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421 Leafsong

I imagine Leafsong as a dark brown and orange she-cat with glowing amber eyes. - Embershine

This is a really cool name I like it so all the haters back off

Sounds like Leafpool. I love it!

Leafpool+Echosong= This AKA awesome med cat

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422 Swantail

I had made an OC named Swanflight, so I definitely like this name

what I imagine:

A Dovewing colored she-cat with black and white ear tips, muzzle, paws, and tail tips

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423 Nightwish

It sounds very mysterious. I think it would look like a jet black she-cat with silver markings. ShadowClan cat, deputy maybe

I love this name... Sounds like a lithe black she-cat with ice blue or violet eyes and silver stripes. She would be a mysterious character, I suppose, maybe a medicine cat. Anyway, I love the name totally gonna use it! -Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

Black she-cat with blue eyes. Loyal And brave, though sometimes can be mysterious and cationness. Her mate is Ambergaze and her kits are Dapplefur, Poppysong, and Shadefern. She also has another litter
If kits that are still aparentices

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424 Willowleap

Pale gray she-cat with green eyes and long legs would fit this name

Please please may I use this!? I'm going to use it. Thanks you should put more names on here

Wilowleap sounds like a ShadowClan cat but not evil she is a pale gray she-cat and mates with Mudfrost a dark brown tom next to be deputy with mischievous green eyes-Clearstar

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425 Hawkwing

Hawkwing is a cat in the Warriors Series. He appeared in Hawkwing's Journey and Shattered Sky. - lilydoestopten

There is gonna be a new super edition hawkwing journey so it's already a cat

I like the name. It sounds like a tortoiseshell she-cat or tom with amber eyes.

This was made BEFORE Hawkwing's Journey, so stop being mean about it. - Warriorcatsfandom

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426 Brokenmind

Sounds like a cat with mental problems, wow

Umm, no, I'm sorry but no, no leader would ever name an apprentice this, I'm sorry, but no.

Wow deep... And cruel

Dumb cat

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427 Rainwing

Lol. Has anyone read wings of fire? - Spottedtail

I have3 read wings of fire and rainwings are very colorful so this cat is white with yellow-goldenish and red-orangish splotches

I love this name! It's so creative and cool and awesome!
~ Waterpaw of FeatherClan

I imangine a blue- gray Tom with bright green eyes. White flecks and underbelly! I might use this for a different xlan!
~ Jayfrost

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429 Hollystream

Black she-cat with light gray streak through her fur. - Embershine

430 Honeymist

I think this should have at least made the top 20! It's beautiful! She should be a golden tabby she-cat with white paws and chest! She is very delicate but kind!

I would imagine she spends most of her time as a queen, gentle and loyal like Daisy or Ferncloud.

It's beautiful, reminds me of a soft furred cream warrior.

Awesome! It's sad that al these great names have gone to waste.

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431 Featherstream V 2 Comments
432 Firepool

Love this name! I picture a quiet and rather mysterious ginger tabby with dark, blue eyes. What's cool is it could be used for a male or female cat, and I bet the female counterpart would be on the sturdy/rough side. Personally, I like names like these better than things with feather/mist/stream etc... they are a bit more creative and the "feathery" names, as I like to call them, always make me picture a pretty cat but not very powerful.

Hehe this was my option I posted, this is my main OC and I love the feedback!
Firepool Is a ginger tom, icy blue eyes, one brown splotch over his right eye and brown legs and tail tip. Oh and ear tips.
He's a Loyal, Brave, Strong but a worry wart. He's horrible at climbing- he can climb but doesn't have good balance. Not much of a hunter due to his medium length fur.
He got the Prefix 'Fire' due to his mother wanting him to be in a current prophecy about 'Sky, Fire and Wind'. So she named him Firekit, bragging about how he was the fire. Yet, he had nothing to do with the prophecy.
He received 'Pool' for his courageous actions. He was brave enough to launch himself into a storm wild river and save two rogue kits. He managed to bring them back but almost died from consuming so much water. He was given the option by two Starclan cats who were his 'guardians', (Like Yellowfang with Jay and Spotted for Leaf) Sweetfire and Willowleaf.
For his courage, Strength, and Loyalty he ...more

I already used this for my Warrior Cat book. I really like the name, but I didn't use it as my main character.

