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821 Featherspirit

It sounds like a cat who spends their nights on a peak gazing at the stars wondering about everything - 1000unicorns

AWESOME! like Feathertail but NOT as good Clearstar

It sounds like a cat who is delecite

My soul is made from feathers~

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822 Ecomist

I think it was a typo, don't be so harsh.

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823 Appledawn

Beautiful light ginger she cat with lovely hazel eyes.

Tallstar's Revenge cat - Frogjaw1996

I made a Appledawn

Awesome name

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824 Silvershadow

A silver tabby tom, lithe, muscular, courageous...a great mentor. Would make a good deputy. At times, can be boastful, ignorant, and stubborn. Has abilities similar to those of ShadowClan cats.

825 Paintedheart

I LOVE this name. She would be a white she cat with a black and white dappled coat with a dark and ginger tortoiseshell and white tipped tail. She has deep blue eyes. Daughter of Firestar, I hope! She is confident and beautiful, has the temperment of Sandstorm but the heart of Firestar!

AWW I WISH PAINT could be used in Warriors names! >.< - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

826 Darkensoul

I like these types of warrior cats names, Names that make it look like the cat has a dark and mysterious personality.

I like this one, I used this as a name for something!

Her sisters are named Evil-that-kills-cat

I see this cat as being in the dark forest

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827 Rainfall

I love it. Makes me think of a dark gray tom with black spots

Grey tabby tom with darker spots and green eyes

A young warrior who seems to kinda brings rain

A young warrior that loves the rain.

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828 Heavenheart

Cats don't know what heaven is :/ Heaven is star clan in warriors...

I don't think cats know about heaven - 1000unicorns

You could change it to Havenheart maybe?

Weird :(

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829 Littlesplash
830 Shallowcreek

I seriously doubt that any queen would name her kit Shallowkit. I like the creek part, though.

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831 Gentlestep
832 Hazelflower
833 Webtail

Silvery-grey tom with dark amber eyes and a long tail.

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834 Frostmoon

My main cat is named FrostMoon! She is a pretty silver she-cat with bright blue eyes, but her right eye is blind. I love this name! - LiliBoo

835 Echoshatter

Its awesome, I like it. I think a silver-and-black- tabby with blue eyes and maybe be disfigured like Brightheart to go with shatter

Long-furred grey she-cat with blue eyes that have a broken, shattered look.

Awesome name, silver tom with grey shard-like spots

Shatter? :/

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836 Mapledusk

Mapledusk sounds like a tragic cat with a lot of losses. I fell bad for Mapleshade.

This name sounds so sad! I love tragic stories! And that's why I like warriors!

Pretty good ship name if I do say so myself hehehe otherwise a great name

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837 Cougarstar

It's reminds me of a little shrunken cougar

838 Whispershade

Love it, I can imagine a gray tabby tom

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839 Snowdrift

White med cat tom

I like this name! I imagine a white fluffy tom. Snowdrift's a fierce fighter and a great hunter in leaf-bare snows. He has a thing for being a mentor. His first apprentice was Tornpaw, now Tornapple. His second was Lightpaw, now Lightpoppy, and his third was Sunpaw, now Sunstream. He is a RiverClam cat.
yes, I said clam.
don't judge meh

840 Palelight
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