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661 Falconbreeze
662 Frostfeather

This name sounds so awesome I can't believe erin hunter didn't use it!

White she-caf with silver dapples and frosty blue eyes

*She-cat sorry

A very pretty she-cat with a w hite pelt with silvery leopard tabby markings. A delicate face, large ears, icy blue eyes, and neat paws.

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663 Icefrost

A pretty good name, but I feel like it could be a little less repetitive. Ice basically is frost after all.

664 Snowfire

This is an epic sounding name! Maybe a ginger tom with white legs and a white tail with blue/amber eyes

I like the sound.
I think of a white tom-cat with one eye green, the other blue, a grey ear and medium long fur. - Pierrycherrylady

Sounds amazing!
I think of a white she cat with ginger paws and tail tip.

Well...the Suffix of fire doesn't go with Snow, they're complete opposites and it sounds like an odd oxymoron of a name. I would suggest Snowtrail (like a trail of fire, yet snow) or Snowlight (in reference to the light of the fire.)

It doesn't need to make sense, snow could be for a white pelt (since mother's name kits at birth) and fire could be for a fiery, hot-tempered personality. Therefore, the suffix fire could totally go with snow. - Warriorcatsfandom

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665 Maybellington V 3 Comments
666 Dewclaw

Hey! Stop stealing my names! First you steal my fur baby and then my cute strong guy!

This is actually a really common name. I thought of this once myself, and I didn't even post it, so no one is stealing your names! - Warriorcatsfandom

I imagen a drop of dew on a kittens claw. Its such a beautiful name and I also imagen a silver she-cat with dark grey stripes and deep blue eyes.

667 DoveCloud
668 Slientwhisper

A mute black and sliver tabby tom.

Don't worry to much about it it's dumb and makes no sense: a whisper is a very faint noise, Silent is no sound at all...oh whoever added this slient is actually silent

Don't descriminate people just because they thought of the same name of you that's not fair


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669 Emberspark

I LOVE THIS NAME! ITS AWESOME! I picture a black she cat with orange and red and colors like that specks.

I should have named Emberpaw from my fanfic this! But she turned out as Emberdusk.

670 Ashtalon
671 Wolfheart Wolfheart

Awesome name! I don't see why it's at 607, though...

I think this name sounds cool. He/she would probably be a dark gray cat with a lighter gray underbelly. Wolfheart would be handsome, bold, and respected by his clanmates.

A bit generic but overall pretty good - xChrysanthx

I love this name!

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672 Icefeather

Nice name. I think of a white cat with a mottled back. - Embershine

I don't know why, but I just love this name!

Big great handsome grey Tom with Icey blue eyes

673 Blossomsong

This is nice. Sounds like a creamy colored she-cat with amber eyes. - Embershine

I LOVE THIS! - Spottedtail

674 Firewing

So screw me if you think this name sucks. But I think it's awesome because it makes a cat sound fast and dangerous.

This is a slender ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

I have this name as my main character in my book that I wrote before I saw this... It was mine and I claim it!

This name reminds me of a Phoenix.

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675 Nightsky
676 Lightningbreath

This is a joke right? No matter what, no leader would ever name an apprentice with this warrior name, it would seem like a cruel and unusual punishment

He brushes his teeth with thunder so his breath feels like lightning

I love the name is he from thunder clan?

He's A DRAGON OMGGG! This is just no, this will be insulting to the cat and make the cat be made fun of. Cruel. this disgusts me.

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677 Skyfall

I always think of Skyfall by Adele whenever I hear this name...

Like it. Sounds so peaceful and beautiful.. But on top 758? What.

I actually made this when I was making a warrior cat series of my own

Love the name! :3

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678 Meadowsong

I made this name up. I thought it flowed smoothly and was really nice. I am already using it for something but I guess it's ok if people use it. I just am not fond of posting names on the Internet that I make up because I'm afraid people will steal my ideas. - Kittensarecute

I'm stealing it mwahahaa

Yep I'm stealing it! no one CAN STOP ME! HAHHAHAAHHAHA...ha...ha (someone end me)

679 Ravencall V 1 Comment
680 Stormsong

It sounds like a dark ashy gray she cat with one dark icy blue eye, and firey amber eye with long thick fur. The daughter of a leader/deputy possibly. Hidden past, with a dark and deadly secret.

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