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661 Strongclaw

Alright, for a kit to be born more muscular than the most powerful warriors in the clan isn't at all realistic, and kind of horrific. In medical history (I've done research since I read the reasoning down below) there has never been births of kittens or pups, where they are born muscular to the level you speak of or even at all. The only disease possible is a nerve-muscle-disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. It's a disorder that is congenital and familial. It can also be acquired (not inherited, but present later in life/after birth), but as with other autoimmune diseases, it requires the appropriate genetic background for the disease to occur. A kit WOULD NEVER be born with the opposite of this, it isn't possible, and I think you should do research before giving an absurd reasoning for a cat that could never be born with the prefix of Strong.

Aw you stole my friends mary sue

Strongkit was born to be a bodybuilder. Literally. He came out more muscular than even the most powerful warriors in the clan. Don't ask why.

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662 Boulderwreck

I'm gonna wreck it!

It sounds like Lostface


Stop posting bad names please! this is supposed to help us make names! - rippedface

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663 Thistleleaf

Fluffy grey and white she-cat with dark green eyes.

664 Iceleaf

A reserved she-cat with a snowy pelt and pale green eyes.

A lonely silver blue she cat with very light blue eyes and mates a kind tom named Cinderblaze

It's an interesting cat to think about, howver I think Snowyleaf, or Iceshade would be more smooth, overall, great cat to visualize as a whole! Good Job

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665 Dustflame

Very good sounding name. I like it. (;

It doesn't really blend together

The prefix and suffix don't compliment eachother, this sounds more like a shipname than a cat. I can easily see this being a ship of Dustpelt and Flametail

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666 Flameclaw

Ginger tom with unusually long claws (like Tigerstar).

It's a bit overused in the warriors community, such as Wolfstorm is, though I do see the effort. To make it more original I'd use something under used like Flareclaw, an even better name would be Flarelight or Flarestorm.

667 Snowcloud

Pretty dappled she-cat with pale blue eyes and fluffy tail - Lionblaze99

Wow snowcloud? I think the name is sooo good it is like a cloud that is made out of... well snow that would be cool to see in real life!

My oc cat's best friend is named Snowcloud. She is a white she cat with hazel eyes.

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668 Ivyfeather

Such a beautiful name, good for a med cat!

Your so funny I wish we could meet in really life! so we can type long comments together

Ivy paws warrior name than deputy ivy claw then leader ivy star

Oh. My. StarClan.
On Instagram I'm @IvyStar_FeatherClan
and... I never looked at this when I started my clan or anything, but...
IvyStar's warrior name before she was made leader was IvyFeather.
*Love it! *

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669 Thornwhisker

He was named for his thorn-sharp whiskers?

Had anyone thought of the name Thornscratch?

Thornscratch is a great name, somebody should put it on the list
on a more related note, thornwhisker is a good name to. golden-brown tabby tom with ambery-green eyes, in my opinion

670 Sunheart

I think the name Sunheart would be good for a cat that is small, a she cat, tabby, dark stripes, grey, dark green eyes but that is strong and burns like the sun INSIDE the prefix 'heart' get it? LOL and that has a burning passion and inner strength. If I wrote a Warriors story she would be the main protagonist sunheart360

Golden-furred tom with amber eyes.


I have an OC called Sunblaze...

671 Oceanmist

They do know what the ocean is, but they don't know what it is called. They refer to it as the Sun-Drown-Place. Which to me makes no sense, as they know what the lake is called when they first see it.

This is my friend's name on Animal Jam

A light, very light, blue-gray she-cat with azure eyes. She is the sister of Seabreeze.

I like it very unique.

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672 Mosstail

Just stop cussing all cats and cat fans can create there own name and be proud of it. Mosstail! Mosstail!

Such a pretty name!

A slow ass cat who is so slow moss is able to grow on his ass

oops, I said it

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673 Mistflower

I think of a white cat with brown dots, with a rose in front of its ear. ( gender: female)

Beautiful! I'm using this in a fanfic and she's a silvery blue medicine cat.

I made up this name one a roleplay...weird who ever,are this name knows exactly what cool names are

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674 Icetail

A light gray she cat who is very shy with silver eyes and a silver tip on her tail

A white or silver she-cat

This is a little bit about my main OC:

A silver tabby she-cat with green eyes and a pale belly.

Clan: WishClan
Father: Meadownose
Mother: Silverdawn
Brother(s): Stormleaf, Spiderfox
Mate: Snailnose
Daughter(s): Tawnypaw
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice(s): Hailflight
Age: 41 moons
Mentor: Yellowfur - IcetailofWishClan

675 Stonefang

Grey tom with long, curved fangs and amber eyes.

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676 Grasstooth

This is a beautiful name; I can see the cat now. A dark brown tabby tom with long, stringy fur, yellow, hooked canines, and pale but friendly green eyes. A defensive tom but warms up easily to new cats; sometimes overreacts and begins arguments, but never means serious harm.

Skinny grey tabby she-cat with green eyes and slightly protruding teeth.

This is a terrible name I hate grass for both the presufix and sufix

677 Starlingflight

This is a great name! I picture a brown tabby cat with a spotted underbelly and a white spot on its paw, maybe blue/green eyes?

Graceful brown she-cat speckled with black, amber eyes. An excellent tree climber.

Starlingflight is a name in warriors

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678 Mudear

Sorry whats my name? I can't hear with this mud in my ears...

I don't like this name simply because it sounds like a nonsense word then addressing someone. Mu-dear

Wasn't there an elder in the first few books named Mudear?


This is a meh name.

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679 Fernstem

Such an unusual&pretty name

A light brown she-cat, with green eyes, and one black paw.

I really like it

680 Tallflower

Long-legged tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes.

What has toilet butt got to do with anything?

I like tall star, this is an awesome name

Large calico she-cat with green eyes

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