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801 Webtail

Silvery-grey tom with dark amber eyes and a long tail.

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802 Echoshatter

Its awesome, I like it. I think a silver-and-black- tabby with blue eyes and maybe be disfigured like Brightheart to go with shatter

Long-furred grey she-cat with blue eyes that have a broken, shattered look.

Awesome name, silver tom with grey shard-like spots

Shatter? :/

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803 Mapledusk

Mapledusk sounds like a tragic cat with a lot of losses. I fell bad for Mapleshade.

This name sounds so sad! I love tragic stories! And that's why I like warriors!

Pretty good ship name if I do say so myself hehehe otherwise a great name

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804 Cougarstar

It's reminds me of a little shrunken cougar

805 Whispershade

Love it, I can imagine a gray tabby tom

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806 Snowdrift

White med cat tom

I like this name! I imagine a white fluffy tom. Snowdrift's a fierce fighter and a great hunter in leaf-bare snows. He has a thing for being a mentor. His first apprentice was Tornpaw, now Tornapple. His second was Lightpaw, now Lightpoppy, and his third was Sunpaw, now Sunstream. He is a RiverClam cat.
yes, I said clam.
don't judge meh

807 Palelight
808 Donutstar

Well. Warrior cats have no chance of knowing what a donut is. If this is a kittypet, I suggest you not have put it here.

This is another way of spelling doughnut, dumbasses who think it's spelled incorrectly. - LordDovahkiin

You spelled doughnut wrong. how would the cats even know what it is?

809 Goldenwing

It's a Beautiful name it could be a reincarnation Of Goldenflower

810 Stormfang

Epic name!

Cool name!

Cool name. - Embershine

811 Cloverpelt

Light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

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812 Brightstream

Bright stream is already real she was in the sun trail the name is good though but she was clear sky's first love

She already exists. - IcetailofWishClan

Exists already. - IcetailofWishClan

813 Whitestream

Black stream is up there and it's stupid why not?

Kind of weird... A stream of white?

814 Berryfeather

I think this would be a silver tabby tom with a very pink nose? I don't know haha

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815 Grumpydays

Lol, Grumpydays! It reminds me at Monday when school week starts - lilydoestopten

Well I think you should read warrior cats again. This is JUNK

Sounds like an elder. Anyone know how to post your own names?

Oh yup! I can see the grumpy days ahead of me
(Tests, MONDAYS, school week) - lilydoestopten

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816 Shadowcatcher

Its like a dream catcher, yet it catches shadows... - lilydoestopten

Dark but pretty

I really like this name!
Shows a very practical vision and would be a great name for a warrior or some other cat.

817 Wishwing

I wish I had wings

Wishwing would be a quiet but loving she-cat medicine cat.
She would be a tortoiseshell cat with creamy brown eyes outlined with black.

Deputy of StarClan?

818 Nyxrose
819 Foggyfur

Nice name, I imagine light grey and dark grey just sort of fading into each other

These names get worse and worse.

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820 Sweetdream

I imagine a warm hearted cream coat she cat medicine cat with green or pale grey eyes

Pretty kind kit mother with light yellow pelt and white muzzle,paws and.tail tip! Clearstar

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