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421 Lightningstorm

Do I really need to explain? - AbduZine

I LOVE IT! - Spottedtail

Cool name

I like this! I have a Lightningpaw, and I'd probably pick that! Except I already have a good warrior name for him, Lightningstrike! ~ Smokestar

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422 Mapledawn

Why is no one committing on this?! Well I imagine: a she cat, she has Scarlet eyes one of them is scared, she has memories of her former mate... as he cheated on her all she wants is revenge! She has no kits.

Red, orange, and yellow she-cat.

Mapledawn should have a mate named Wingedheart.


423 MistyEcho

This sounds really pretty

I picture a light gray and white shecat, With beautiful amber yellow eyes.

Epic name

What the...

424 Mapletail

I made up a warrior cat named this! She is a dark blue-gray she-cat with ginger eyes. She was named Mapletail because of her eyes. The tail part is because of her bushy tail.

A pretty white she-cat with a orangish/brown tail

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425 Wolfstorm

A black-grayish tom-cat always misunderstood, abandoned as a kit. Always being the shoulder to lean on, yet never having a shoulder to lean on. Wolfstorm changes the world for the better, while he, himself drown in darkness.

I named my Animal Jam warrior cat Wolfstorm! Thanks, perfect name! She isn't gray though, she is dark blue and light tan with brown spots

It sounds fierce and strong. For me, it would be a gray tom with black stripes. Very good name. Yay! (;

Stop just assuming that they know what a wolf is, because they don't

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426 Streamfrost

A silver (with darker stripes) she-cat with green eyes, and medicine cat. My own cat. Please don't hate!

I lOVE this name it reminds me of a blue-gray she-cat with silver patches and hazel eyes.

The name is nice, but it sounds out of place

Ran away with jaykit to become a warrior. The kits made it to thunderclan and became apprentices. Hollytuft mentored streampaw well, teaching her everything she knew. Streamfrost became a warrior and then a deputy. Her sister, jaysong was a medicine cat.

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427 Echobreeze
428 Snowblossom

I made this name :D I liked it because it makes me think of a white flower surrounded by snow. I think the cat would be pure white with gray paws and tail tip and ear tips with blue eyes

I love suffix blossom

A sweet and shy shecat maybe a queen or medicine cat?


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429 Midnightsky

I doubt any cat would have Midnight as a prefix. Perhaps Nightsky would be a suitable alternative?

Night sky is a bit too intentional. Maybe Nightshine? -Silversky

I think it sounds beautiful. And what a lot of people don't realize is that you can use clan names for suffixes, e.g Runningwind or Moonshadow, or Greythunder or Sunriver or this, Midnightsky.

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430 Echosplash

I like this one. It sort of sounds mysterious. - Catlover2004

It reminds me of a young cat calling a name and her words echoing off of the walls of the flooded cave. It also reminds me of myself. =^v^=

431 Silverbird

Has the saddest story you could imagine like crookedstar and mapleshade combined

Very pretty name - would fit a silver she-cat with blue eyes like the sky

It reminded me of silver stream so kind and died in a battle with badgers

Silverbird is a fluffy silver she-cat with two golden spots.

Mother: Birdwish (died when apprentice)
Father: Unknown /|(died same time as mother)
Siblings: Goldenstripe, Birdpaw|
Position: deputy (dies before becoming leader)
Mate: Dustwhisker
Kits: None
Clan: StormClan - Embershine

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432 Swantail

I had made an OC named Swanflight, so I definitely like this name

what I imagine:

A Dovewing colored she-cat with black and white ear tips, muzzle, paws, and tail tips

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433 Nightwish

It sounds very mysterious. I think it would look like a jet black she-cat with silver markings. ShadowClan cat, deputy maybe

I love this name... Sounds like a lithe black she-cat with ice blue or violet eyes and silver stripes. She would be a mysterious character, I suppose, maybe a medicine cat. Anyway, I love the name totally gonna use it! -Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

Black she-cat with blue eyes. Loyal And brave, though sometimes can be mysterious and cationness. Her mate is Ambergaze and her kits are Dapplefur, Poppysong, and Shadefern. She also has another litter
If kits that are still aparentices

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434 Willowleap

Pale gray she-cat with green eyes and long legs would fit this name

Please please may I use this!? I'm going to use it. Thanks you should put more names on here

Wilowleap sounds like a ShadowClan cat but not evil she is a pale gray she-cat and mates with Mudfrost a dark brown tom next to be deputy with mischievous green eyes-Clearstar

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435 Hawkwing

Hawkwing is a cat in the Warriors Series. He appeared in Hawkwing's Journey and Shattered Sky. - lilydoestopten

There is gonna be a new super edition hawkwing journey so it's already a cat

I like the name. It sounds like a tortoiseshell she-cat or tom with amber eyes.

This was made BEFORE Hawkwing's Journey, so stop being mean about it. - Warriorcatsfandom

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436 Brokenmind

Sounds like a cat with mental problems, wow

Umm, no, I'm sorry but no, no leader would ever name an apprentice this, I'm sorry, but no.

Wow deep... And cruel

Dumb cat

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437 Rainwing

Lol. Has anyone read wings of fire? - Spottedtail

I have3 read wings of fire and rainwings are very colorful so this cat is white with yellow-goldenish and red-orangish splotches

I love this name! It's so creative and cool and awesome!
~ Waterpaw of FeatherClan

I imangine a blue- gray Tom with bright green eyes. White flecks and underbelly! I might use this for a different xlan!
~ Jayfrost

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439 Silverfire

A headstrong silver feline who faced danger as though nothing could stand in her way. Heroic and remembered, although didn't make it to leader. Possibly a deputy.

A black she-cat with one white paw. A white moon on her forehead. Able to control fire and the night(and storms) she is so powerful that when she stomps her paw it shocks who she wants it to shock. And when she steps a moon that fades to lightning goes under her paw. And eyes as bright as ice.(that's her in my opinion)

I think of a silver and white she cat with a orange star shape on the forehead.

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440 Hollystream

Black she-cat with light gray streak through her fur. - Embershine

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