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361 Crystalfire

So cool. It sounds like an energetic she-cat with silvery-white fur. (Think silverstream/feathertail.)

I'm not sure, but I'm almost positive that crystals aren't something very common to the wild or the Warrior cats' world. So, I'm not sure it's very realistic..

I think this could be a crystal white she cat with blue ayes and an orange patch of fur on her forehead.

I used Crystalwing Lemonheart's sister and Limefur's sister too. She was killed by Snowclan cats Lemonheart blamed herself for the tragic death.

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362 Fartsong

I laughed so hard! And I am the middle of my classroom! At school! So stop making these hilarious names or I will get in trouble!

I normally hate people that disgrace warriors but this made me snort with laughter

When he farts several times, it makes a song our of farts

When Fartsong was born, he farted so much that his farts almost sounded like music. The beautiful song of farts made cats cover their noses and hear the beautiful song of a farting newborn kit. Fartsong's mother was so proud of her kit for farting and making the entire nursery smell bad that she named him Fartkit in honor of his incredible farting talents. As an apprentice, Fartpaw learned how to defeat his enemies and kill his prey by farting in their face really hard. When the time came for his warriors ceremony, the entire clan cheered "Fartsong! Fartsong! Fartsong! " they were so proud. And from then on, Fartsong was known as the amazing cat who saved the day with his farts. (and then one day he smelled his own fart and he died.)

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363 Shrewstripe

Shrew! I'm so glad someone put this, Shrew is such an underrated prefix! Along with adding Stripe, it makes it so complete.

I thought it said " top ten" but trust me there's WAY more than 10.

LOL your right about datp

It sounds great, like Shrewpaw's warrior name would'a been.

~ Sparrowflight

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364 Endersky

At least it wasn't Enderdragon! -Sunbird

The warrior cats don't know what ender means!?!?!

Reminds me if Minecraft. But cool. Very.


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365 Leafmist

A gray-and-white tabby she-cat with dark gray paws. - IcetailofWishClan

A tortoiseshell she-cat with a misty blue gray tail and paws. She is a beautiful cat and she wanted to have kits. She was taken by twolegs and they got her fixed. She could never have kits and she went into a stage of depression. She is confronted by Darkflame (a Smokey black and orange tom) one day and he says he wants her to be his mate even though she couldn't have kits. He loved her. One day they found a rouge kit that was an orphan. It could eat solid food and was a beautiful silver tabby. They named her Silverkit. Finally a kit of her own. Even though she didn't give birth to her, she had a kit and she was a mother like she allways wanted to be. - Embershine

So soft and beautiful.

It sounds very elegant I really like it
It could be a medicine cat.

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366 Poppyshine

It sounds like it would fit a kind and graceful she-cat.

Finally...A GREAT NAME, so many of the newer names are awful and this is AMAZING. Not only does it provide a great image of a beautiful queen in ThunderClan or ShadowClan, it also has a prefix and suffix that go together so well.

Dark ginger and white tabby she-cat with deep green eyes.
Nice name by the way

367 Moonflame

I think cream colored cat with blue eyes. I think she would be sassy and sharp tongued

Very pretty name. It sounds fierce and elegant at the same time! (; I think it would look like a silver tabby she cat, with red or orange markings. Maybe even a flame symbol on her forehead... to symbolize her name.

Why can the prefix Silver be used and not Moon!? Silver is sacred too! Silverpelt is most definitely SACRED!

Again, "Moon" cannot be a prefix - 1000unicorns

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368 Honeydawn

I think this name just sounds like a ginger tabby - Catluv50

Lol, someone please vote - Catluv50

My friend made this name its very weird

Calico she cat with amber eyes!

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369 Stormrunner

Nobody is going to ask you if they can use the name. It's not copy righted to you and it's really dull to do that. Not trying to hate but I bet millions of people have made up this name and didn't ask you

Very creative. Sounds like a fierce bluestar looking tom, he has no fears

This name is awesome.

I would be very glad for you to use this name for a cat; though I am past this name stage and am moving on to different name preferences. Do not feel you must ask to use this name any longer.

