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401 Wildclaw

I can almost see a light tabby tom who loves to be out with nature. Doesn't really like hurting anyone

402 Rosekiss

It sounds so pretty!

It's nice! And pretty, I agree but do cat really kiss? so

403 Cloudstream

This is actually really pretty! I picture the cat like this: Probably a white, kinda ruffled furred tom with some pale grey mixed in and a black nose. He also might have eyes like pools of ice that can stare down disrespectful kits so they might behave better. I guess his personality would be teasingly sassy, respectful, and romantically funny. But when it's time, he's responsible, solemn, and calm. His father was Skyflight and his mother was Pebbledrop. He had two siblings named Clearpool and Rainshine. He was mostly overlooked by his parents until Pebbledrop was killed in by a monster. Skyflight was so angry and mad at himself! How could he not have helped?! He told his Clearpool rainshine and cloudstream that she was on a patrol by the two leg den and was staying over even though she died... Cloudstream couldn't fight the urge any longer! He just had to find his mother! Then she could see how much he'd grown! He ran over to the twoleg place at night without anyone. He wasn't really ...more

404 Feathershine

This name is so beautiful! I imagine a sleek gray she cat. Her coat shines in the sun, and she has white tipped ears.

I love this name! This is definitely my favorite name on this list...

Tabby gray she-cat with green eyes and white feather like fur

405 Cloverwhisker
406 Thundersong

I love it! I imagine a cream colored she-cat with beautiful eyes one is Aqua blue and the other is leaf green and she is very kind and loving either a queen, and elder, or a very kind warrior that doesn't like fighting, hunting is better to her. She also reminds me of two of my OCs in Thunderclan that are both related Thunderblaze, and Thunderheart. Also guys just leave it the Erin's say you can use clan names, honestly I don't care I will use them anyways but, I'm glad they say that Spirit is forbidden because I just don't like that name. I might use this!

I love this name but I will use it for a sleek she cat wanderer - SnowThunder

Um I have a warrior cat name and it's RiverStream. And no I have made my own 4 clans and RiverStream is me

Not bad I will say...
I imagine a powerful pale ginger tabby tom with amber eyes and a loud booming
voice like thunder - Rainsilver

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407 Clovercloud

It sounds like it would be a quiet, shy, maybe a bit naive she-cat. Perhaps a light brown tabby with white underbelly and pale blue eyes. Lovely name!

Such a pretty name!

Beautiful name!


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408 Rosestar

I LOVE this name. It sounds like something out of the books. I think her warrior name should be Rosepelt. -Thunderstorm

This is my friend name her name is whiterose when she becomes a leader she becomes Rosestar

I think it's Rosepetal's leader name. She deserves to be leader. - Thunder

Well, I admit I used to think it was silly to be " crazy mad " about people thinking of the same names, but now that I've seen most of mine it's getting me just a bit annoyed. But anyway I have a friend named this on CatSim. If you really wanna RP with people, this is the app. But ANYWAY she is kinda like Heatherstar, with the pink tinge but with a cream pelt instead of gray and blue eyes. This is how I imagined it to. So... rosy... I used to really not like the prefix rose- but now that I've seen a few rose- names it's growing on me. She'd be the leader of NightClan with a black nose. I don't know. I'm only on Tallstar's Revenge. And like the second chapter where Tallkit is mad that he fell down the hole he was trying to dig because Sandgorse said that tunnelers were the noblest of the cats. Wow I can really get off topic. A like really fast. So her warrior name could be Rosewing? And she would be what some people call a " normal " leader. Which is aka not having any sort of " ...more

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409 Silverstripe

Kind of in the books - Silver Stripe, one of Gray Wing's and Slate's kits, but the name isn't combined.

Silverstream should have named one of her kits this

Graystripe and Silverstream emerged

Stop copping my name's please

No one is 'copying your name'! They're using a name both of you came up with, - Warriorcatsfandom

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410 Owltalon

Love this name!

