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521 Lilyfoot

I would appreciate if you stopped hating on this name. This website isn't for insecure meanies who want other people to feel bad. Lilyfoot is a great name. It's pretty, unlike your attitudes.

Actually, the prefix Lily- refers to a white cat, and the suffix -foot refers to a fast cat. So it's not actually that ridiculous, it's just a fast cat with a white pelt. - NightWillows


"Well, theirs one name theirs one name that can soot you now. Lilyfoot"

"That is the worse name every! "

"Nice talking to you Lilyfoot! Now I am going to talk to Stormface about the rain that is getting into his eyes. BYE! "

Nice. Sounds like a small shy brown she cat with soft Amber eyes

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522 Sandfoot

I like it. Makes me think of Sandstorm

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523 Dewspring

Very good name

Nice and sweet!

Reminds me of a hot spring I once went to... amazing. - AuraLightstorm

Love it!

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524 Oakfur

Oakfur sounds like a Tom that's part of nature and would be spotted brown and white with a deep scar over his muzzle from a fight and would look a bit skinny and weak but he's a strong team leader and tough but kind hearted with Fierce but soft pale Green mixed with Yellow eyes. A total sweet heart towards his clan mates but not his enemies.

He would be part of windclan.

Sounds like Oakheart's kit - 1000unicorns

Not creative. No offense.

He already exists in ShadowClan (correct me if I'm wrong please)

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525 Wolfflare
526 Ravengaze

This is Ravenpaw's Warrior name. 'enough said

For people that say this would be Ravenpaw's warrior name it isn't the authors say it would've been Ravenwing

:( horrible! - Clayheart

I love this name, (or any name with Raven as the preffix). I have OCs named Ravendusk, Ravensky(Ravenstar), Ravenneart, and I'll probably make more with Raven as a preffix. Ths name is beautiful and I should be higher on the list (especially because there are names such as Buttclaw, Sexyfur, Autumnleaf, and Paintedheart) It's funny how Paintedheart was my OC from when I was smol. -AmethystFøxQueen

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527 Snowstream

Pure white she-cat, blue eyes, wants to have kits

My friend made a cat name snowstream

Looks like a white she-cat, can be ether medicine cat or warrior. As my oc she has a very tragic backstory.

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528 Lionwhisker

He would be a broad-shouldered, golden brown tabby tom with sun-colored amber eyes, a thick pelt, a nicked ear, thorn-prick white teeth, thick fluff ringing around his neck, and massive, wide pale paws with fur that bunches at his claws. Came up with it mehself! :3

I think the suffix for the name "lion" should be something more fierce and intimidating sounding. Good name though

I honesty like this name. Simple, flows smoothly...

Great name, love the description below

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529 Emeraldheart

They said it a color like a greenish yellow she cat name emeraldheart I LOVE IT

Sorry, warriors don't know what an Emerald is.

How would Clan cats know what an emerald is?

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530 Wolfdance

1. Warrior cats don't know what wolves are and 2. Warrior cats don't know what dancing is. Mouse-brain. >:I

Actually, They know what a wolf is, go ahead read the books if you don't believe me. - PaintedWolves

Cool but dumb.

Dance and wolf can be a name I like it

I love it! It reminds me of the movie Dances with wolves 😻

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531 Silentflight

Really cool, makes me think of a she cat warrior, probably a really good hunter

I love the name Silentflight it just goes so good together guess squirrelflight'll have to get a new name. SOOO BEAUTIFUL I'm so using this name as my warriors name no copywrite intended! Its just SUCH a good name I have to put in my fan fiction too! I imagine a bright grey she-cat with a white wing on her shoulders and maybe a few flecks on her flanks and a white and grey-blue ringed tail.

I have a clans called.. SilentClan and FlightClan. It like the caln came together. And had the new deputy called that. I would think the cat would look like this.. Smokey black tom with gray flecks around his sides. Making them look like small wings. With deep caring green eyes.

Hallelujah! Love the name

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532 Snowfern

Pretty! Maybe a white she cat with green eyes?

love it

533 Nightstorm

Night storm a black she cat with emerald green eyes who is a warrior she grew up with no parents and is a fast agile strong warrior who is a bit of a lone cat but is loyal to her pack and defends at all cost

This is my character's name- it induces a fierce, tomboyish personality

My OC is called Nightstorm. She is a tuxedo she-cat with blue eyes and has a complicated background showing why she is called Nightstorm

My friend has a cat called nightpelt

534 Squirreltail

I really like this name! (Also one I came up with)
I picture a dark russet she-cat with dark green eyes and a very bushy tail - Loveheart

She is my OC. Not really important though. In One of Brindlefang's many litters of kits

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535 Sugarleaf

I don't think warriors know what sugar is

A pretty trusted deputy

Awesomeness - Oliveleaf

I know this is a bit random, but 'Gum' could be a prefix because a gum is a tree. LOL - Spottedtail

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536 Hawkstone

Anybody? Huh? No?... Okay... *hangs head in shame* - Annemolz

I made up a warrior cat name and it was Hawkstone! Lol! - Thymeshock

Lovely! ^.^ Sounds good and rolls off the tongue easily. Though, it is sorta weird

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537 Raspberryfrost

Raspberry is one word, and frost is one word, so it still qualifies as a warrior name since its 2. Prefix and Suffix. - lilydoestopten

I love that name! Raspberry kit, raspberry paw raspberry frost!

Raspberry--prefix frost--suffix

Cherryfrost looked down at her freezing kit that was a crimson orange-reddish. "you will now be named RasspberryFrost"

Rassberrykit turnded into a apprentice of PeachyFrost. They were attacked and killed by raccoons who recently raided a twoleg den. As the raccoons were eating one said," m... Tastes like that creamy fruity stuff"

THE END - SnowThunder

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538 Emberflower

White she cat with black stripes and amber eyes

Ooh this is a really nice name - Roseclaw

I think of it as a fiery orange and white she cat with yellow eyes. One of the best warriors and betrayed her clan by falling in love with Turtlestar from SunTribe

539 Deathwhisper

I picture a pitch black tom, His fur is as dark as the night. And he would be a even badder villain than Tigerstar! I think he would maybe possibly come from the Tigerstar family perhaps? He would also have amber yellow eyes, And a little bit of scars.

Thanks :) I've always loved this name but it is just plain amazing in my opinion. The only thing is that it just makes me sound strange if I role play as he/she. Any of you are welcome to use it in a book or such.

Wow, I really love that name! it makes me shiver just thinking about it! ITS JUST SO AWESOME

What in StarClan and Dark Forest name is that! Deathwhisper? What what's it's name when he was born? Deathkit, deathpaw? Did his parents hated it?

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540 Spottedleap

I do think it is too similar to Spottedleaf, but if she did not exist, than this name would be higher. I think maybe in the future, make sure you aren't copying any canon names.

Nice but kind a coping spotted leaf and leap.

Don't be negative it's a awesome name! Have some creative ideas!

This name has a lovely ring to it, but it doesn't really make sense. How can a leap be spotted?
Just saying'.

Yes, because names like Oakheart, Stormfur, and Lionblaze make so much sense - Warriorcatsfandom

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