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581 Lilyshine

I very pretty dawn colored she-cat with elegant white paws and chest with beautiful blue eyes

Love the name!

582 Shadecloud V 1 Comment
583 Pheasantwing

Unique and pretty. Maybe a Light brown dappled shecat with amber eyes and white legs

So pretty

584 Streamriver

Don't listen to those people on their high horses. This name is awesome

Get a rip and lighten up, you haters

What a cool name!

Meant 'grip'

V 2 Comments
585 Emberheart

I picture her as a white long-hair she-cat with amber eyes. She's a queen of RainbowClan...I think...but is a great name for a queen

586 Sandstreak

Very pale ginger she cat with tan underbelly and blue eyes -fawnfur

Sorry but sand streak is really dark ginger and a tan streak to the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail -fawnfur

This is amazing! So using this! ❤️

587 Willowmist

Silvery blue gray she cat with gray green eyes

Silvery blue gray she car with gray green eyes

I imagine that she is a grey-blue (or blue grey) tabby she-cat.


588 Gingerfrost

It sounds so cool! I imagine a ginger cat, but not tabby, with a white muzzle, chest, belly, paws and tail tip, and frost-blue eyes!


Ewww Gingerfrost farted. New name: Gingerfart

Gingerfrost is the main character in my fanfiction 😹😹😹

V 3 Comments
589 PatterOfFallingStones

I know it's a tribe name but I'd thought I'd put it out there

This name can be part of a tribe name. Even though its not really a warrior name... But good job on the tribe name!

This could totally be a tribe name! "Patter Of Falling Stones.." Totally could see it! - lilydoestopten

like it - Warriorcatsfandom

V 13 Comments
590 Seasonpaws

You haven't read warriors have you?

Medicine cats can't be leader

They don't know what seasons are x3

Maybe change this to Seasonsplash or Seasonfall and you got yourself an epic name

V 5 Comments
591 Leafshine

I love this name! I think of a light brown tabby she cat and white with blue eyes. She is a riverclan medicine cat apprentice but changes to become a warrior apprentice, though she missed the smell of all the herbs and the satisfaction of healing a clan mate, she became one of the most talented fighters in the whole clan.

Ooh. I really like this! It makes me think of a sleek bright ginger tabby cat... With leaf green eyes and white paws!

Love it! Sounds like a cream she cat with brown stripes and yellow-orange eyes.

592 DreamWishes

Sounds like a she-cat with one purple eye and one blue eye, white fur with blue and white patches, one blue ear and one purple ear, and a heart shape on her forehead (one half is purple, one half is blue) She doesn't really have any flaws, because flaws are bad things to give to characters. Wait, what was that? Characters need flaws? Okay, well, she's clumsy, but in a cute way, and she is too nice and too beautiful. Oh, and she has magical powers and she has to defeat the evil leader who has taken over her clan, Evilstar. Oh, and Evilstar also destroyed her whole family and the only reason she survived was because she is the chosen one. Also, Evilstar was blinded by her beautifulness. Did I mention that she is the fastest, smartest, strongest, most beautiful cat inall the clans and has angel wings that sprout out of her back on command? But her life is so horrible because eight toms love her and she wanted purple angel wings instead of blue ones.

This sounds like what would happen if Disney bought Warriors.

This is like if Disney bought Warrior Cats, just no

What the...
Seriously? DreamWishes?!?!?
This is the stupidest name on the lists and I've crossed Topazgleam, Jadewhisker, Rosecresent, EVILSTAR, Diamondpool, which are so dumb. And your cat if it's even qualified as a " cat " is a total Mary Sue CATS can't BE PURPLE DUMMY

V 13 Comments
593 Lilyfoot

I would appreciate if you stopped hating on this name. This website isn't for insecure meanies who want other people to feel bad. Lilyfoot is a great name. It's pretty, unlike your attitudes.

Actually, the prefix Lily- refers to a white cat, and the suffix -foot refers to a fast cat. So it's not actually that ridiculous, it's just a fast cat with a white pelt. - NightWillows


"Well, theirs one name theirs one name that can soot you now. Lilyfoot"

"That is the worse name every! "

"Nice talking to you Lilyfoot! Now I am going to talk to Stormface about the rain that is getting into his eyes. BYE! "

Nice. Sounds like a small shy brown she cat with soft Amber eyes

V 6 Comments
594 Sandfoot

I like it. Makes me think of Sandstorm

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595 Dawnheart

Sounds like a pretty creamy white she cat with white patches who's a med in wind clan and has a mate from thunderclan. Is shy, quick and stealthy.

596 Dewspring

Very good name

Nice and sweet!

Reminds me of a hot spring I once went to... amazing. - AuraLightstorm

Love it!

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597 Littlesplash
598 Oakfur

Oakfur sounds like a Tom that's part of nature and would be spotted brown and white with a deep scar over his muzzle from a fight and would look a bit skinny and weak but he's a strong team leader and tough but kind hearted with Fierce but soft pale Green mixed with Yellow eyes. A total sweet heart towards his clan mates but not his enemies.

He would be part of windclan.

Sounds like Oakheart's kit - 1000unicorns

Not creative. No offense.

He was in ShadowClan in Omen of the Stars - Frogjaw1996

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599 Wolfflare
600 Ravengaze

This is Ravenpaw's Warrior name. 'enough said

For people that say this would be Ravenpaw's warrior name it isn't the authors say it would've been Ravenwing

:( horrible! - Clayheart

I love this name, (or any name with Raven as the preffix). I have OCs named Ravendusk, Ravensky(Ravenstar), Ravenneart, and I'll probably make more with Raven as a preffix. Ths name is beautiful and I should be higher on the list (especially because there are names such as Buttclaw, Sexyfur, Autumnleaf, and Paintedheart) It's funny how Paintedheart was my OC from when I was smol. -AmethystFøxQueen

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