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481 Wolfsong

Sounds like a wild she cat with fur that goes everywhere no matter how hard she tries to groom her pelt. With yellow eyes and a thick ruff around her neck. Everything she says sounds absoultly beautiful and when she sings it melts everyone's hearts.

He is a short tempered tom, but he greatly rewards his friends. He is the best hunter ever. His pelt is brown and white. He talks a big battle but doesn't like to fight. He is a rouge but has always admired clan life. -Moonstar

Sound like a dark grey she-cat with dark blue eyes that's crippled

Wolfsong is a pretty she-cat, She has a good side and a bad side.
She is a dark, like almost black, grey, with white paws, and a silver muzzle. She has one green eye and one brown.

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482 Rainfeather

This is such a pretty name! :) Picture a silver tabby she cat with dark blue eyes...

You people who think that Erin Hunter has used it, this is a different name. Your thinking of Rainflower, not Rainfeather

Stupid, mean and stupid. Not the person who made it. The cat's personality herself. Poor Crookedstar.

This is a great name

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483 Hazelwing

A chocolate tabby cat with white fur on her back, and hazel eyes. She had a happy kithood, but as an apprentice got attacked by badgers, and lost hearing in one ear. Her mother was sympathetic, but her father and siblings remained a source of comfort. She snaps out at those who startle her on her blind side. She has a somewhat abrasive personality until you know her more, and then becomes nicer. She also has a wicked sense of humor, but takes jokes too far. She used to have a large crush on Redclaw, a rom who later scorned her after her accident. Although she was inconsolable for a while, she has since gotten over it.

An average brown she-cat with a with a white streak on her muzzle. Very kind and caring.

Beautiful, I imagine a Silver/light brown shecat with spots/dappled and has blue eyes

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484 Mapleheart

This should be a name in the warriors series!

I love this name kinda doesn't make sense

A heart as strong as a maple tree!

Awesome :D

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485 Starstar

Star is an allowed prefix, so this is allowed.

Keep the suffix, change the prefix - lilydoestopten

Hate anything with star prefix - Catsarah123

Nice, yet Starstar can not be one. - lilydoestopten

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486 Snowstorm

A muscular white tom with deep amber eyes. He is an excellent fighter, one of the Clan's best. He will one day become leader.

I can't believe there are so few comments on this one. It's a great name.

A beautiful name. I'm thinking a white she-cat with green eyes.

A pure White tom with unusually long claws

487 Roseheart

Sounds like a good name!

It's a very cute name

The name is cute! I'm using it for one of my OCS :3 I imagine a Brown and white tabby she with bright green eyes :3

488 Boomface

Who... Who came up with this?

His face go boom

I hear-by name you Boomface, for your exploding face.

Leader: Oh my god Boompaw your face exploded okay your new name is Boomface!

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489 Cloverspeck

A witty and sarcastic and very playful she-cat. She is very pretty and she is currently training to become a full medicine cat. She just earned her full name for when her mentor Blackfeather, either retires or dies. She is pale gray with some darker specks on her back and around her paws she has white paws, one white ear, and a fluffy white-tipped tail. - Rainsilver

I love this name! A queen with a litter of four kits who she is ferociously protective of.

I'm not much for words but I love the name!

490 Nightspirit

Who thinks this name is AWESOME?!? I use it in my stories!

Night and spirit TOGETHER!?! IN A NAME!?! Can I hug whoever came up with this?

Oh my god! This name is awesome! I love who every made this name!

! CAN I USE IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! p.s: perfect name. nightpaw for now on your name will be night spirit, BECUASE I love the NAM! - hollyspirit

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491 Leafwhistle

Dark brown she-cat with white and light brown dapples

All the way too the end baby

Is anyone still looking at the list!?

I love the suffix whistle personally, my OC is Owlwhistle
I picture leaves whistling in the wind

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492 Silverflower

Beautiful, silver she-cat with dark tabby stripes with blue eyes and a long fluffy tail

Pretty, silvery-white and grey she-cat with deep blue eyes

I for one think this sounds very pretty. I also don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but here's the main charater from my fan book:
she's a ginger she-cat with yellow flecks and tail tip with amber eyes. if I'm not allowed to do this, then sry!

~Phoenixstar of MoonClan

493 Squirrelstar

Grateful, Long legged ginger she-cat

The future Squirrelflight - lilydoestopten

I want to kill Bramblestar so Squirrelflight can become Squirrelstar!

I really want to kill Bramblestar so Squirrelflight can be leader

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494 Lilyshine

I very pretty dawn colored she-cat with elegant white paws and chest with beautiful blue eyes

Love the name!

495 VixenStar

This is actually my OC's name

496 Shadecloud V 1 Comment
497 Streamriver

Don't listen to those people on their high horses. This name is awesome

Get a rip and lighten up, you haters

What a cool name!

Meant 'grip'

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498 Crackedstar
499 Willowmist

Silvery blue gray she cat with gray green eyes

Silvery blue gray she car with gray green eyes

I imagine that she is a grey-blue (or blue grey) tabby she-cat.


500 Goldenfeather

"I like it! A golden colored she with amber colored eyes. Goldenfeather is in WindClan. She is the daughter of Sunglow and Mossfoot. Goldenfeather is shy, sweet, and caring. She wishes to be a medicine cat but has a mate, Kinkfoot, and two kits, Whiterose and Oaktail. No markings, just a beautiful golden-brass color to her. She died in a battle with her rival Clan, and went to StarClan as a soon-retiring warrior."

- GoldenfrostOfShiningClan - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

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