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821 Dewberry

A very talented med cat who was just given her full Medicine cat name! She is cream-colored with leaf green eyes and a white chest

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822 Willowfeather

It flows nicely together. Willowfeather. Ginger she-cat with red stripes, maybe? Very loyal to her clan.

Gray she-cat, very graceful

823 Thistleberry

I like this. It sounds like a ginger tabby tom with a white belly, feet and tail tip. - Embershine

Sorry, not as good. I will give ideas on some, and put a ‼️ On the ones with ideas on them

824 Littlelight

Tiny black she-cat with 'glowing' amber eyes. Though thought to be mysterious and cruel, Littlelight has a true heart of a warrior.

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825 Featherwing

Small long furred silver tabby she-cat with deep honey eyes

This cat is already in Battles of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

�� just sounds pretty - Catluv50

826 Redberry

A russet cat Tom who is a medicine cat for ShadowClan. He wanted to be a medicine cat after his parents both died from greencough

827 Leafshadow

Light brown she cat with dark eyes, tail, paws, and face

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828 Dawnfeather

A beautiful light gray she-cat with dark gray specks, dark or light blue eyes, soft fur, and a light comforting voice. She is bold, fierce, kind, compassionate, caring, and a great fighter. She doesn't let things get to her and is great at giving advice. She has a fantastic relationship with a loyal mate.

Oohh, pretty name. I can imagine a pale peach coloured tabby she cat with a poofy tail. -Shimmerfrost of IceClan

Golden she-cat with pale patches and cream colored flakes. She and woodgaze, a brown and gray tom with white underbelly, mate and have one kit, Creamkit, a cream colored she-cat, who later becomes creampelt. ~Windblossom

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830 Dawnstar

I used this name in my roleplay and I imagine her as firestar's other sister that never was mentioned

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832 Embermoon

Pitch black she cat cat with emerald green eyes

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834 Sorrelfrost

I accidentally made two of this cat sorry but the other one is real!

She's a beautiful calico with leaf green eyes and a black mask-like marking.
Mother of six kits;

835 Graywind

Gray tom with blue eyes and black markings (tail tip, ears, chest, feet). Lives in Riverclan, mate to Silverstem. Has four kits; Stormkit, Streakkit, Doekit, and Marshkit. Deputy to Reedstar (reedwhisker), and well respected ca among all four clans.

836 Silentblaze

To me, Silentblaze sounds like a strong, independent she cat who quietly waits to strike her enemies. She doesn't speak often, but when she does, it's worth listening to. She has a russet pelt, striped with red, and deep emerald eyes.

I totally agree with the comment below

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838 Wafflestar

Best name ever! Sounds like shed have a sad story and she sounds like a beautiful she-cat! Go!

This Is amazing.. You people have me a idea of a breakfast series.

"Waffle" is not a prefix. - Spottedtail

love it - lilydoestopten

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839 Shadefeather V 2 Comments
840 Cleargaze

This is such a pretty, gorgeous name! I'd imagine him/her to be a silvery tabby cat with pale blind, blue eyes. It makes me think of Jayfeather. Honestly, 10/10

Probably a pale tom with large clear eyes

I picture a gray tom with white paws, And very light blue eyes, Almost clear white eyes.
To be honest, I would love to have his name in the books!

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