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761 Jasperclaw

Jasper isn't a material that has been introduced to the warriors of the lake or in their universe, natural jasper is rarely ever above ground and/or exposed and if cats discovered it, they would never say "Oh hey guys, look, Jasper! " it's not a word known to them, they would consider is a multicolored stone. HOWEVER, I see your reasoning for originality and I appropriate and respect that greatly, I do, however, rather than say Jasper, maybe use something like Brightclaw (in reference to the vibrant colors on a jasper gemstone) or something of that caliber.

I imagine Jasperclaw as a brown fluffy tom. Possibly a med cat, possibly just a warrior.

I used to have a cat named Jasper but Jasperclaw? Doesn't make sense

Okay, jasper is a people name. Not a cat name

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762 Spottedpool

T's like spotted leaf and leaf pool mixed! Its really pretty

Spottedleaf show me the way!

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763 LeopardPelt

I see a cream colored tom/she-cat with black spots - Love the name! - 1000unicorns

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764 Fernsky V 4 Comments
765 Shadowpelt

Good, but I like my warrior cat names to be complex, this seems a bit too dull, just my opinion. Nothing agasint the name or it's creator

Ooookay...the guy before me has enough feedback in his for both of us...NEXT

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766 Mossfire

Wow I love it maybe if moss kit had lived this would be her warrior name

I really like this name it could actually work in the warrior world

It's not a Mary Sue name

This is a code of the clans cat she died a SAD death I HATE you jumpfoot

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767 Speedstar

So, this leader is super speedy? or super stupid?...I have never heard of "Speedy" being in any name...

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768 Blazingheart

I LOVE this name it reminds me of a ginger and orange tabby she-cat with green eyes like Squirrelflight

I actually like this one! I was looking through these for a nickname, and this one stuck out to me!

I love it! The suffix Blazing- is unique but it sounds very brave and warrior-like. I imagine a golden tom with fiery ginger paws and lightning-yellow eyes. He would be the brave, helpful, kindhearted deputy, and one day become Blazingstar...-Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

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769 Sapphirepelt

I sounds cool but really a blue pelt? She should have a grayish blueish pelt and bright blue eyes

Cool name, although I don't think cats know about sapphires - 1000unicorns

I blueish gray she cat with green eyes

Kind of reminds me of Bluestar

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770 Willowdust

I love this name :) I imagine a White she-cat with dusty grey paws and light grey eyes.

Pretty! I think of a silver shecat with light brown tabby markings with light brown paws/legs

Willow dust sound pretty. maybe a white she-cat with amber eyes and silver paws. I wonder if any one would put my warrior name on here.

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771 Brightleaf

A tan she-cat with forest green eyes, a fierce warrior

I can see her having kits and being a queen

White she-cat with ginger patches and green eyes. To whom ever made this name up, I congratulate you! Keep up the great names - Skyheart of Willowclan

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772 Rainstorm

To you two people getting mad that this name is already in the books, CHILL! Names in the series itself have been repeated. Just because names are similar doesn't mean it's the same cat. Jeez. And to that one guy who said that people like this get them mad, calm DOWN I doubt your perfect either.

I like it! I'm imagining a blue-grey tom from either ThunderClan or RiverClan.

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773 Poppyleaf

Tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes.

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774 Honeystream

I love it. Makes me think of a light ginger she-cat with amber eyes

It sounds delicious: Like a giant stream of honey... *mouth waters*- Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

LOVE it a golden brown she-cat with an amber gaze and sharp tounge! Clearstar

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775 Sliverclaw

Sliverclaw? Did you mean Silverclaw?

WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE! this name is awesome a small feirce silver she - cat with mighty claws! Clearstar

I agree with Clearstar! This is a really cool name maybe for a strong ferocious white she cat with silver paws and dark orange eyes! She would be a great fighter! - Fuzzyhead of RiverClan

This name is awesome! My character's mate's brother
~ Rosepaw

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776 Wolfears V 1 Comment
777 Lightningspark

I like this name I could be a golden tom/she-cat and can run really fast if this cat ran past you it would look like lighting flushing pasted you.

Cool name! I think of a white/golden tabby tom, probably very fast

Good name for a golden fast tabby tom

778 Amethystfur V 1 Comment
779 Feathersplash

Blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes, a long, plumy tail and a splash of white on her chest.

Sounds a bit like Feathertail, good name

780 Dawnheart

Sounds like a pretty creamy white she cat with white patches who's a med in wind clan and has a mate from thunderclan. Is shy, quick and stealthy.

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