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41 Mistycloud

I think of a grey she-cat with one green eye and one ice blue eye.

Beautiful long furred pale grey she-cat with a long flowing white tail

How can there be no comments?!

Name: Mistycloud

Role: warrior

Clan: SkyClan

Gender: she-cat

Mate: Shadedheart

Sons: Wetnose and Finchstar

Daughters: Poppyhaze

Apprentice: Silverpaw

Mentor: Stone-eye

Pelt: grey with lighter dapples

Eyes: blue

Mother: Rainwisker

Father: Weedclaw

Sisters: Heathermist and Smallstep

Brothers: none

Unusually small grey SkyClan warrior with long legs and tail. Fastest in her clan, loves hunting and border patrol but doesn't like fighting.

"Hush Finchkit! " Mistycloud hissed.

The three kits were playing warriors in a small, dusty clearing outside the cosy nursery.

"Why? " The brown tabby protested but couldn't finish because of the dark grey tom the was trotted towards them. Mistyclouds mate, Shadedheart. Shadedheart's steady dark gaze set on the mother and three kits before chucking a piece of fresh-kill at Mistycloud and turing to the warriors ...more

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42 Maplesong

Orange-brown she cat with white underbelly. One green eye one hazel. And is long legged. She thinks she is useless, but nope, very useful. Excellent hunting and fighting skills. Very loyal warrior. Surprisingly attractive and is sweet and kind, but rough and tough when fighting. She is very silent and agile

A cute orange brown she cat with black speckles on her chest tail underbelly and black at the tip of the ears with a gray eye and a dark brown eye too is the runt of her litter later on in her life. She left her clan to be a loner and Met many friends along the she died of old age and went to star clan with her fallen friends and family

Beautiful she-cat with white tips and feather-like orange/brown fur (the color of maple tree leaves during leaf-fall) she has a beautiful voice and is one of the most loved queens of the Clan.

This name is so original! It really reminds me of Crookedjaw's mentor, Mapleshade (Yes, I am reading Crookedstar's Promise right now). I picture in my mind that he/she could be ThunderClan or WindClan. Just not in ShadowClan because the name, Maplesong doesn't sound evil. But I adore this name!

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43 Stonedust

Silver tabby tom with gray eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

This sounds more of a ancient place then a name

An old, ancient elder that is gray. - Spottedtail

Dark gray tom with blue eyes.
Mother: Moonfrost
Father: Pinedust
Sister: Silvermoon
Brothers: Pebblepelt, Boulderfur, Rockclaw, Mountaintail
Mate: Ambershine
Daughters: Larkmist, Doveflight, Lilyshade
Sons: Dustbreeze, Fenneltail

Stonedust was bullied by his brothers. Silvermoon, his only sister, comforts him and defends him. But Silvermoon dies quickly after becoming a warrior. Stonedust realizes that Ambershine is defending him now, and they become mates. They later have five kits. Stonedust's brothers threaten him, saying that when one of them becomes leader, they will kill him. But Stonedust is prophecied to save the Clan, and Mintstar appoints him deputy. He later becomes leader, and makes Ambershine deputy. His brothers try to kill him, but his kits come just in time to save him. Stonestar feels upset for them.

"Stonekit, I told you, you need to catch it! " Boulderkit hissed. "You're no better at hunting than a mouse! "
"You'll never become ...more

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44 Flamingstride

That is one daunting name. Won't want to meet them in battle. Also, people, this cat could be a tom.

It sounds like she's racing through the forest, burning with determination.

She is a ULTRA MEGA powerful she-cat leader who is an orangey yellow red color. Her paws are on fire ALL the time but it doesn't bother her

In real life, I'm a girl but you freaks need to not be so feminist! All cats are femal now, huh? Argh. This cat sounds like a tom, and for StarClan's sake, maybe it is one! - KayleeKicklighter

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45 Morningmist

This name is amazing! It reminds me of when I was young and woke up early just to watch the morning mist drift through the air. It just sounds so peaceful and beautiful to hear.

Morningmist is a real name in code of the clans

Morningmist is so very beautiful!

I Love it! - Spottedtail

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46 Streamline

Lol streamline is the position that you do underwater kicks in for swimming. I would never be able to get past that.

I get that streamline is a swim term but wouldn't cat's not know what lines are?

