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361 Mountainsplash

Sounds like a a dark creamed tom with a white muzzle. A shy and sweet father.

This sounds like a light brown tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes. She has a really hard past,her mother passing away from green cough. Annd, she is a medic act with a lot of experience.

362 Waterleaf

I picture a gray blue cat that is a medicine cat.

Sounds like a medicine cat with bluestar's fur.

I hope people like my name. - Warriorcatsfandom

Love it

363 Halfpool

"you are so big that I name you halfpool, in honor of you taking up half of the pool"

I like Halfpool. Kind of sounds like a cat that is a silver tom with blue eyes and half of an ear from a battle. It sounds like Riverclan to me! Halfpool sounds like she loved some other cat from another clan like Windclan. Halfpool sounds just, beautiful and amazing! Halfpool rocks!

I love this name! I see a light brown tom with silver paws, chest and underbelly. He has light blue eyes and half an ear, which he got in a battle. He is kind and loving, but he can be snappy when he's mad. He has a brother and sister: Rowanflame and Brokenwing. His mate is Frostheart.

364 Violetfall

When I think of the name Violetfall I think of a strong brave, but cautious riverclan cat. Although blind find her way through everything that life throws at her, she is a wonderful warrior but when she gets older her knowledge of herbs make her a wonderful medicine cat.

It sounds like a graceful Windclan cat with purple blue eyes


Bo bad name

365 Wildfire

I love this name! Whoever put it you have good taste!

This has to be one of the coolest names I've ever heard

Awesome! I can imagine it as a black tom with orange paws, ears and tail-tip with orange eyes

Love it :3

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366 Fluffyface

Honestly, how is it unacceptable? Is it 'too mature' for all you advanced warrior fans? Can't some people have some FUN with their characters? Please, not every name must be dignified and perfect, you see.

=* sorry didn't mean +

GUYS THIS IS OK! Fluffy can be used as a prefix. I mean come on, maybe the cat is fluffy around its face or something - lilydoestopten

It's not Fluffypelt, stupid. It's Fuzzypelt in Bluestar's Prophecy. This is an okay name, just look at Thistleclaw, he could have been named Fluffykit because he had tufted fur. Fluffyface- a creamy-gray brown tabby tom with long, tufted fur and green eyes. A bit snarky, but loves to play with kits. He hates how his long fur slows him down in winter, and often likes to stay in his nest when snow comes.

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367 Oliveleaf

Light brown tabby she cat with darker stripes

Tortoiseshell-and-white tabby she-cat. - IcetailofWishClan

I love this name so much and I was the one who made it up. Please vote for Oliveleaf!

I love it I inage a olive brown she-cat with white markings that looks like a leaf

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368 Potatochicken

YES! I love it! If I were a warrior, I would want this name...

A potato-brown tom with white streaks and paws. His unusual red eyes make him stand out and all the she-cats flock to him (obviously). He is the loyal WindClan deputy who is soon to be made into Potatostar, the leader. This tom has always shown leadership and no-cat disagrees that he shall be a great leader who will go down in history. Good luck to you, Potatochicken.

You're kidding me right! I think people shouldn't put names on here to get attention. (sigh) I'm disappointed.

Sounds like what I ate for dinner last night.


Potatochicken is a rainbow sparkly tom with gold eyes and has 900 mates. He has a few favorites: Chickenstar, Swagface, Myfacerules, Potatoswag, Swagchicken, Chickenisawesome, and Omgwhattheheckiswrongwithyou. His favorite number is 7 and he likes to watch T.V. with Omgwhattheheckiswrongwithyou and Myfacerules. He is deputy of SkyClan and has 8000 kits, his favorites being: Potatochicken II, Potatochicken III, Potatochicken IV, Potatochicken V, Swagface II, Iloveswagchickenandomgwhatiswrongwithyou, Tacoface, Sparklychicken, Omgsomeonestolemychicken, and Barack Obama

You are amazing, Potatochicken. Go well - Swift

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369 Nightwing

Sounds like a black she cat with a white tail tip, paws, and belly, as fast as a bird, like a hawk., LOVE IT!

I'm almost positive that this has existed in the books twice..