A deep ginger she-cat with moss-green eyes. Quiet, calm and collected. Sad most of the time. Claws are very sharp.

Firekit was born in ThunderClan (or whatever Clan that replaces "Thunder") and had one brother, Flamekit. Everyone treated them horrid because their father had died. Firekit was sad, while Flamekit raged.

Flamepaw and Firepaw were very good hunters and fighters. Firepaw had a best friend, Poolpaw, which was a medicine cat. Flamepaw almost drowns in a river but is saved by a mean silver apprentice, named Smokepaw. Flamepaw joins RiverClan (or whatever Clan that replaces "River"). Firepaw is devastated and begs her leader to send her brother back. Their leader refuses.

Firepool earns her warrior name. Firepool visits RiverClan, only to find out that her brother is the leader. A frantic cat, Flamestar's apprentice, tells her that he only ...more

433 Rosebudd

A pretty tabby she-cat. HATERS BACK OFF! - Spottedtail

I can see what your trying to do, maybe do something like Roseleaf, fern, or cloud.

Rosebudd come on that is not a warrior cat name you can't have budd in your name

I think this will be a dark ginger and white tabby she-cat with soft blue eyes. She's sharp tongued and smar. She is skilled in hunting and is a loyal warrior to ShadowClan.

434 Greynose

Using this as a public OC, I call dibs on the YouTube OC :3

435 Frostfang

Beautiful, a she-cat who is fierce and beautiful. - Spottedtail

Amazing name!

Love this

My OC name. She is a white she-cat with gray paws and tail tip. She has bright blue eyes. Her brother is Duststorm, her father is Rowanflame, her Mother is Dawnstream, and her best friend is Brightfern. Her mentor is Swiftclaw.

Her life:
Frostkit and Dustkit are born to Rowanflame and Dawnstream. Dustkit is closer to Rowanflame, while Frostkit is closer to Dawnstream. Dustkit is apprenticed to Sandclaw, while Frostkit to Swiftclaw. Her friend and ther littermates, Brightkit, Stormkit, and Snowkit are also apprenticed that day. One day, while patrolling, Frostpaw, Swiftclaw, Sandclaw and Dustpaw witness Windclan hunting on their territory. They go back to camp to report it to Thornstar. Thornstar announces it at the next gathering, but Graystar, The Windclan leader simply states that Windclan needs prey. The next day, they plan to launch an attack, but right before they leave, Thunderclan attacked, killing Rowanflame. Dustpaw vows for revenge. The next week, the ...more

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436 Goldenfang

Golden cat with a fierce personality

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437 Redclaw

Really nice! I imagine a dark ginger tom with white and black splotches. He would have even darker paws and a white muzzle. - PaintedWolves


438 Rosepetal

This cat already exists. - 905384095438053

Very nice name, it's literally like shes a flower

A pinkish she-cat with dark ginger spots

Yo person this is an actual name already like what duh heck bruh lol I used a lot of weird grammar anyway THIS IS A REAL CAT TOADSTEP IS HER BRUH AND SPIDERLEG AND DAISY ARE HER PARENTS SO YOU CANNOT USE THIS NAME!

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439 Sagedapple

It's sage dapple not apple 0.0

Beautiful! - Spottedtail

Sagedapple is a pale brown she cat with golden and gray flecks, with a white muzzle and white tail. She has Amber eyes. Sagedapple is rather small, and as a kit, her littermates made fun of her for her size. Her friend was Silverbreeze and Willowfrond. She became an honorable warrior, and had three kits: Cloudkit, Berrykit, and Dapplekit. The camp was attacked one day by foxes, who killed Sagedapple, who was standing over her kits, (only two moons old) protecting them. Her mate slaughtered the fox after he learned what it did to Sagedapple.


-Sagedapple of Thuderclan
(In the future)

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440 Wildwillow

I like this

How u do add a name now!?!? Cause I can't now :( please help if u can!

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