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541 Waspwing

It's okay but do they know what wasps are

Sounds cool I think of a pale yellow tom with black stripes all around,he soon has a mate then lived happily ever after... just kidding there's a dark ending...that I'm not going to tell make it up :3

I imagine a pale yellow-brownish tom with black stripes, tail, ears, and stripes under his eyes.
I think his mother was a rouge, and his father was a hot-head, and snappy warrior, who rarely got along with anyone. One day his father (RainStorm) brought his mother (Felicity) and himself, a one moon old kit, to camp. RainStorm's only mate the Clan knew of, SnowFoot, in anger killed him and was exiled. Waspwing's mother tried to leave with him, but before she could was also slaughtered by SnowFoot. Waspwing himself almost died that day, but SnowFoot was thrown out, and chased off before she got the chance. Waspwing was (forced by the leader) adopted by SnowFoot's sister, WillowFrost, who abused him. Waspwing eventually grew up to be a powerful, and honored deputy, and had a beutiful mate, WildWind, who was expecting their kits. He was still tormented from his experiences, though he hid it well. Waspwing one day was out taking a walk through his territory with his mate when he saw some ...more

542 Brokensky

Sounds like a very dark minded brown tom cat!

543 Minnowslip

! Already used this one for a warrior's comic,

544 Frogjaw

Frogjaw is a very... Unique name! I imagine a kit who was once named Lakekit. Then he once went to a pool of frogs and one of them jumped on his jaw, breaking it. So then he earned the name Frogkit, to Frogjaw. - ApolloKitty

545 Snowdawn

I’m the one that made this, you can use it if you want, you don’t have to ask. - Havenstar

546 Echocloud

Its nice, like an echo echoing through a cloud. I really like this name!

This is a cool name!

You used Echo already.

A pretty, thick-furred she-cat with black fur and a white chest and belly and a white-tipped tail. She is kind and gentle with all of the cats in the clan and she acts like the Mother of the entire clan. She is the oldest Queen in the nursery and she doesn't want to go to the elder den so she helps take care of all the new kits. Her mate is Redfang, a ginger tom with a white chest and long claws. She has five kits named Ravenflight, Snowstep, Silverberry, Lionfur, and Flameheart. Snowstep became a medicine cat and is as gentle as her mother and Ravenflight became the new deputy. They all live in Thunderclan - Rainsilver

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547 Petalsong

Very pretty! Love the name!

I made this up

Pretty name sounds familire

WOW! - Spottedtail

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548 Cleverkit

Cleverkit just no I thought these were ones that people liked I think I'll jump in a hole now

I don't see how this has ANYTHING to do with nature

Fartface's daughter!

THat is one clever cat... - lilydoestopten

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549 Tigerlily

Tigerlily sounds like the flower, but it is beautiful.

As it is a beautiful name, it's just not practical, in the Warriors universe a leader would never name an apprentice this as it is a great name, the suffix of a warrior's name will always be either something about their appearance, personality, physical attributes, or past. The ONLY circumstance in which this name would ever be given to a cat is if the cat had requested it, such as how Crowpaw requested to be Crowfeather after Featherpaw's death.

Beautiful name- If I made my own clan I would use this for a ginger tabby she cat with green eyes and a sparky personality!

I had a cat named this once, she was a dark brown tabby. - Embershine

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550 Cherrycloud

Yum there are cherry flavored clouds

White she cat with red on the tip of her tale! love it :D

She/he will have tanish fur with dark brown paws and Dark brown ears.Yellow and Green eyes and I bet she has a great and Friendly personality

551 Hawkfur

You know, most people would stay up late watching Netflix or something, not me! I stay up late reading these like they are a book! Lol

Honestly, this has existed nearly three times

Eh It's not a very creative name to be honest - Showtime

Code of the Clans Cat - Frogjaw1996

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552 Hailfall

I used this name in one of my old stories! LOL

I use this name in RP! I love it so much. I use it to describe a black and white speckled she-cat. - Roseclaw

553 Hazelfrost

This is so good, how is it not in the top twenty!

