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681 Blazestar

That's my sister's OC's name: A ginger tom with lighter orange tabby pattern, green eyes, and white paws. He was formerly a loner/stray but joined WindClan when his mother was taken in with Twolegs and his father was slaughtered by rogues. His two brothers, Bravo and Beacon (same appearance), often visit him but decide not to join Clan life.

(Kind of a Firestar knock off I know. But, this is my sister... You can't hold this against me! )

I picture a strong, fiercely loyal, powerful she-cat leader with a vibrant ginger pelt and bright green eyes. Maybe one white paw. I see this name as a ThunderClan or ShadowClan name for some reason

What that's my mates name, opps I wasn't suppose to say that


682 Dawnmist

Creme-gray she-cat with a hard life

There is a cat called Dawn Mist. - IcetailofWishClan

Yep yep and yep

Correct IcetailofWishClan - Frogjaw1996

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683 Silverstorm

My favorite! This was the name of my original character! - Stormver101

In my story that I wrote, Silver storm is my daughter and her sister was Ocean feather.


Awesome name! I love it, my friend thought of it to! in streamclan

LOVE IT! - Spottedtail

684 Mapleleaf

Cool! This is the name of my medicine cat! This is an awesome name, best for a medicine cat

Why does it feel like this name is in the books? Maybe I'm just thinking of mapleshade

I like it! I like the name Mapleshade, even though she's evil, and I've been trying to think up an replacement ever scince! Now people won't think I'm evil! - Spottedtail

A handsome dark honey colored tom with a white left ear and white tail. Mapleleaf is the quiet and observant medicine cat for Windclan - Rainsilver

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685 Stardapple

Maybe she/he is from a different clan where they don't add Star to the end of the name when they become leader.

Stardapple. Good name. But what if this cat becomes leader?

This can never be a name. No hate, though. I like it.

Do you people know a thing about warriors? A queen could never name her kit starkit

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686 Willowpool

I imagine a sleek gray river clan she cat with either green or blue eyes

Gorgeous name!

I LOVE THIS NAME! - Spottedtail

687 Thunderfur

I love this name so much :3 I made it up. She is a whit she-cat with blue paws tip of tail and ears with a scar accros her shoulder that looks like thunder.Also with blue eyes :3

Umm... Scars can't look like thunder. Thunder is not a shape. LIGHTNING is a shape. So (s) he has a scar the shape of lightning on her shoulder?


A kit lost his mother when she was kitting... his father names him Thunderkit, to give him the strength he needs, the strength of that clan... works well in OC's, when you make up your own clan. I have a bundle of clans, and the lake clans are near legends, so it would make sense for a father or mother to name their kit after Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan or Thunderclan, to give them strength, just as Leopardstar was named after Leopardclan (Crookedstar's Promise)

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688 Ironwing

Cats don't know what iron is

I think it's pretty

Feral cats would not know what iron is.



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689 Serpentshadow

A tall, lean-bodied tomcat with a sleek, kempt coating of glossy ebony hairs. Large ears sit atop an elegantly structured cranium, that slopes into a defined and noble snout. Eyes are almond-shaped and of a piercing amber-golden coloring. He has a long, tapered tail that rolls off an elongated spine, with slender, strong limbs protruding from a robust torso. He has an elusive air to his character, due to a quiet, reticent nature, but a fierce loyalty to be respected and acknowledged.

(( I used to have a role-play character named just this, and that was his description Cx

Named after a book "The Serpents Shadow"

Clan cats don't know about serpents and I am glad they don't! Imagine a book where a huge green monster comes up out of the lake and eats an apprentice! -Silversky

Clever name. maybe a tall black/gray/brown tom with amber or green eyes

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690 Flamecloud

Something about it sounds cool...

Flame and fire sounds too cool.
Cloud, like Cloudtail is cool, fluffy cute and white! Flamecloud! Flamecloud!

Rainstar, Leader of rainbowclan

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691 Volcanostrike

I like it, don't get me wrong but do cats know what a volcano is?