Someone used already me and someone else.

Black she-cat with white spots on her. She is a very fast ForrestClan cat. She is the daughter of a RockClan cat and a rouge. - Embershine

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370 Silverstar

Amazing name

I already have this name

This name sounds like a sleek silvery she-cat with luminous purple eyes. She should be a leader of a Clan that has to do with water, like RiverClan!

I used it. Second leader of Moonclan she became a mother to two kits Cloudsong and Swanfeather. Her mate is Breezefur.

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371 Creamrose

I think this name is gorgeous! It would be a cream colored she-cat with a scar in the shape of a rose on her side and her eyes would be blue. She fought in a battle as an apprentice and was attacked by a deputy. The battle ended and Creamrose fought for life as she shed her blood. Her clan soon thought she was dead but she came back a few days later and they were all very happy. -Silverstar

I love this name, to me Creamrose is a light creamy ginger she-cat with bright green eyes. Maybe deputy.

Gorgeous name. It sounds like a cream she-cat with a pinkish ginger rose shaped patch on her side. - Embershine

I like the name! Good job

372 Emberstar

That is such a good name I think you need to change how you describe him. I think he would be a large Tom with dim ember colours on his paws and the tip of his tail and the rest of his body fiery orange.

I think Emberstar would be a great name for a dark grey tom with lighter paws and amber eyes, I think he'd be a wise, fiery cat who'd do anything to defend his clan.

Awesome this so gonna be mine I like it perfect for a brown she cat so ya EPIC

Code of the Clans Cat - Frogjaw1996

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373 Willowtail

"A grey she cat from river clan, with a white tail tip. As an apprentice, her mentor left her, and was left for her mother, Froststar, the leader, who has to train her herself. After Froststar died, she became deputy and her sister became leader."

This deserves to b number 1!

In Moth Flight's Visison, (yes, there is a space), there is a cat called that. - Spottedtail

Small silver she-cat with a long, white tipped tail, she has dark green eyes and small ears. Annoying, smart and calm, Willowtail is a spicy and cool name.

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374 Echostream

When this she-cat was born her mother noticed that the kit looked just like her only that its fur was a few shades lighter, as if it was an echo of her. Echopaw loved to play in the river as an apprentice and was very good at fishing, thus she recieved the warrior name Echostream. I picture her as quick and nimble, she's always up for an adventure and has a clever nature. As for colors, I think this cat would have blue eyes. The fur could be a pale ginger, a few shades lighter than her mother's pelt. This name is beautiful and should be a lot higher on the list, apart from my spontaneous idea for an OC it has a lot of potential to fit a variety of cats.

A dark grey she-cat with a paler grey underbelly and beautiful dark green eyes

This is a beautiful name; why is it so far down on the list?!
A graceful and beautiful silver she-cat with bright blue eyes; She is a medicine cat of shadowclan - Rainsilver

My oc's mother is named Echo'stream. My version of Echo is a pastel grey top with a white belly. Her eyes are a turquoise (greenish blue). She is called Echo because of her quiet, echo like voice, it rings and echos through your mind. She was also an extremely good swimmer and fisher which is strange due to the fact she is a true Skyclan cat. She is beautiful but is a rebel and a bit stubborn, but overall she is independent,pretty,arrogant,clever, and nimble

375 Ambershade

A orange tabby with one brown paw and green eyes... SHE'S MINE ALL MINE

Very nice

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377 Drowningoceans

It's not that bad I think I'm going to use this!

Oceans can't drown

Drowningsundrownplace? Best name ever.

Ϙ’ Duddde. GROW UPPP >:( I love warriors and I don't appreciate you making fun of it. Please make up other names. Please make it appropriate for younger kids like 10 or younger.✋🏼Ok? 👌🏼

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378 Snowbright

A white and pale ginger she-cat with icy blue eyes. - Embershine

379 Mintstem
380 Twolegsareawesome

That is the worst name ever. Id commit cat suicides if that was my name

This article was made to contain good warriors names that are normal and acceptable. But now... - Warriorcats

Best name ever

Y'know, I was about to say negative things about this name, but when you look at it, it means you are awesome because you are a twoleg. - lilydoestopten

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