I absolutely love this name!
May I use it!?


Thank u guys! I made this name up when I was thinking of Wings of Fire names. Then I thought that this would made a great warrior cat name and added it here! I imagine him more a grayer cat, with darker flecks and lighter emerald eyes.

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411 Raincloud

Enough with the Mary/Gary Sue thing! Just because the name sounds perfect doesn't mean it's beholder is. Take some warriors in the series for example. Dovewing? I don't hear any complaints there... Overall good name I don't think it is Mary/Gary Sue, possibly a silver tabby she cat, maybe med cat

Well, I don't think anyone wants their feelings hurt. Mary Sue/Gary Stu just is mean. This is the kind of thing that annoys me about comments. Seriously, people can make their character however they like! Raincloud sounds like she has had a sad history, but she leads a noble life.

Sounds like a pretty silver she-cat with deep blue eyes and white flecks. She would be a medicine cat, if not, a queen. Overall it sounds great!

Um, this cat exists. In Code of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

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412 Raveneye

Ravenpaw is a he not she

Ahem Ravenpaw is a he

I really love both the prefix and the suffix...Definitely using this in a roleplay! I imagine a jet black she, with a dark gray tipped tail and bright yellow eyes. - PaintedWolves

So rude Ravenpaw died as an apprentice ~Windblossom

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413 Smokemist

I really like that name, one of my former friends made it up and it stuck with me ever since!

It do any work together but imagine this, a smoke cloud with blue/silver specks dappling the cloud. Sounds awesome right lol

This name kind of contradicts itself, smoke and mist? It does not go together and it would never be a realistic name in warriors.


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414 Birdheart

I used this name before I love it.

I love it! :). It reminds me of a small she-cat who is a medicine cat. And her pelt is white w/ light brown patches on her back w/ pretty light blue eyes. Maybe she could be feisty and sweet for her personality. - KatnissTheImmoDeer

This is my daughters name (in rp)

Hdbdbsnajjenen bird his art no thanku

415 Blizzardstorm

Isn't a blizzard a type of storm? Knowing that makes it sound weird but I like how the name sounds!

Blizzardstorm is a white she-cat with black dotted spots on her back. She also has blue eyes. - Alexisawe

Sorry I mean this is what Leafstar should have named Billystorm


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416 Rainsong

Sounds amazing and beautiful, like a silver she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.


I really like this name! Make some more!
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

I like it, even though 'song' is not my favorite prefix.
Light gray she-cat with bluish dapples and blue eyes. She's in RiverClan.
It reminds me of the rain noise. - Spottedtail

417 Duskfrost

Handsome name. I see a long-legged dark grey tom with black stripes on his back and legs, with piercing blue eyes

This name is way to low for how good this is, I love it so much, I promise you, I imagine this cat (in my view lol) as a black/gray tom with ice blue eyes mixed with a bit of white, a frosty color with white paws and tailtip and underbelly & ear tips&... muzzle

Why is this name down so low? I swear, all the good names are at the bottom of the list!

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418 Dawnleaf

Why isn't anyone commenting on this one! HONESTLY I think this is the best name I came so far! I can picture a cream colored she-cat with hazel colored eyes! 5 stars!

I thought of this name when I first read Warriors! I think of this cat as a silver and white she-cat, with bright amber eyes.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the good stuff about this character. thanks again!

I really like the name "Dawnlight" - Spottedtail

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419 EclipseTail

What does a tail have to do with an Eclipse? In my opinion, when it address' any part of their bodies in a pre-fix that means it has to DO with the pre-fix...right?

VISA Versace sorry I really like the eclipse part but the tail part doesn't really go with it

Um the cats would know what an eclipse is, person who cannot spell sorry.

More like a dawn of the clans name

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420 Runningfoot

Sounds like a handsome Wind Clan Tom Deputy maybe?

Awesome I see a wind clan warrior that's very fast

Yes I know that feet run get to the name all ready

Cats don't know what feet are! Only paws

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