And yes, I understand what you mean. This thought did not occur to me before when I first invented this name. Like I said, anyone, please feel free to use without question.


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370 Ashears

This is son of nutmeg and greypelt in me and my best friends book I want this to go to the top I imagine him a grey and white Tom with a white face and little grey ears

Cute, totally cute

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371 Sunpool

This names is awesome! It should be number one

"Sun" can be used as a prefix. There was a cat in the books called Sunstrike, so it can be used.

Unfortunately, ''sun'' cannot be used a a prefix, if it was it would be a very pretty name

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372 Hazelstreak

Light hazel she-cat with light amber eyes. Lives in my Stormclan and Is very loyal

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373 Moonfur

Wow I love it I picture a large black she cat with Russian blue paws ears and underbelly she has a grey and black tail on her back are white and grey stripes and white spots her eyes are a dark pine tree green she has large front fangs like slaves took but smaller she is fierce brave loyal and strong she can be a little skittish sometimes but other than that she is a nice warrior of shadow clan - WolfClawWarriorCats

Sounds awesome

There shouldn't be nay cats with the name moon. the existing ones were actually accidents

I've also used Moonblaze

374 Duneflame

I like your description but I thing of her as a sandy she cat with bright green eyes and a ginger stripe going down her back and twining out in many places hence the suffix -flame. And Dune for her prefix because her eyes look like the grass on a sand dune and her soft fur looks like the sand on a sand dune. I agree that she would be a Shadowclan warrior but I think her story would be like this:when Dunepaw was training on an assessment a Riverclan warrior crossed the border and attacked her leaving a flame like scratch on her side and threatening to take their prey, Duneflame became a loving queen and had a handsome mate and many litters of beautiful kits though she died protecting her kits and the nursery. Kind of like your story but changed a bit

A nice name! I imagine a sandy tabby tom with amber eyes. excellent job whoever created this name

Sounds like a ginger mottled she-cat with amber eyes. Duneflame is a powerful, but soft Shadowclan warrior. She is very knowlegeable, and trained as a medicine cat apprentice fore some time, before realizing that she whould rather thrive in the exitment of battling, and protect those littler than her. She eventully gets a mate, a handsome silver tabby rouge who strayed to far from his home, named Rush. Rush joins the clan as Rushstorm, later. They have multiple litters, and eventully she dies in battle, protecting her new litter from a fox.

Cool name. I like this a lot!

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375 Echostream

When this she-cat was born her mother noticed that the kit looked just like her only that its fur was a few shades lighter, as if it was an echo of her. Echopaw loved to play in the river as an apprentice and was very good at fishing, thus she recieved the warrior name Echostream. I picture her as quick and nimble, she's always up for an adventure and has a clever nature. As for colors, I think this cat would have blue eyes. The fur could be a pale ginger, a few shades lighter than her mother's pelt. This name is beautiful and should be a lot higher on the list, apart from my spontaneous idea for an OC it has a lot of potential to fit a variety of cats.

A dark grey she-cat with a paler grey underbelly and beautiful dark green eyes

This is a beautiful name; why is it so far down on the list?!
A graceful and beautiful silver she-cat with bright blue eyes; She is a medicine cat of shadowclan - Rainsilver

376 Nightsong

When I posted it, in my fan fiction she is a small, sleek black she-cat. Her eyes a pale blue and she is very mysterious, but can be kind.

A black she-cat with bright yellow eyes. - Spottedtail

A black cat with a song in her head.

I love this name so much!

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377 Firefly

I think of a gold and red she cat that has amber eyes.

A young tom with a fiery red pelt, small and shy.

The opposite of Firefly is a waterfall. - LordDovahkiin

This is so unique and awesome! - lilydoestopten

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378 Trumpspit

Trump? As in Donald Trump? What? Grow up, it's ridiculous

This is extremely ridiculous! - IcetailofWishClan

Wow poo (A smiling pile of poo)

So, Trump?

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379 Drizzlefall
380 Violetsong
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