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581 Dawnpuddle V 1 Comment
582 Willowfrost

I think of a white and gray patched she-cat with icy blue eyes. - Embershine

A silvery-gray tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes. She is rather sweet and caring, but can be fierce in battle and combat. She is tiny, but her claws and fangs are very sharp. That's what I think when I posted her.

583 Thrushsong

This name seams to be a more natural name. It also looks like it would be more common to a cat clan.

A nice name, the prefix ''thrush'' has not been really used yet. I think of maybe a grey or light brown tabby with a long bushy tail. Maybe you could use the suffix ''feather'' if a shecat.

584 Hollygaze

I think of this cat as a slender cream colored cat, with big stunning blue eyes.

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585 Ferntail

I like it, sounds like a light gray she cat with green eyes and a dark gray striped tail, kind and caring maybe medicine cat

586 Goldenberry

This is a nice name, it almost sounds like it is a she-cat with a white pelt and beautiful golden amber eyes

It's a cute name, almost sounds like it would be a white golden dappeld she-cat

587 Shineblaze
588 Firedust

Kinda like it, but it's basically just ash

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589 Poppypetal

Poppypetal is a dark ginger she cat with pale green eyes, ( fluffy coat). She had three kits, Whitekitpawtail, Leopardkitpawleap, and Stormkitpaw (died of green cough). She lives long enough to become an elder.

Poppypetal sounds like a shy ginger she-cat with green eyes. She lives in Shadowclan and her mate is Windfire. She has two kits, Foxkit and Sorrelkit.

590 Brightdawn

Brightdawn is a pale ginger she cat with rosy gold creamy stripes, and white muzzle. Her eyes are bright and sparkly green. She is shy but protective.

591 Snowflight

Snowflight is a pure white she cat with Amber eyes, and strong haunches. She mated with Blackfeather, and had two kits: Finchkitpawwing, and Duskkitpawpelt. She was killed by a Windclan warrior.

592 Thorntail

Brown and pale tom with shining brass amber eyes. He has broad shoulders, which makes him have a muscular build. He is calm and gentle, never likes war, even though he lives the life of a warrior. Many warriors question why his name has "thorn" in it, because Thorn is normally used as a sarcastic, eager personality. Some of the warriors have concluded that it was because of his chest fur, which stick up and part, like a rough, swirling current. But it was really because of his father, Brackenthorn, who had died bravely saving Rosefoot and her kit Thorntail. In a battle, he always stands guard of the camp, never really wanting to go out on the bloody battlefield. His mate is Smallpetal and his kits are Whisperbreeze, Lindenpaw, and Mallowpool. Lindenpaw was the bravest of them all, he had saved the clan leader from a rouge (What happened was like how Willowpelt died, except it was a rouge instead of a badger). Thorntail grieved for his lost son, and apprentice. He was hoping ...more


A black tabby tom with brown tabby stripes on his tail and Hazel eyes.
His mate is Mapledusk (Gray she-cat with some ginger on her face.)
He has one daughter Duskbreeze (Very dark gray almost black she-cat with hazel eyes.)
He is also very kind. - Jaywinglover

593 Hawkblaze

A she cat related to Sasha who looks frighteningly like Hawkfrost. Her clanmates bully her a lot and she is warrior, She has green eyes instead of blue and is quite shy

594 Mothbreeze

Great name! It sounds so pretty and delicate!

As a kit she almost died because she was too small and her mother had 5 other kits so she didn't get enough milk. her mother then died because of too much pressure and her father(sparrowtail) was devastated. mothkit and her siblings(pebblekit beekit swiftkit mintkit and beechkit) were all sent to different queens. a kind queen named lightlily took her in. lightlily had two kits already called larchkit and stripekit.

as an apprentice she was given to runningwillow and was genraly quite quiet. she did as she was told and was quite to the point where some thought she was mute although she chatted quite a lot to stripepaw. mothpaw became a warrior cat just 12 moons old due to listening all the time and never being naughty

mothpaw then became mothbreeze and fell in love with stripepelt. she became a queen and then was delighted when she had three kits(poppykit grasskit and rowankit) she died when greencough hit riverclan and there was only enough for one cat left and she and ...more

595 Cloudfoot

This sounds like a real warrior cat name, something uncommon but realistic at the same time, I love it!

A kinda curly furred tom and he's like really a neat freak about his paws that's why they are always whote

A strong, Swift, and clever tom in Thunderclan.
He is dark brown with black stripes and has distinctive white paws.
Mother is a medicine cat named Silverstorm and father is the deputy, Foxtail.
Has no kits or mate. One sibling named Sunstream: a pale ginger she-cat with a fluffy tail. - Rainsilver

596 Spottedsplash

I like SpottedSplash because it's just Good.

I made up this name, and I've always loved it <3 I imagine a confident, funny, sarcastic she-cat warrior in Riverclan. She is a dappled silver she-cat with green eyes and unusual dark silver spots (Silver leopard fur basically ;3) She is the current deputy for Riverclan. She has no kits but her mate is Owlflight, a brown tabby tom. - Rainsilver

597 Readropofgoldensun

What? I don't get it. This is stupid. - Embershine

Err what


I imagine a cat with golden wings and has 23057275 mates and has rainbow fur and is swag and loves to eat chicken and do ballet and be fancy and be like "! I AM A CATZ! "

wut is wrong with me

~ Goldenbreeze :D

598 Fartear

Please stop making stuff like this. - Embershine

Just stop! This is so ANNOYING! - Spottedtail

Amazing name

This name is Starclan and above.

599 Swanwing
600 Sundrownplaceheart

Actually, now I kind of like it, to be honest. - IcetailofWishClan

I don't know its pretty original but a bit long?

This is a troll isn't it

Too long. - IcetailofWishClan

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