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61 Icetooth

Bright Frost's brother maybe? A pale gray tom with one tooth poking out of his mouth and amber eyes

Sounds fierce. Haters gonna hate, I love this name.

Dope name man, I really like this one

He is in my book. He is a plain white tom with dark brown and green eyes. Family:
Brothers:Blizzardkit, Snowkit(both dead)
His siblings died from greencough. - Embershine

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62 Crimsonflame

I made this myself, and I pay no attention to the haters out there. So there's no point in saying anything bad about this awesome name!

Haters gonna hate. I don't agree with this being the most beautiful name in the whole series. Crimson is apparently a red color, which can "incline to purple" according to Wikipedia. There will never be such thing as a purple cat. Flame just kind of pushes the name's luck.

Lovely name, I'm imagining a striking ginger Bengal with one dark stripe running down his back and piercing green eyes.

Beautiful name! This is what I imagine... Ginger tabby tom with a white underbelly, legs & paws with a white spot on his left ear. He has amber eyes with short, dense fur. Crimsonflame loves to explore the territories, and sometimes sneaks out of camp! Though his white and ginger markings don't blend in with the moor well... he is patient, quite and has a very strong mind isn't bent very easily. These quantities make him a natural born leader, though WindClan has failed to realize that, but one cat did... A RiverClan cat named Nightstream, who is the mother of Crimsonflame's two kits, Winterfoot and Darkpool.

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63 Emberstorm

I'd think of her as a black she-cat with calico stripes and a long fluffy tail that in the wind blows around like a tornado. I'm not sure if cats know what tornadoes are, but whatever

This name is amazing! Makes me think of a courageous, confident, out-going tom.

Emberstorm! I love it! It would belong to a black tom with golden paws and dapples and amber eyes

Dark gray tom with dark ginger paws. He was Leafpool and Crowfeather's son. - Spottedtail

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64 Pumastripe

I think it's a nice name, but warrior cats wouldn't know what a puma is. Still, it's a nice sounding name for a tom maybe

Pumas do not have stripes... therefore this makes no sense... BUT IT IS STILL AN AWESOME NAME!

Warrior cats do know what Pumas are because if they didn't they wouldn't know what leopards and tigers are ether yet there is a cat called leopardstar and a cat called tigerstar

Puma? Not gonna say anything

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65 Juniperfeather I like it.

Mottled pewter-and-dark-grey tom with icy blue or minty green eyes and white paws, chest, muzzle, and toes. A fast hunter, but a clumsy fighter. Loyal, brave, lean, and intellegent.

A tortoiseshell tom

It's okay.

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66 Leopardclaw

Really generic. That name has gone through my mind several times and has been dismissed as dumb.

My sister was playing warriors and she said "I'm going to be Leopardclaw! " and then when she jumped, she fell on her face. - Spottedtail

It reminds me of a leopard with very sharp claws! Got to love it!

Eh. It's okay to fill up the allegiances, but I don't think people would want to read about Leopardclaw because the name is rather generic, so people think the character is generic. Some better main character names would be: Leopardspot, Leopardstorm, Leopardwing

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67 Smoketail

Still, smoketail is an awesome name! it sounds like a smoky gray tom with long fur and a fluffy tail, and frosty blue eyes

I think of a gray she cat with a black tip on her tail I love it

Hey! I made this name before I saw this!

Not exactly the best name but I some what like it

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68 Lemonbreeze

People are so rude these days don't take notice. Whoever made this it's not bad it's actually quite good. (but warrior cats don't know what a lemon is or they would probably use it for herbs)

I think that this name sounds like the scent of faint lemon blowing through the breeze. Over all, I think it's a beautiful name.

I love it! Maybe a queen?

Pale lemon yellow and white she-cat with misty light blue eyes?

