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801 Lightbound

It's a good name for a orange She-cat or tom.

802 Heathercloud

Hazel colored she-cat with beautiful cloudy blind blue eyes. - Embershine

Tabby and white she-cat with violet-blue eyes.

I Love this name reminds me of a calico she-cat, with blind green eyes ~Windblossom

803 Sunsetshimmer

This is not My Little Ponies people.

My little pony? Boring be warriors

This is NOT My Little Pony! - IcetailofWishClan

Leader: Sunsetpaw you are now Sunsetshimmer, because u liek ponies an mlp. StarClan honors your butt and rainbow dirt. - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

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804 Bluesong

A blue she-cat that is graceful and has great mothering skills, is what I see

A she-cat that loves beautiful things.

Yep. Definitely a queen. Great name!

So a queen

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805 Pawpaw

That would be so ironic, funny, cute, and sweet! By the time the apprentice becomes a warrior, The name will be Paw ( ) and that would make the cat seem sweet and cute!

This is the name of an adorable OC of mine who's a rogue that tries to mimic clan names (like Darktail) but fails adorably

806 Nightsnow

Nice, but I prefer Nightfrost personally. I envision a black tom with white spots and ice blue eyes.

Aw ty guys :) I had her as a pretty black medicine she cat; her pelt was dappled in white earning her the suffix -snow.

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807 Thunderblaze

A jet-black tom deep battle scars and mean yellow eyes

I have a cat that was my mother's mother's friend named Thunderblaze and he became Thunderstar

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808 Glowgrace

I don't really like the suffix -grace

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809 Minnowmist

A small grey Tom with Amber eyes and dark grey splotches. Probably in RiverClan. Overall, I like this name!

810 Tigerblaze

This cat would have been what Tigerstar would have been if he was loyal to his clan and caring!

I love this name, I picture a dark brown tom with amber eyes and becomes deputy

I came up with this name too! Great minds think alike!

I think of a brown tabby tom with deep blue eyes

811 Widowclaw

Widow? As in a Lady who's husband died?

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812 Warriorfire V 1 Comment
813 Journeyheart

I like the prefix, heart. But maybe you can change the suffix.

It would be a great name change for a cat who loves to travel.

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814 Feathersong
815 Dirtface

Sorry, I had too, my friend made it stick in my head - Catluv50

I am sorry, my friend made it up - Catluv50

Lol I was that friend hi Ady


"Your new name shall be dirtface, in honor of the huge peice of dirt you created 5 minutes ago."



She has a mate named Pigfarts

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817 Glaicerstream

Cats don't know what glaciers are

I just thought of it and liked it. I WAS going to do Silverfeather but someone took it and the way the described theirs was NOT like mine, my Silverfeather is a slender silver she cat with black stripes, a white paw, and light blue eyes. She is slender because her mother is Silverstream and her white paw is becuse her father is Scourge, her brother is Netherfeather, made up by my friend. Going back to Glaicerstream, she is white with a blue/gray stripe running down her back and legs. Her mother is Iceheart and her father is Floodclaw, her sister is Crowflight and her mate is Stormwing.

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818 Poppyfire

I imagine a ginger she-cat with black specks and glowing amber eyes. I thinks she would have a sharp tongue. - Embershine

See there are some lovely names like this that are rated lower than names like chicken face? Why?

I imagine a pretty she-cat with a spunky attitude! Lovely name!

I like this name!

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819 Fangtail V 3 Comments
820 Ravenwing

This was a medicine cat's name. I hated him though so ha.

Ravenwing is my OCs name. He's a black tom with gray ears and gray marks above his eyes that look like eyebrows.

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