Sounds like a beautiful name - Showtime

Great name! It reminds me of a white she-cat with hazel eyes, running in a beautiful forest with frost on everything. -Wingkiss

I used this name for a Roleplay. Why so far back though?

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554 Goldensplash

It makes me think of sunset on a brook...

Golden she-cat with light blue eyes

No offense but it reminds me a little of pee

This name sounds amazing. I imagine a light cream she-cat with splotches of white. She has light emerald green eyes and an amazing hunting skill. She mates one of Swiftblaze's kits who is named Rabbitstreak. They have 3 litters of kits consisting the first litter having 2, the second litter having 4, and the third 2. The first litter had cats named Leafkit(paw, feather) and Rosekit ( paw, beam). The second litter consists Icekit ( paw,blaze), Raggedkit ( paw, fur), Badgerkit ( paw), and Sand ( paw, thorn). The last litter of kits were Thrushkit ( paw, moon), and Seedkit. Goldensplash died at the age of 69 moons old of a bout of harsh Greencough.
~ Jayfrost

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555 Snowfoot

I imagine her kinda like Blackstar but opposite
A long haired black she-cat with white paws :3

I have an oc named Snowfoot he's a small black medicine cat tom with white front legs

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556 Thunderfur

I love this name so much :3 I made it up. She is a whit she-cat with blue paws tip of tail and ears with a scar accros her shoulder that looks like thunder.Also with blue eyes :3

Umm... Scars can't look like thunder. Thunder is not a shape. LIGHTNING is a shape. So (s) he has a scar the shape of lightning on her shoulder?


A kit lost his mother when she was kitting... his father names him Thunderkit, to give him the strength he needs, the strength of that clan... works well in OC's, when you make up your own clan. I have a bundle of clans, and the lake clans are near legends, so it would make sense for a father or mother to name their kit after Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan or Thunderclan, to give them strength, just as Leopardstar was named after Leopardclan (Crookedstar's Promise)

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557 Bladetail

I love this name! It doesn't really oppose the naming rules, because he could be named after a blade of grass, ya know, in comparison to his tail?

I think she is a pure black cat with a loop of silver dots on her tail tip and amber eyes. Will kill any cat even kits to protect her leader.

Imagine a sleek black tom-cat with amber eyes and a sharp tounge, and is quick to turn on people that seem to oppose him. Ahh... It breaks the warrior naming rules, but so what!

What if it's named after a blade of grass?

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558 Ripplefur

Can we just stop with the 'so is your face' stuff? It's overused. And don't say 'so is your face'. -Emberstreak

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559 Diamondstar

Guys stop saying oh cats wouldn't know this or this or that! It's silly just think of if they did know what diamonds are.. That would be a great name and even though they do not know what diamonds are its still a cool and awesome name!

For God's sake, the rules here are quite simple, things that are found in the cats natural environment which they know the names of. Diamonds most certainly do not fit into that category.

I think that Diamondstar is a very pretty name, yet warriors don't know what diamond is. However, I like it - lilydoestopten

Lol! I used this name, diamondpool, who became leader of riverclan. and shut up about the whole, "hardy hum, I'm a smartie because cats don't know about diamonds, poopty, poo! I mean, sh! t!

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560 Blazeheart

Love this name, why is it way down here?!

Flame-pelted ginger tom.

Blazeheart... love it!
i love the name and that's why my username is BlazeHeart! - BlazeHeart

A calico tom with dark lake blue eyes. His brother falconclaw, a mottled light brown tom, was deputy. Blazeheart and silverpelt mate and have 4 kits, daisymoon, a silver and gray she-cat, with dark indigo eyes, bluelake, a calico tom with green-blue eyes, cherryheart, a dark brown she-cat with a white muzzle Windblossom, a golden she-cat with silver patches. ~Windblossom

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