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661 Blazetail

Big ginger tom with blue eyes and a white tail tip.


662 Venomfang

Venomfang is a bright ginger tom with silver mackerel tabby markings. His eyes are deep-set, yellow-orange in color. He has a sharp tongue and is always in some sort of trouble for talking back.


Sly she-cat. Maybe black.

Is this a snake adopted by a cat?

I think Venomfang is a black she-cat with dark blue eyes (kind of like Heathertail's eyecolor). She has five siblings: Flamefur, Raincloud, Ivyleaf, Feathermist, and Nightsilver. (I may have taken Feathermist from number 1 on the list... heheh). So she has a sharp tongue like Jayfeathahhh and gotz the stuff to do and she later dies of a rat bite because rats hate her because she killed the rat bfff lol I'm weird. - Rosepelt/star, Ivyfrost/star, Swiftshadow, Nightsilver, and crazy person

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663 Hawkfire

This was my WarriorCat Name from the official website's quiz, you can understand why I added it. Go Hawkfire!

Nice. Sounds like a brownish-ginger tom with white chest and blazing ginger-golden paws, and light green eyes. He sounds kind of evil or ambitious, but loyal to his Clan. Or so we thought...! -Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

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664 Blueberry

I just ate blueberries... - lilydoestopten

She must be small

*cries* Beautiful... Just... Beautiful

It's a good name for a kittypet. but not a warrior.

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665 Silverwing

I imagine Silverwing as a stunning silvery tabby she-cat with a white chest and deep blue eyes. She is from the mountains and originally named Silver, but was renamed Silverwing when she joined ThunderClan. She was the 4th in the prophecy, and was mates with Lionblaze (after Cinderheart died) She sacrificed her life for her clan, killing both herself and Tigerstar's spirit for the final time.

I think this is a pretty name. Kudos to whoever thought of this!

I love this name! Sounds like a silver beautiful she-cat with blue eyes possibly from Riverclan... Also that name reminds me of snow and frost!

666 Goldenheart

I don't think a cat can talk in a southern accent...

Hey, I have an OC with the same name! She has golden fur and amber eyes. She also has a small touch of a Southern accent. Her brother is Clawheart. Her parents are unknown. She and her brother used to be loners, but after helping the Clans through trouble, they were accepted into WindClan. Her mate is Leaftail. Their kit is Honeyfern, who is not a recairnation.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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667 Silverlightning

I think more or GoldenLightnight though...
But he is a sleek silver tabby kinda colored like silver stream, but he has a scar across his face and a torn ear, he is feared in battle kinda like TigerStar. He was a bully and he angered a queen so much that she sliced a deep gash across his face as a kit. He was hated as an apprentice and the leader, lava star couldn't find a mentor for him so she did and that's how he was an excellent fighter. His battle cry was a lions roar. He was as big as a fox when fully grown, and was a hero when he killed a wolf in the heart of his camp (couldn't think of a clan)

I made this one up for my warriors beyblade crossover on! I was going to go with Silverstep, but then thought of THIS!

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668 Sparklestep

SO STUPID YET COOL I don't know *dies* good name but also bad name wait no I don't know

I got this name after a line in Bluestar's Prophecy: Mosskit walked across the clearing, her steps sending up sparks.

This sounds so pretty! A white or silver she-cat with blue eyes and soft paws

669 Paledew

I like this name a lot. It sounds really good and flows nicely. It's the perfect amout of realness and Mary-sue.

Its unique,cool, and perfect. maybe a pale dappled cat with blue/hazel-grey eyes

670 Willowleaf

Gorgeous name this would be my name if I were a warrior cat. Brown tabby with white front toes white hind socks patch on tail and a white belly muzzle and left eye(blue eyes).

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671 Tawnyfawn

I mean, it's catchy.



love it! - greenacres

Sounds like a light brown she-cat with pretty golden eyes. ( I'm commenting on everything ) ~ Cloudstar of MistClan

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672 Silverbreeze

Wait, scratch that. Actually, she's a total pale silver she-cat with ripples down her back that are even lighter. Her eyes are dark blue. But, she has a deformed paw. She is treated badly at first, but then turns out to save her clan once or twice. She is a savior that is determined, but can be a little sarcastic and stubborn to others. And, the person who wrote 'how can a breeze be silver', well, if a breeze had color, wouldn't silver fit best. Just adding to MY character.

I made this version, so she is silver-blue with blue flecks down her back. She has pale blue eyes, and she is brave, affectionate, and swift like the breeze.

