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641 Brokenshadow

This is a name! - Spottedtail

Fallen Leaves mother - Frogjaw1996

Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

This is a name I have used for my warriors fan-fiction! I feel as if she is daughter of Tigerstar and Leopardstar. She has a sister, Moonleaf. She is all black except for her brown stripes. She has red eyes. She gets exiled from RiverClan for killing her mentor, Amberlake. She goes to ShadowClan, kills Leopardstar and Tigerstar, becomes leader of ShadowClan and brings all Clans to form BrokenClan. Thanks! - Brokenshadow2004

642 Hollythorn

Black she-cat with a huge orange patch on her face, she has bold green eyes.

A kind ginger tom with emerald eyes - Frostcloud

643 Dewleap

Gray she-cat with white spots and amber eyes.

644 Grayfeather

Gray tabby tom with amber eyes. He has white paws.

645 Hazelshade

A brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest - Spottedtail

Hazelkit was born in a litter of six, but she wasnt the runt. Her large paws managed to suffocate one of her sisters Mintkit when she was climbing on her to find milk. Her mother Sweetthistle was furious and ashamed, and cast her from her litter. She refused to let her feed, and Hazelkit grew hungry and mad. Luckily Lavenderfall, another she-cat queen, allowed her to nurse from her. She grew to love Lavenderfall, but when her mother accidently startled Lavenderfall and causing her to drown, Hazelpaw's anger grew. Her brute mentor Icepelt trained her with his skills from the dark forest, and soon later she was named Hazelshade for her 'shady' history. Her mother pretended she didn't exist and that her four other kits(the fifth caught greencough) were clearly superior. Hazelshade caught greencough and brought it to her sister Lilydove, who later died. Sweetthistle was on the point of madness and attempted to kill her. But, the clans cast her out. Hazelshade, as expected, was furious ...more

646 Eagletalon
647 Silverfang

Beautiful. A fierce she-cat that is silver and very pretty. - Spottedtail

648 Brokenlight

She is a gray she-cat previously named Graywing but she got stabbed in the eye by a thorn bush. She was renamed Brokenlight for her blind eye. She mates with Cloudstar and has three kits, plus an adopted one. - Embershine

649 Snowflame
650 Blueleaf

Blue she-cat with green eyes. Very pretty. - Embershine

When I saw it first, I read it as 'Beef'

651 Leafspring
652 Sorrelflame

This is a very pretty tortoiseshell and red she-cat - Embershine

She is a reddish tabby with white speckles on her tail and beautiful amber eyes.Her mother was Leaftail and her fathr was a kitypet who became a warrior after Sorrelkit(Sorelflame) was born.She has two mates ~Brakenshine and Shadowflame(both from WindClan)

653 Stonepath

Stonepath is a gray cat with a awkwarldy big heart.His details is dark speckles of a darker shade of gray he also has longwhiskers and tail

654 Owltuft
655 Clovershine

I picture a Silver tabby she cat with light green eyes I don't know a good story

656 Spiderlight

A young black she-cat. - Feaather

Hmm I imagine Spiderlight as an all black she cat with a white muzzle and dark cream belly. She is from ThunderClan and her love choice would most likely be Lionblaze. She is very loyal and would die for her clanmates.because of this she becomes deputy and she feels like Lionblaze deserves it much more then her. Now she has fallen in love with him and is jealous of Cinderheart. Even though she knows she would never win Lionblaze over,she goes to confess her love one day on a hunting patrol with him.heres what happend... “Hey Lionblaze can I talk to you real quick? ” Lionblaze padded over to her. “Of course, whats up? ” She met his gaze. Her belly burned like fire.”i have something to tell you...” “okay” Lionblaze replied. “Lionblaze...I love you... more then any cat in the forest,”Lionblaze’s eyes widened. “I never knew that”. Lol so pretty much Lionblaze just wants to stay friends and continues to be with Cinderheart and now Spiderlight is happy for them and ...more

657 Strongclaw

Alright, for a kit to be born more muscular than the most powerful warriors in the clan isn't at all realistic, and kind of horrific. In medical history (I've done research since I read the reasoning down below) there has never been births of kittens or pups, where they are born muscular to the level you speak of or even at all. The only disease possible is a nerve-muscle-disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. It's a disorder that is congenital and familial. It can also be acquired (not inherited, but present later in life/after birth), but as with other autoimmune diseases, it requires the appropriate genetic background for the disease to occur. A kit WOULD NEVER be born with the opposite of this, it isn't possible, and I think you should do research before giving an absurd reasoning for a cat that could never be born with the prefix of Strong.

Aw you stole my friends mary sue

Strongkit was born to be a bodybuilder. Literally. He came out more muscular than even the most powerful warriors in the clan. Don't ask why.

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658 Boulderwreck

I'm gonna wreck it!

It sounds like Lostface


Stop posting bad names please! this is supposed to help us make names! - rippedface

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659 Thistleleaf

Fluffy grey and white she-cat with dark green eyes.

660 Iceleaf

A reserved she-cat with a snowy pelt and pale green eyes.

A lonely silver blue she cat with very light blue eyes and mates a kind tom named Cinderblaze

It's an interesting cat to think about, howver I think Snowyleaf, or Iceshade would be more smooth, overall, great cat to visualize as a whole! Good Job

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