Have cats seen a volcano? If you throw it in there yes

I'm pretty sure Clan Cats don't know what a Volcano is

I don't think warrior cats have ever seen a volcano

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692 Blazetail

Big ginger tom with blue eyes and a white tail tip.


693 Venomfang

Venomfang is a bright ginger tom with silver mackerel tabby markings. His eyes are deep-set, yellow-orange in color. He has a sharp tongue and is always in some sort of trouble for talking back.


Sly she-cat. Maybe black.

Is this a snake adopted by a cat?

I think Venomfang is a black she-cat with dark blue eyes (kind of like Heathertail's eyecolor). She has five siblings: Flamefur, Raincloud, Ivyleaf, Feathermist, and Nightsilver. (I may have taken Feathermist from number 1 on the list... heheh). So she has a sharp tongue like Jayfeathahhh and gotz the stuff to do and she later dies of a rat bite because rats hate her because she killed the rat bfff lol I'm weird. - Rosepelt/star, Ivyfrost/star, Swiftshadow, Nightsilver, and crazy person

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694 Hawkfire

This was my WarriorCat Name from the official website's quiz, you can understand why I added it. Go Hawkfire!

Nice. Sounds like a brownish-ginger tom with white chest and blazing ginger-golden paws, and light green eyes. He sounds kind of evil or ambitious, but loyal to his Clan. Or so we thought...! -Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

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695 Blazeheart

Love this name, why is it way down here?!

Flame-pelted ginger tom.

A calico tom with dark lake blue eyes. His brother falconclaw, a mottled light brown tom, was deputy. Blazeheart and silverpelt mate and have 4 kits, daisymoon, a silver and gray she-cat, with dark indigo eyes, bluelake, a calico tom with green-blue eyes, cherryheart, a dark brown she-cat with a white muzzle Windblossom, a golden she-cat with silver patches. ~Windblossom

696 Blueberry

I just ate blueberries... - lilydoestopten

She must be small

*cries* Beautiful... Just... Beautiful

It's a good name for a kittypet. but not a warrior.

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697 Silverwing

I imagine Silverwing as a stunning silvery tabby she-cat with a white chest and deep blue eyes. She is from the mountains and originally named Silver, but was renamed Silverwing when she joined ThunderClan. She was the 4th in the prophecy, and was mates with Lionblaze (after Cinderheart died) She sacrificed her life for her clan, killing both herself and Tigerstar's spirit for the final time.

I think this is a pretty name. Kudos to whoever thought of this!

I love this name! Sounds like a silver beautiful she-cat with blue eyes possibly from Riverclan... Also that name reminds me of snow and frost!

698 Goldenheart

I don't think a cat can talk in a southern accent...

Hey, I have an OC with the same name! She has golden fur and amber eyes. She also has a small touch of a Southern accent. Her brother is Clawheart. Her parents are unknown. She and her brother used to be loners, but after helping the Clans through trouble, they were accepted into WindClan. Her mate is Leaftail. Their kit is Honeyfern, who is not a recairnation.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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699 Silverlightning

I think more or GoldenLightnight though...
But he is a sleek silver tabby kinda colored like silver stream, but he has a scar across his face and a torn ear, he is feared in battle kinda like TigerStar. He was a bully and he angered a queen so much that she sliced a deep gash across his face as a kit. He was hated as an apprentice and the leader, lava star couldn't find a mentor for him so she did and that's how he was an excellent fighter. His battle cry was a lions roar. He was as big as a fox when fully grown, and was a hero when he killed a wolf in the heart of his camp (couldn't think of a clan)

I made this one up for my warriors beyblade crossover on! I was going to go with Silverstep, but then thought of THIS!

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700 Sparklestep

SO STUPID YET COOL I don't know *dies* good name but also bad name wait no I don't know

I got this name after a line in Bluestar's Prophecy: Mosskit walked across the clearing, her steps sending up sparks.

This sounds so pretty! A white or silver she-cat with blue eyes and soft paws

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