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841 Donutstar

Well. Warrior cats have no chance of knowing what a donut is. If this is a kittypet, I suggest you not have put it here.

This is another way of spelling doughnut, dumbasses who think it's spelled incorrectly. - LordDovahkiin

You spelled doughnut wrong. how would the cats even know what it is?

842 Goldenwing

It's a Beautiful name it could be a reincarnation Of Goldenflower

843 Stormfang

Epic name!

Cool name!

Cool name. - Embershine

844 Cloverpelt

Light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

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845 Brightstream

Bright stream is already real she was in the sun trail the name is good though but she was clear sky's first love

She already exists. - IcetailofWishClan

Exists already. - IcetailofWishClan

846 Whitestream

Black stream is up there and it's stupid why not?

Kind of weird... A stream of white?

847 Berryfeather

I think this would be a silver tabby tom with a very pink nose? I don't know haha

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848 Grumpydays

Lol, Grumpydays! It reminds me at Monday when school week starts - lilydoestopten

Well I think you should read warrior cats again. This is JUNK

Sounds like an elder. Anyone know how to post your own names?

Oh yup! I can see the grumpy days ahead of me
(Tests, MONDAYS, school week) - lilydoestopten

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849 Shadowcatcher

Its like a dream catcher, yet it catches shadows... - lilydoestopten

Dark but pretty

I really like this name!
Shows a very practical vision and would be a great name for a warrior or some other cat.

850 Nyxrose
851 Foggyfur

Nice name, I imagine light grey and dark grey just sort of fading into each other

These names get worse and worse.

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852 Sweetdream

I imagine a warm hearted cream coat she cat medicine cat with green or pale grey eyes

Pretty kind kit mother with light yellow pelt and white muzzle,paws and.tail tip! Clearstar

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853 Songbird

This cat exists in Battles of the Clans, so it is already taken. Sorry. - IcetailofWishClan

I picture Songbird as a red she-cat with a dark gray underbelly

854 CloverPatch

Brown and white tom with green eyes.

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855 Silentshadow

This is my kits name! - ripped face

856 Leopardsong

I think of a golden she-cat with unusual black spots, white paws and golden amber eyes. Great name!

A golden spotted she cat with green eyes

857 Hummingsplash

Yes. No warrior cats have so far been named after a hummingbird. This paints in my mind a small cat, maybe in RiverClan because of the suffix. Cool name~

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858 Molewhisker

They have a molewhisker in the series the fourth apprentice and the last hope!.

Lol they already have him. He's Cherryfall's brother! You know, Cherrypaw and Moleplaw!

While waiting for the release of Cherrypaw and Molepaw's name I made a fanfic where their names where Cherrynose and Molewhisker and I was like oh my gosh I got Molewhisker right!

859 Goldenflecks

Yellow tom, golden flecks and orange eyes

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860 Coralreef

Good for a clan that is by a tropical sea! She would be a brown cat with a pinkish, tail ears, feet, and face!

Seriously? They wouldn't know what a reef or coral is. They don't even know the proper name for the sea.

No. They don't even know what the ocean really is. Just no.

Beautiful name! Yet, let me give you some tips:
1) Unfortunately, Warriors don't know what an ocean is.
2) Warriors don't know what coral/reef is - lilydoestopten

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