A white cat with a blue gray strip on it's back, and blue eyes. (Male or female)


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47 Applepelt

I'm not really sure how I feel about this name it does not make any sense

Apple can be a name

Erin Hunter also made Appledusk. I'm still pondering over that one... Is it supposed to be dusk that looks like apples? And do cats even know what apples are?

I don't really like the prefix 'apple' - Spottedtail

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48 Autumnfall

Wow I think this is one of the best names by far... I would picture a dark red and ginger is Tom with orange stripes and flecks of yellow and white down his back his tail is black and orange he has Amber eyes and he is loyal brave humble and kind he has lots of friends and favors by all cats from all clans he is a social butterfly (although one flaw is warrior cats call autumn leaf fall and so they don't know what autumn is other than that it is great! ) - WolfClawWarriorCats

I like this name, but it wouldn't really make sense, because they don't call the seasons by their proper names.

This name is very interesting most likely I would picture this cat having this name. I would describe this cat as beautiful.

I actually thought of this name a long time ago, and made an OC with it. Later on I noticed that it's strange because cats don't call seasons by their real names, so I renamed him Maplefall, lol. - Emil

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49 Oakstorm

I agree with the last comment. It sounds like Crookedstar's name before his mother changed it and Oakheart (Crookedstar's brother) combined. Awesome!

Russet tabby tom and green eyes with a limp from a falling oak branch in the middle of a lightning storm. - Jaystar

Reminds me of Crookedstar's first name before his mother changed it, Stormkit, and his brother Oakheart mixed together to make Oakstorm! - CloudchaseOfThunderclan

Black tom with gray eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

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50 Fallenangel

So... What this name is suggesting is that a cat fell from StarClan and renamed itself Fallenangel? How do cats even know what angels are? Who would want to be named after falling from the sky anyways? Unrealistic name peoples.

Umm...Seriously? How the heck would a Clan cat know what an angel is!?

No. Just no. Cats do NOT know what angels are.


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51 Brightfrost

I think it could be a real she-cat, one with pure white fur and icy blue eyes. Realistic, is it not?

A white she-cat with ginger tinted fur and dark blue eyes and ginger spots under her eyes and long fur

I find the Erin's interesting because 9/10 of the times a white cat with blue eyes is deaf

Doesn't make sense, but nice name. Very pretty.

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52 Wolfclaw

Silvery gray Maine Coon tom with dark stripes and fierce green eyes.

I like this a lot!

Awesome dudes like dark gray tabby Tom with jet black stripes with amber eyes fierce and loyal shadowclan warrior

Black, white and cream tortoiseshell she-cat with sky colored eyes and long claws her mother is a black and brown striped tabby with sky colored eyes and her father is a white and cream tortoiseshell with dark green eyes her Littermates names are Leopardkit Pinekit Maplekit and Brackenkit.She is a loyal Skyclan warrior who rarely loses a battle, after her apprentice moons she falls for a warrior named Lionfang and she has 2 kits Squirrelkit and Cloudkit later she becomes deputy and when Nettlestar dies she becomes leader and after 9 lives she goes to Starclan

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53 Honeysplash

Brave and kind Golden she cat with cool blue eyes, becomes deputy but refuses saying that she does not deserve it and becomes the hero of River Clan

Pale ginger oriental shorthair she-cat with grey eyes and a white front paw. Very loyal and has three kits.

Short white she-cat with very pale ginger and cream tabby patches, short tail and creamy amber eyes

That sounds so beautiful!

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54 Clearpool

Spottedtail, your version of this cat is a Mary Sue. Where's the character flaws? - KayleeKicklighter

I love this name very much. can I use it?

I really like this name! In my opinion, it sounds like a dark grey she-cat/tom who was blind at birth. He/she is an only kit in the litter. Their mother, a rogue, brought him/her to live in Windclan with their father. When they became a warrior they left for Thunderclan with their love. Their mate found another in Thunderclan, and one dusk Clearpool found them. His/her best friend and his/her mate. After that, they ran back to Windclan and became deputy. They died in a flood.

