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721 Goldenshower

Wow Goldenshower is a beautiful name. Yet, it doesn't really fit well. Golden and Shower... - lilydoestopten

I do not like this name for one reason - and that is what "Golden Shower" represents in BDSM.

A Riverclan she-cat with beautiful golden fur that glistens like a light shower

�� Cats don't know what SHOWERS ARE!

722 EchoSong

A large, strong, and intimidating tom, but kind and gentle to his clan mates and very playful with kits.

"A quiet tom that got his name when he was an apprentice and he was caught singing. His clan mates often look down on him, they think he is childish and not ready to be a warrior."

How do toms have she-cat prefixes AND suffixes?

They're cats, they don't care whether it sounds feminine or masculine. - Warriorcatsfandom

Real name why don't you go with some thing else instead like echostep

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723 Coldshadow

A jet black she cat with a white tail tip and icy blue eyes. She is cold and distant despite her beauty.

Love the description

A gray-almost black Shadowclan tom.

724 Ivyleaf V 1 Comment
725 BlueBlaze

Cool! I love it!

LOVE IT! - Spottedtail

726 Foxtail

Reddish tom with pale ginger tail tip and dark amber eyes. - AirfrostOfJayClan

White she-cat with orange tail. - Embershine

Foxtail, a fluffy, dark ginger WindClan tom-cat with deep blue eyes and an extremely bushy tail.

I used this.

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727 Icepelt
728 Creekfeather

A slender medicine cat, with light, tan fur with grey markings that looks blue in the daylight. Her story.. That's the best part about Creekfeather. She has a head for herbs and healing. She is very kind and loving she-cat, but sticks closely to the medicine cat code. She even found a new herb source. The herb looked like it had dust all over it. She called it Dusty Leaf, and it was very helpful with stomach and neck wounds, and other could-be-dead-from wounds.

He already exists. - IcetailofWishClan

Exists already.

Oh my gawd, I have to make a cat with CREEK in it :OOO - lilydoestopten

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729 Silverfrost

I imagine a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws

Same name as my character. Silver she-cat with night black markings. Mate is Robinheart. She had an extreme life (she does still live though). Her sister died in the river, trying to impress her father but drowning while they were kits. Her best friend and sister, Shimmerpaw and Runningpaw, were in love with WindClan cats they had met while mysteriously transferred out of the camp, who they are at war against. She has special powers that she can't control that can wreak havoc or give help to her Clan based on her emotions. She and her many littermates were part of a prophecy. But their story is over, moved on to Silverfrost's kits. Riverpaw, Starpaw, and Leopardpaw, named after her drowned sister.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Take a look at my username, Silverfroststorm. My friends and I were playing Warriors, and I chose this as a medicine cat name. These childhood memories of playing Warriors with my friends have led me to create all of my accounts with Silverfroststorm (Silverfrost was already taken). So I added storm.

If you see Silverfroststorm in any website, it's probably me! I'm on Animal Jam, Fandom, Story Wars, Kahoot, Quizlet, you name it! - Silverfroststorm

I made up this name but it was already here when I came to add it. Anyway, this is Silverfrost's story:

Silverfrost is born to Willowfall and Pineshade very shortly after ThunderClan's leader and Willowfall's mother, Silverstar, dies. Now, Willowfall didn't know this, and neither did any other cat in the clan, but Pineshade was very cruel, but not necessarily evil. When Willowfall looks at her two she-kits after they were born, she names the silver tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, paws, tail-tip, underbelly, and ice-blue eyes Silverkit, after her mother Silverstar who had just drowned by falling through the ice on the lake. She names her other daughter, a brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, Twigkit, because her pelt looks like a bunch of twigs. One day, while the kits are playing, the cause rocks to tumble down the ravine wall. Silverkit gets hit in the head by one of these rocks and is knocked out. Another rock falls on Twigkit's tail, breaking it. The medicine cat, ...more

730 Sparrowsong

I love this name, it should be number 1!

She is a brown medicine cat, she is from thunderclan!

731 Silversplash

This name sounds elegant and pretty! It sounds like a name for Silversteam's kit (if she didn't die! )!

That's my oc name

732 Moonmist

A Dark She Cat With Grey Paws And Piercing Blue Eyes

Beautiful sounds like my cat except without grey paws

733 Briarfrost

A tan she-cat with energetic eyes... a black she-cat with sharp claws... a white tom with thorns and scars across his back... the possibilities are endless, and it's such a nice name!

Sounds like the ice cream brand Briar and then frost

734 Frostlily

Amazing! I can imagine: A young white medicine cat with ice blue eyes. Her mentors are Jaysong and Lynxfur. She is always willing to help her Clanmates, even if it means breaking the Warrior code. - Swiftshadow of FlowerClan

735 Blackstripe

I See A All Black Tom But The Patterns In His Fur is Light Gray And he Has A White Chest And Underbelly.He Has Firm,Strong Crimson-red eye's.

736 Oakblaze
737 Snowshadow

White she-cat with mismatched green and blue eyes, and as she got older, her paws, ears and tail turned black.

This character was one of mine and her mates name is duskshine in my fanfic

738 Maplestream

Just made it up. My favorite cat is Mapleshade and it seems like a cool name I think. Don't JUDGE ME!

It's ok I really like this name

739 Ambersplash

I think she would be a dark ginger she cat, with light amber splotches and white paws. She would be shy without cats she knows but with friends, she is really fun! by the way, I LOVE this name! - PaintedWolves

Awesome name should be in top ten

740 SnowSong V 1 Comment
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