Hey I made this before it was here! Anyway my version of Silverbreeze is a silver tabby she cat with black stripes and a long narrow face


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673 Softrose

I love this name! I don't know why no one commented on it! It is so pretty! I picture her as a light brown and black tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes eyes and a white muzzle. She is kind and quiet, and is an introvert.

I love this name! a light brown and black tabby she-cat (maybe tom) with cream markings on her underbelly/neck/face and ambery-green eyes?

Very creative! I see the appeal to this name and it could perfectly match with a cat or strength and good heart. Awesome name as a whole!

674 Willowfur

That was my first warrior cat!

Hmm, Sounds like a 19 moons old she-cat. White calico. Emerald green eyes. Bushy tail with little fuzzy curl on forehead. Thunderclan. Gotta love her. - willowfur123

675 Ravenblaze

Please stop commenting about Ravenpaw! Ravenpaw doesn't WANT a warrior name, he is happy being Ravenpaw, so stop saying poor him! Besides, Ravenblaze is his or her own cat, and it's unfair that they're being compared to a completely different character. - Warriorcatsfandom

Wow last time I saw this I was in the 300's and that was like a week ago... I agree with all the comments here... one of the best name I read on here... It deserves higher

Poor ravenpaw he has no warrior name but if he did I would chose this one for all his courage and bravery I know erin hunter explained that he doesn't need one but still... I LOVE YOU RAVENPAW

-Cloudshine of MistClan

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676 Crimsonpelt

Woah the image in my head right now... I imagine a dark ginger tom with a long black tail and rusty-brown paws. He is prickly when you first meet him or oppose a threat on him, but after a while of knowing him he's actually just a big teddy bear. Although Crimson isn't the best prefix, I can see him as a proud deputy.

A bright red rouge cat Crimson was welcomed into dawn clan after saving storm paw a almost warrior made apprentice from a flood. She got her warrior name Crimsonpelt and storm paw got his name of storm whisker and they became mates and had 3 kits red kit stone kit and bramble kit. (They were all she cats)

Wow, I imagine a dark red-brown powerful tom that is feared by most cats outside of his clan, but he's really a sweetheart and cares about his mate and two kits very much. A good strong name for a deputy

Crimson is a very underrated Prefix and I'm so glad you used it! However, with such an amazing Prefix of Crimson, using pelt as the Suffix is a it of a let down. I would suggest using Crimsonheart or Crimsonfire, those two names seem to flow easier and give the cat much more character.

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677 Featherfall

Make me think about feathertail falling

Loooveee it it's so graceful! I can imagine a gray she cat with orange patches of fur with yellow eyes-Shadowmist

678 Raindapple

I actually came up with this name independently, but I wasn't the first to add it. Anyways, I love it it's beautiful.

So beautiful. What would Raindapple look like? - Moonblaze

I came up with this name once, and it's one of my OC's. I think the name is really pretty and makes a lot of sense. - Roseclaw

It's so flowing! A lot like Rainflow :)
- Hiddenglow of EmberClan

679 Luckypaw

Warrior name could be Luckyheart?

That's my daughters name (in rp)

love it

The smallest kit in the litter and last to be named. She was named Luckykit after this happened. One day the small kitten raced out of the thunderclan camp and into the thick green forest beyond. padding through the brush she found a small stream and began to splash and play. soon she heard a growl behind her. Five huge, black tom cats circled her. One by one they each took turns sinking their teeth into her fur. soon the pain was too much. the tiny kit collapsed and closed her eyes. half a moon later she woke up in the medicine den. Cornface was rubbing a thick green slimy leaf on one of her bite marks. The her mother raced in. " Oh my little kit! " Her mother cried, nosing her. " Never leave me like that again! I have found a name for you, finally, y little Luckykit. Welcome home! "

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680 Frostbite

On a snowy day, Frostbite runs off. So her parents goes looking for her. They split up. then the father shouts: "I HAVE FROSTBITE! Then the mother yells: "Get the medicine cat! " The the father says: "No. I found our daughter! Frostbite!

On a wet cold day, a unnamed cat sat on top of steep hill looking for patrols. Frost grew on the cat's fur. A patrol attacked him from behind but missed for he camouflaged with the melting snow with his frost covered fur. His fangs dug into the cats, quickly defeating them. He leaves one to give him a warrior name. The cat stuttered," F-Frostbite"

It doesn't make sense, frostbite is actually a thing.

Can't stop laughing at that comment!

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