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541 Eaglecrest V 2 Comments
542 Windstride

It is a good name for a tom, I picture a dark grey tom with black splotches.

Great name for a Windclan tom I imagine him as a light gray tom with dark gray splotches. Your description is great too!

543 Flarefrost

I light ginger tom with long claws. A member of the dark forest

Sadly, warrior cats don't know what a flare is.

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544 Olivewillow

This is a cute name!


545 MoonDapple

I really like this name, but even better is "Moondust" which is just.. epic.

Well thanks for the support ;(

546 Fawnleaf

I think Fawnleaf is beautiful name. In my mind, I imagine a deer-colored she-cat with tail that has little stripes of a darker brown.

I am actually using Fawnleaf in a story I am writing, it's a beautiful name.

Fawndapple, a light brown she cat with white spots and light green eyes, very small and petite, good mother, shy

547 Cinderblaze

I quite like this, it's a pretty name! - Liontail

Lionblaze Cinderheart= Cinderblaze

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548 Nightflower

Sounds like a beautiful black she-cat with amber eyes! I'm using this name for my OC Clan thingy

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549 SilverSong

Silver she-cat with pale blue eyes. All the toms think she is so beautiful. She has a sweet smelling scent and a soft voice. Silversong always wanted to be a medicine cat but she wanted to be a queen with wonderful kits. She always had a crush on Swiftwind(creamy golden tom) but she was always too shy to tell him. One day he confronted her and told her he wanted her to be his mate. She (of course) said yes and they had many kits together and lived happily ever after. THE END! - Embershine

Beautiful name and has a nice ring to it. A she-cat who's fur is silky grey and has pale blue, moonlit eyes.

Silverkit is a silver she-kit. She becomes a medicine cat, earning the name Silversong. For some reason I think of the suffix "song" as a medicine cat. - Spottedtail

550 Wolfstripe
551 Starlingfeather

I feel like this one was too long. Other than that, though, not bad.

This is a name. - Spottedtail

Beautiful name, very imaginative and creative, well done, gorgeous name. Thank you -- FallenLeaves

This is absolutely lovely! It's so pretty and creative! :D

552 Wormcat

Seriously? This isn't even funny anymore.

Tallstar's real warrior name

I know where you got this name from, Tallstar's revenge. Disrespectful name. don't use up space of this website with such an awful name, be ashamed -- FallenLeaves

Uh... Lets not use worm... And cat should not be at the end of the name! Honestly if you read the warrior books, this name is really bad! Sorry to be mean but its true!
~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

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553 Silverfire

A headstrong silver feline who faced danger as though nothing could stand in her way. Heroic and remembered, although didn't make it to leader. Possibly a deputy.

A black she-cat with one white paw. A white moon on her forehead. Able to control fire and the night(and storms) she is so powerful that when she stomps her paw it shocks who she wants it to shock. And when she steps a moon that fades to lightning goes under her paw. And eyes as bright as ice.(that's her in my opinion)

I think of a silver and white she cat with a orange star shape on the forehead.

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554 Rainfern

I imagine a light gray tabby she-cat with dark green eyes; A fantastic name!

Blueish cat with light green eyes - Embershine

555 Smokewing V 1 Comment
556 Jaycreek V 1 Comment
557 Cougarstep

They wouldn't know what a Cougar is, unless they lived in Vancouver, in which is full of Cougars x)

Warriors do know what a cougar is. It's just called Sharptooth instead of Cougar, So this name is Sharptoothstep.

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558 Shattersky

I feel like this person got this idea from the Book, Shattered Sky - lilydoestopten

I Think This Is A Pretty Name For A Pretty She-cat, But She Should Have A Bad Backstory. I Think Shattersky Should Be Long Haired White, Gray And Taupe. She Should Also Have Scars

Love. this. name. I also think she should have gotten scars when she was a kit, and it kinda shattered her.

559 Twigfur

I really like this name

Twigpaw's warrior name! - lilydoestopten

Uh... don't know if I really like Twigfur... um... dunno. Not really my cup of tea.

560 Leafnose

It sounds like a beautiful white medicine cat with brown ears and light green eyes.

A brown and white tabby medicine cat with a blue-gray leaf shape on her forehead.

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