A pale cream colored Tom with thin dark black stripes going vertically down his stomach, skinny and agile he is with dark black legs, he is very tall and rude, has a long handsome tail, son of Longtail is experienced and Dark.

The moment Cinderkit opened his eyes, the teases of his terrible parentage haunted him from the start, with a Siamese mother, Kittypet father, and a brother that left ShadowClan to live at WindClan, Cinderkit was destined to walk this twisted path from birth. As a young kit, WindClan raided ShadowClan, to try and drive out ShadowClan like they did to them so many years ago. Caught in the midest of a battle, Cinderkit's mother rushed in front of her son to protect him from the savage and eager WindClan deputy, dead at his feet, Cinderkit had no choice but to look the savage cat in the eye as he stepped towards the frightened kit. Saved by old Rowanstar, Cinderkit survived with a terrible battle scar, after the battle, Rowanstar immediately announced the ceremony of Cinderkit and two other battle scared kits, not knowing whenever his leader picked the three of them because they were ready or he pitied them and thought they couldn't take care of themselves, Cinderkit went along as ...more

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314 Shatteredflight

I see this as a grey and black Maine coon she-cat, driven insane by the death of her mate and kits.

Shattered flight: a dark grey she cat with dark, crimson eyes and a scar over her left one, she was caputured by twolegs after being made a warrior and her claws became reinforced with dogs teeth like scourge, she later rejoined shadow clan. awesome

I made this name and I was suprised no one else came up with it :3

315 Iceshadow

Sounds like a gray and white she-cat with blue eyes.

316 Twolegsaregreat

This is one of the most creative and beautiful name ever. Out of all the warrior cat names, this must be the best

Lol maybe it's a funny warrior cat that likes to joke a lot

This name sounds so elegant, I'd imagine a beautiful silver riverclan she-cat. She may only be a warrior but starclan granted her 9 lives from just her beauty and strength in battle. Just an admirable cat in general.

Love it So beautful really pretty Golden shecat with 10 mates

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317 Runningheart

I put this on! It was on #15 please vote and get it back up - thanks guy who said epic name

Fast and clever tom, dark ginger with blue eyes

EPIC NAME - so using it for my warriors

This is such a good name!

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318 Briarflame

This names sounds pretty cool in my opinion.

This name is so nice!

Sounds real

Nice name! I imagine a dark brown she-cat with darker flecks on her paws and tail. As an apprentice, her only friend, Quailpaw became a warrior as Quailflight. That made Briarpaw feel lonely and friendless. Since she was feeling this way, it pushed her to hunt, fight, and patrol more. It made her pass her warriors assessment and she became Briarflame, because of her fiery determination to become a warrior. Sadly, by the time she became a warrior, Quailflight had a mate by the name of Birchsong. Briarflame's heart crumbled and she joined the Dark Forest. They pretended that they understood the she-cat's heartbreak, and trained her.

By the time Briarflame was a skilled Dark Forest trainee, Birchsong passed away from greencough. After a moon, Quailflight asked if they could be mates. Briarflame forgot her fury and said yes instantly. She had only one kit, named Aspenkit, a red tabby she-kit. The rage returned to Briarflame when she realized how much she looked like Birchsong, ...more

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319 Dementedchicken

10/10 She's a pink Shecat with 5 eyes legs and tails. Somehow she is married to tigerstar and has over 600 children

Hilarious, but doesn't belong on this post

This was my roblox name and a name my friend cam up with cause my roblox was first deleted chicken, wierrrd


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320 Poppyflecks

A tortoiseshell she-cat with fierce loyalty, she likes to adventure and run through the forest.

A tortoise shell she-cat, long legs, patches of white. a fierce fighter when needed. Windclan, who enjoys running amongst the heather.

Ooohh I think Poppyflecks would be a smoky gray shecat with black and orange spots over her body.. she would have deep amber eyes.

Poppykit was born in Riverclan but her mother, Silentwater, brought her to the river for the first time.. she got swept away and everyone thought she died. She washed up on the Windclan side if the lake and they took her in. She stayed in windclan and became Poppypaw. Her mentor's brother, Sparrowflight, loved Poppypaw. Poppypaw happened to love him back. When Poppypaw became Poppyflecks, Sparrowflight asked her to be his mate. She accepted and had their first litter of kits, Bearkit Ravenkit and Hollykit. Poppyflecks was forevermore a queen because she and Sparrowflight had many litters. She died trying to protect her kits in a fox attack.

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