I know that the Warrior Cats don't know what lemons are, but I still like this name! I can imagine her as sibling to Silverpoppy. She is jealous of her sister when she becomes mates with Redstorm. Then, a loner named Jasper joins the Clan and takes the name Hawktalon, and both Lemonbreeze and Silverpoppy want to be his mate. They argue and fight all the time, and Hawktalon is always breaking them apart. But in the end, Hawktalon becomes mates with a cat named Leafberry, and they are both heartbroken. Redstorm forgives Silverpoppy and they become mates again, and Lemonbreeze makes up with Silverpoppy, getting her own mate named Thrushwing. :) - Swiftshadow

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69 Brightfur

Solid ginger she-cat with white paws, chest and tail tip with pretty pale green eyes

Its nice. Reminds me of a cat that has fur that almost glows.

Not every cat has an amazingly unique name...

Nice and simple. I like names like that. It also makes sense. A*cough cough unlike feather cough mist cough cough* - Spottedtail

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70 Violetwing

Please do not yell by using capitals. There are probably thousands of Warriors fans out there who thought of Violetwing, just they didn't announce it everywhere because they don't know about these lists. Anyway- you can NOT claim the name. Violetwing is a name that goes by the Warriors standards, and that would make it like you're claiming that you've made up Warriors. Don't make this a copyright issue.

I picture this as a medic cat that's really pretty name by the way

Sounds really pretty!

So cool.

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71 Skystream

So beautiful! When I hear this name I think of a pale blue-gray she-cat with very pale blue eyes

A cat in warriors was named Sunfall (Bluestar's Prophecy) so therefore, it's okay to use the word "Sun" in warrior names

This is a really good name

You can name cats with sun and moon like Moonflower, and like somebody said Sunfall, and Halfmoon!

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72 Patchfoot

I like it. I imagine a grey tom with a patch of white on his front left foot that goes up a little on his leg. He is loyal to his clan, RiverClan, and falls in love with a white and ginger she -cat named Gingersplash.

IT'S A NAME ALREADY! - Spottedtail

73 Silvercrest

A Crest is fur or feathers... Cats should know what that means because they have it all over their body's lol... I love it! You haters..

I love it it makes me think of Silverstream

It makes me think of Silverstream too.

Oooh! Love it! - Spottedtail

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74 Shellshine

Cool! I love the suffix shine, and I know it's weird, but I love she'll in a name too!

Reminds me of Shellheart

This doesn't really flow off the tongue, but it's a pretty name

It's kind of a thing for Pebbleshine. I mean shells are crushed then then turn into pebble shaped. Seriously it's a pretty name although it makes me think of Pebbleshine and Shellheart.

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75 Featherstorm

Sorry but this is already in the books.

When I saw FeatherStorm I thought of Feathertail and Stormfur combined and Raggedstar's and Scorchwind's mother Featherstorm

I'm pretty sure the Erins used Featherstorm as Raggedstars mother in Yellowfang's Secret, but it's a nice name!

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76 Rushheart

Share your opinions...

Cool name I love it!

Rushstorm would be awesome.

Love it -- Snowflame

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77 Mistbreeze

This deserves to be much Higher!

Really good name

Pale blue-grey shecat with silver wire markings and yellow eyes with a tint of green

WHY isn't this higher! And people thought Feathermist was good. - Spottedtail

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78 Larchstorm
79 Starstarstar

God, this is the fourth one! If you seriously can't think of a name worthy of being here and take time to think of one that will get you approval, then...
Oh, what the heck, this one made me crack up.
But seriously, it's, like, a rule that you can't name your kits' prefix "Kit" or "Paw" or "Star", so yeah. - IITigerKittyII

Starstarstar is the best cat on the whole planet! He has golden wings, rainbow eyes, David Beckham fur and like 300 mates.

He's also a communist but we don't talk about that.

The warrior code says not to name more than three words in a cat's name star star star is a weird name!

This reminds me of Moonkitti lmao

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80 Blossompelt

I think this is a really nice name! I imagine a pure white she-cat with a soft ginger patch under her left eye and 3 grey/silver spots under her right eye, and she always has a pink flower in the fur near her ears,by the way I think I may use this as my warrior name:3 thanks for all the suggestions

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