Clearkit... Silvery Maine coon cat

Wolfkit and Frostkit were normal kits. They tried to hunt, and practiced being the best warrior ever. But Clearkit was different. She would watch the medicine cat, in a shadowy corner. Sometimes, she would reach out a paw and ask, "What is this? " The medicine cat would reply, saying "That's alder bark." or "This is celandine, used to treat eye injuries." The medicine cat never minded. When Clearkit became Clearpaw, she asked to be a medicine cat. The leader agreed. On her very first visit to the moonpool, she had a prophecy. "Fear will take over the lake, and tooth and claw will rise." She later found out about her brothers evil plan, as he was Wolfclaw. There was also Icetooth, and they were trying to take over, but she saved the forest, and they died, and were sent to the place of no stars. Clearpaw earned her name of Clearpool because of her connection with StarClan. She later took an illegal mate. (Emberstorm) And died in kit ...more - Spottedtail

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55 Creamheart

A brown colored she-cat who has a cream colored heart marking were her heart is, the heart almost looks like it was stitched on (because it was by a shadow clan warrior using a thorn and some vines) and blood drips down from it. She was a leader, but sadly she died shortly after getting back to her clan when when got the stitched heart

I like it! I imagine a brown she-cat with a creamy personality (very calm but vicious and evil inside). When she was a kit she dreamed of being deputy. Soon after she was chosen deputy and then leader. As a leader she became bloodthirsty and slaughtered her clan and 2 others. She was then sent to the Dark Forest.

This is such a beautiful name! I love it! I imagine a glossy calm and gentle elegant cream she-cat with three brown paws and bright blue eyes

Cream she-cat with tabby patches. - IcetailofWishClan

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56 Robinflight

A calico she-cat like her mother, great heart with a blue and an amber eye

I really like this name and the description suits her

I just love I meam love 5he suffix flight description-pale ginger she cat with lovely blue eyes

I love this name, it's not a Mary-she like some of these cats COUGH *feathermist* COUGH.
I imagine her as a long furred dark ginger she cat with a white dash on her chest, white tipped ears and white spots under her eyes. Her eyes are a threatening shade of yellow with amber flecks, giving an unsettling chill to outsiders. A loyal Windclan warrior. I think she would behave like yellowfang. Sharp-tongued and feisty but
warm hearted and loving. She would be an outstanding fighter, using her sharp wits to outsmart enemies but her hunting skills would be lacking. She spends life as a regular warrior, until she falls in love with Stagleap. A tall brown tom with dark brown flecks. He is sarcastic and humorous and some could say he's a big flirt. but it's not as simple as that. Another she cat, Harespring is also after Stagleap, who is fed up of Robinflight following him around and just wants to finally become mates with the cat he truly loves, Harespring. He eventually has kits with ...more

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57 Lemonheart

Like it but...Lemon?

Makes me think of a cold, half-hearted she-cat.

A yellow she cat that is sassy and rude, she has piercing green eyes (like mint! )

cool name

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58 Goldstorm

Err... Interesting name choice. Just sounds a little fascinating for the cats to name it Goldstorm because like they'd have to be full of energy and power, like Whitestorm and no one can beat whitestorm.

This name totally suits a fast cat, not saying like it is a super power, and it's pelt should be a golden yellow, realistic golden yellow, and sounds a tad bit like a deputy to me for some reason.

I picture a muscular golden brown tabby tom, maybe slightly like Brackenfur but bigger with greyish blue eyes. Maybe he becomes deputy but is killed in battle because Goldstar just doesn't sound good.

A tornado of gold :3

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59 Roseshade

I picture a pale ginger she-cat with dark amber-orange eyes with a hint of hazel. She is a bit clumsy because of her short tail, but is very optimistic and enthusiastic. Kind of acts like when Cinderpelt was a warrior apprentice..

So cute! I imagine it being, like being Spottedleaf, but a creamy soft colored tortoiseshell instead of a brown, dark colored one with bright green eyes. She's be shy, kind, beautiful, and likable.

So pretty I think of her as a tortoiseshell with amber eyes

Honestly the prefix rose has always sounded good in my mind I imagine her as a red furred she cat with darker tipped fur and blue eyes her kits are Frostkit Redkit and Sorrelkit.

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60 Beetlepounce

Imagine very large beetles bouncing around with *boing* sound effects

He likes to pounce on beetles. I see him as black with Amber eyes. Should be a deputy

Beetlepounce- A black Tom with glossy fur that reflects in moonlight with a white belly and blue eyes and large ears. Young, recently became a warrior. The prefix "Beetle" came from the beetle shell he played with. Sweet and caring, yet has slight anxiety and can be hyper. He is good at hunting, and that's why his suffix is "Pounce". His mate, Heronsky, is a white sleek shecat with two black stripes from her nose to her tail tip. at least, this is what I think


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