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441 Peestorm

Just. Stop. It's not even funny anymore - Daizyrea64

Odd... but me likes it!

Such a good name

Ahem... - lilydoestopten

442 Buttclaw

Awesome name

Seriously?! - IcetailofWishClan

I think that cats don't know what 'butt' is, but ok... - lilydoestopten

Geez for a second I thought it said "Blueclaw" and I was like o that's a good name. Until I found out it was not "blue" :t

443 Darkshade
444 Berrysplash

Dark brown she-cat with white forepaws. - IcetailofWishClan

Sounds like a nice sweet ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes, her kit would be Applekit, and Briarkit

445 Hollyhope

I don't know why, but I LOVE THIS NAME. Why hasn't anyone else commented?

446 Patchstrike

Its sounds like a black tom with orange stripes down his back. His eyes are amber and filled with determination. He would be the father of three kits. He would become deputy probably. He is very loyal and a quick thinker.

V 2 Comments
447 Flamebrook

A ginger she-cat with icy blue eyes. She got the end of her name because her siblings died drowning when they were kits.

448 Condorclaw V 1 Comment
449 Ivyswirl

I don't know if it's on this list already but oh well. In my mind I had her as a light gray she cat with silver stripes and green eyes - aeroangel

450 Blossomtail

A snow white she-cat with a tortoiseshell tail and a bit of tortoiseshell on her face. - LiliBoo

Beautiful! Should be in the top tens. - Spottedtail

451 Badgerstar

I really love the idea, but this is basically just a prefix, and without a suffix, it's not much good. Please include the warrior name when you write on here, so you can actually see a full name. - Roseclaw

Badgerstar sounds like a white tom with badger-like markings. As leader of ShadowClan, he has a mate, Frostwillow, and 2 kits, Clearkit and Proudkit. Badgerstar was badly hurt while an apprentice. Badgerpaw started as a very weak kit and it took 8 moons for him to become strong enough to be an apprentice. Dying of Redcough while on his third life, Badgerstar life was short.

He sounds like a black tom with white stripes on his back. I think he would be leader of WindClan, and be in a litter of three kits, Sparrowsong, him, and Eaglewing. He would have had a lot of pain in his life. Eaglewing would be hurt as an apprentice, and then Sparrowsong would be killed during a battle shortly after becoming a warrior. He became the deputy and mate of the current leader, Oakstar, and have four kits, Sparrowkit, Pinekit, Lionkit, and Sagekit. Sagekit would die at an early age, and Sparrowkit and Lionkit would be taken by Greencough a few moons after they were apprenticed. Pinekit would later become the medicine cat, Pinefur.

452 Mudfeather

A brown tom with amber eyes. He is a medicine cat.

A brown and white tabby she-cat with long, soft fur and blue eyes. Her tail would look like a feather, hence 'feather'. She is sweet and loving.
Mudpaw was brought into Frostclan (my clan), with her sister, Snowpaw. Mudpaw grew into Mudfeather, and her sister became Snowflight.
Mudfeather became a nursery queen, and had her two kits, Mottledkit and Graykit.
Soon, rogues attacked and killed Mudfeather.
that's when Froststar began to kill all the rogue groups, in outrage.
The end. - xAppleglow

453 Waterwillow

Cute name I like it.

454 Conkerpounce

Hell I just realised that conkers are probably just a British thing so a lot of people may not get this name. Conkers come of trees- I believe chestnut (i may be mistaken) they share similtarities to pinecones and acorns. I was a little unsure if this would even make sense but decided to just do a yolo and throw it out there, plus, it Sounded cute, so... - TouzokuMau

I am wondering about the conker part, but other wise, good name! - Cedarhaze

455 Watercloud
456 Rowanbrook

Ginger tabby she-cat with bold amber eyes. She is very calm but she can be very fierce at times.

457 IheartTwolegs



No. Just no. - Spottedtail

This... who made it? ~Bella

458 Vomitpoop

Vomitpoop what the heck

No no no no!

459 Breezeflight

Black she-cat with amber eyes. She is quiet and kind.

460 Lightmist
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