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401 Raveneye

Ravenpaw is a he not she

Ahem Ravenpaw is a he

I really love both the prefix and the suffix...Definitely using this in a roleplay! I imagine a jet black she, with a dark gray tipped tail and bright yellow eyes. - PaintedWolves

So rude Ravenpaw died as an apprentice ~Windblossom

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402 Smokemist

I really like that name, one of my former friends made it up and it stuck with me ever since!

It do any work together but imagine this, a smoke cloud with blue/silver specks dappling the cloud. Sounds awesome right lol

This name kind of contradicts itself, smoke and mist? It does not go together and it would never be a realistic name in warriors.


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403 Ravenheart

A sleek black tom with patches of red fur on his belly

A lithe tan she-cat with autumn-leaf-orange eyes that is fairly pretty but is rude and annoying. She is pretty much like a raven. They don't care who or what they bother and are very annoying.


Should have been Ravenpaw's warrior name.

A black and white tom with green eyes. He would live in Shadowclan. As a kit he would want to learn herbs. The medicine cat, Blossomfeather, didn't allow him to be a medicine cat. Ravenkit's mother was Pigeoncloud. His father was Hawkflight. His siblings were Nutkit and Russetkit. He was apprenticed to Flintheart. Flintheart was hard on him. He became Ravenheart after four moons of training. Nutpaw became Nutpelt and Russetpaw became Russetsong. Ravenheart was mates with Cloudwing. They had three heathly kits, Chestnutkit, Aspenkit, and Ferretkit. Aspenkit died at two moons by greencough. Chestnutpaw died by defending the nursery during a attack from Windclan. Ferretpaw became Ferretwhisker. Ravenheart became the leader, Ravenstar after the cruel leader, Dawnstar died. Cloudwing was deputy for three moons until Ravenstar died from a Windclan cat ripping his throat out.

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404 Birdheart

I used this name before I love it.

I love it! :). It reminds me of a small she-cat who is a medicine cat. And her pelt is white w/ light brown patches on her back w/ pretty light blue eyes. Maybe she could be feisty and sweet for her personality. - KatnissTheImmoDeer

This is my daughters name (in rp)

Hdbdbsnajjenen bird his art no thanku

405 Blizzardstorm

Isn't a blizzard a type of storm? Knowing that makes it sound weird but I like how the name sounds!

Blizzardstorm is a white she-cat with black dotted spots on her back. She also has blue eyes. - Alexisawe

Sorry I mean this is what Leafstar should have named Billystorm


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406 Rainsong

Sounds amazing and beautiful, like a silver she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.


I really like this name! Make some more!
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

I like it, even though 'song' is not my favorite prefix.
Light gray she-cat with bluish dapples and blue eyes. She's in RiverClan.
It reminds me of the rain noise. - Spottedtail

407 Duskfrost

Handsome name. I see a long-legged dark grey tom with black stripes on his back and legs, with piercing blue eyes

This name is way to low for how good this is, I love it so much, I promise you, I imagine this cat (in my view lol) as a black/gray tom with ice blue eyes mixed with a bit of white, a frosty color with white paws and tailtip and underbelly & ear tips&... muzzle

Why is this name down so low? I swear, all the good names are at the bottom of the list!

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408 Dawnleaf

Why isn't anyone commenting on this one! HONESTLY I think this is the best name I came so far! I can picture a cream colored she-cat with hazel colored eyes! 5 stars!

I thought of this name when I first read Warriors! I think of this cat as a silver and white she-cat, with bright amber eyes.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the good stuff about this character. thanks again!

I really like the name "Dawnlight" - Spottedtail

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409 EclipseTail

What does a tail have to do with an Eclipse? In my opinion, when it address' any part of their bodies in a pre-fix that means it has to DO with the pre-fix...right?

VISA Versace sorry I really like the eclipse part but the tail part doesn't really go with it

Um the cats would know what an eclipse is, person who cannot spell sorry.

More like a dawn of the clans name

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410 Runningfoot

Sounds like a handsome Wind Clan Tom Deputy maybe?

Awesome I see a wind clan warrior that's very fast

Yes I know that feet run get to the name all ready

Cats don't know what feet are! Only paws

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411 Mapledawn

Why is no one committing on this?! Well I imagine: a she cat, she has Scarlet eyes one of them is scared, she has memories of her former mate... as he cheated on her all she wants is revenge! She has no kits.

Red, orange, and yellow she-cat.

Mapledawn should have a mate named Wingedheart.


412 MistyEcho

This sounds really pretty

I picture a light gray and white shecat, With beautiful amber yellow eyes.

Epic name

What the...

413 Mapletail

I made up a warrior cat named this! She is a dark blue-gray she-cat with ginger eyes. She was named Mapletail because of her eyes. The tail part is because of her bushy tail.

A pretty white she-cat with a orangish/brown tail

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414 Wolfstorm

A black-grayish tom-cat always misunderstood, abandoned as a kit. Always being the shoulder to lean on, yet never having a shoulder to lean on. Wolfstorm changes the world for the better, while he, himself drown in darkness.

I named my Animal Jam warrior cat Wolfstorm! Thanks, perfect name! She isn't gray though, she is dark blue and light tan with brown spots

It sounds fierce and strong. For me, it would be a gray tom with black stripes. Very good name. Yay! (;

Stop just assuming that they know what a wolf is, because they don't

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415 Streamfrost

A silver (with darker stripes) she-cat with green eyes, and medicine cat. My own cat. Please don't hate!

I lOVE this name it reminds me of a blue-gray she-cat with silver patches and hazel eyes.

The name is nice, but it sounds out of place

Ran away with jaykit to become a warrior. The kits made it to thunderclan and became apprentices. Hollytuft mentored streampaw well, teaching her everything she knew. Streamfrost became a warrior and then a deputy. Her sister, jaysong was a medicine cat.

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416 Echobreeze
417 Snowblossom

I made this name :D I liked it because it makes me think of a white flower surrounded by snow. I think the cat would be pure white with gray paws and tail tip and ear tips with blue eyes

I love suffix blossom

A sweet and shy shecat maybe a queen or medicine cat?


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418 Midnightsky

I doubt any cat would have Midnight as a prefix. Perhaps Nightsky would be a suitable alternative?

Night sky is a bit too intentional. Maybe Nightshine? -Silversky

I think it sounds beautiful. And what a lot of people don't realize is that you can use clan names for suffixes, e.g Runningwind or Moonshadow, or Greythunder or Sunriver or this, Midnightsky.

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419 Echosplash

I like this one. It sort of sounds mysterious. - Catlover2004

It reminds me of a young cat calling a name and her words echoing off of the walls of the flooded cave. It also reminds me of myself. =^v^=

420 Silverbird

Has the saddest story you could imagine like crookedstar and mapleshade combined

Very pretty name - would fit a silver she-cat with blue eyes like the sky

It reminded me of silver stream so kind and died in a battle with badgers

Silverbird is a fluffy silver she-cat with two golden spots.

Mother: Birdwish (died when apprentice)
Father: Unknown /|(died same time as mother)
Siblings: Goldenstripe, Birdpaw|
Position: deputy (dies before becoming leader)
Mate: Dustwhisker
Kits: None
Clan: StormClan - Embershine

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