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721 Frostflight
722 Petalfrost V 1 Comment
723 Stargleam

Blue she cat with blue eyes

Please be mai mat starglm -every tom ever - Emberleap

724 Emberheart

I picture her as a white long-hair she-cat with amber eyes. She's a queen of RainbowClan...I think...but is a great name for a queen

725 Sandstreak

Very pale ginger she cat with tan underbelly and blue eyes -fawnfur

Sorry but sand streak is really dark ginger and a tan streak to the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail -fawnfur

726 Cloudswirl

Sounds like the name of an Ice Cream flavor.

I think this would be a muscular dark gray tom with odd white swirls and patterns in his fur and dark green eyes. He has no mate or kits but he has a crush on Roselight, the clan medicine cat - Rainsilver

727 Honeylark

I imagine a light brown tabby she-cat with splotches of white on her fur, with a tail that is white at the tip. She has very vibrant green eyes, and is loved by all who meet her not only for her great beauty, but also for her calm sweet and trustworthy character!

Sweet name, light yellow she cat or tom with white paws and white spot on eye, light green or hazel eyes

728 Leaffall

I love this name, even though it is a season! - Spottedtail

Sounds too much like the season

What* that has nothing I do with this name!

Donald Trump is racist.

729 Featherbreeze

Orange she-cat with black stripes and white flecks

730 Fogfang

Fogfang sounds to me like a real warrior cat. Fluffyfur honestly sounds like a kittypet.

731 Willowwing

Willowwing is my main character! She is pure white with pale gray flecks and one blue eye and one green eye. She is badass when it comes to battle, and ver swift and agile. She is very affectionate toward her clan, and is often calm.


732 PatterOfFallingStones

I know it's a tribe name but I'd thought I'd put it out there

This name can be part of a tribe name. Even though its not really a warrior name... But good job on the tribe name!

This could totally be a tribe name! "Patter Of Falling Stones.." Totally could see it! - lilydoestopten

Totally could be a Tribe Name! Good Job on that part! - lilydoestopten

V 12 Comments
733 Tanglepaw

This name exists already

I made a tanglepaw/claw

I really like it

Clearstar, your such a hater. Go away!

V 5 Comments
734 Frostcloud

This is a really pretty and Icy Name!

V 2 Comments
735 Spirtpaws

What the... My leader use to be Spiritpaw...

-Crystalheart deputy of Earthclan

I like it, but I think the suffix should be changed to Spiritflight, Spiritdawn, Spiritmist, or possibly even Spiritblaze. But then you still have the problem of the prefix not being allowed

V 3 Comments
736 Magickit

That is so stupid... I'm sorry but it is true I hate names like that what is the kit a wizard or something!

I came 4 warriors, not harry potter!

Lol Magickit. Quick disclaimer - nice name, yet keep the kit and replace magic... - lilydoestopten

Really? - IcetailofWishClan

V 11 Comments
737 Jasperclaw

Jasper isn't a material that has been introduced to the warriors of the lake or in their universe, natural jasper is rarely ever above ground and/or exposed and if cats discovered it, they would never say "Oh hey guys, look, Jasper! " it's not a word known to them, they would consider is a multicolored stone. HOWEVER, I see your reasoning for originality and I appropriate and respect that greatly, I do, however, rather than say Jasper, maybe use something like Brightclaw (in reference to the vibrant colors on a jasper gemstone) or something of that caliber.

I imagine Jasperclaw as a brown fluffy tom. Possibly a med cat, possibly just a warrior.

I used to have a cat named Jasper but Jasperclaw? Doesn't make sense

Okay, jasper is a people name. Not a cat name

V 3 Comments
738 Spottedpool

T's like spotted leaf and leaf pool mixed! Its really pretty

Spottedleaf show me the way!

V 1 Comment
739 LeopardPelt

I see a cream colored tom/she-cat with black spots - Love the name! - 1000unicorns

V 1 Comment
740 Fernsky V 4 Comments
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