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781 Winterfrost

I'm using this in my story! She used to be in scourges group - Catsarah123

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782 Vixenfang
783 Morningdew

I imagine a grey tabby with dust-colored muzzle and ambery-yellow eyes

Pretty. White, sweet cat.

This is so cute

784 Lynxstep

It's very cool! Although the prefix, Lynx, is actually more overused then you would think.

Nice name (I'm not much for words)

What about Lynxheart, by the way who has gone this far into the list? - Roseclaw

785 wolftail

I made this already! My version is a: very very VERY dark grey she cat burning amber eyes and her tail faded all the way from dark grey to white and she has a very fluid tail and sleek fur of shadow clan

786 Leafheart
787 Dawnriver

Light brown almost caramel color she-cat with long glossy fur and deep blue eyes. Has pure white paws, chest, and tail tip. Calm and caring, mother of two kits, can be snappy and ill tempered at times but only when necessary.

Dawn River was a member of the ancient tribe from Long Shadows - Frogjaw1996

Cream colored she-cat with bright blue eyes

788 Katniss

She honestly seems like she'd be MockingJay a lot -puts on sunglasses- (sorry for the bad pun)

Don't write on here if your not serious

You all know why this is on the list.

I heart Hunger Games :P - lilydoestopten

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789 Sunflash

To whoever commented before be, -flash is the SUFFIX in this case, NOT the prefix.

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790 Hazemist
791 Fireblaze

Fire star and lion blaze

Oooh, I like this one. Looks like Firestar in the ultimate guide, and is a strong and firey warrior

Fireblaze is a ginger tom with piercing yellow eyes. His mate is my OC's daughter, Saberstar. They have no kits yet.
Fireblaze was in many battles. The biggest battle he ever faced was against LeafClan. Luckily, they defeated them. Unluckily, they killed Saberstar's first life; she had to rest for a day in her nest. Fireblaze heard many stories of Lionblaze and Leafstar, which were his two favorite ancestors.

792 Batwing
793 Badgerstripe

I gave my cat with name! A large black tom with a white underbelly and a white stripe along his back and a little in between his face.

I think cats would stay away from this one. The name is fit for a cat. Do you even read warriors? BADGERS ARE THERE ENEMY! THEY EAT CATS AND KITS! 😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

794 Swiftstar

Swift paw swift law then swiftstar

Wasn't this the LepardClan leader? - Frogjaw1996

795 Feathersnow
796 Goldenshower

Wow Goldenshower is a beautiful name. Yet, it doesn't really fit well. Golden and Shower... - lilydoestopten

I do not like this name for one reason - and that is what "Golden Shower" represents in BDSM.

A Riverclan she-cat with beautiful golden fur that glistens like a light shower

�� Cats don't know what SHOWERS ARE!

797 EchoSong

A large, strong, and intimidating tom, but kind and gentle to his clan mates and very playful with kits.

"A quiet tom that got his name when he was an apprentice and he was caught singing. His clan mates often look down on him, they think he is childish and not ready to be a warrior."

How do toms have she-cat prefixes AND suffixes?

They're cats, they don't care whether it sounds feminine or masculine. - Warriorcatsfandom

SkyClan Med Cat right? - Frogjaw1996

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798 Coldshadow

A jet black she cat with a white tail tip and icy blue eyes. She is cold and distant despite her beauty.

Love the description

A gray-almost black Shadowclan tom.

799 Ivyleaf V 1 Comment
800 BlueBlaze

Cool! I love it!

LOVE IT! - Spottedtail

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