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841 Glaicerstream

Cats don't know what glaciers are

I just thought of it and liked it. I WAS going to do Silverfeather but someone took it and the way the described theirs was NOT like mine, my Silverfeather is a slender silver she cat with black stripes, a white paw, and light blue eyes. She is slender because her mother is Silverstream and her white paw is becuse her father is Scourge, her brother is Netherfeather, made up by my friend. Going back to Glaicerstream, she is white with a blue/gray stripe running down her back and legs. Her mother is Iceheart and her father is Floodclaw, her sister is Crowflight and her mate is Stormwing.

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842 Poppyfire

I imagine a ginger she-cat with black specks and glowing amber eyes. I thinks she would have a sharp tongue. - Embershine

See there are some lovely names like this that are rated lower than names like chicken face? Why?

I imagine a pretty she-cat with a spunky attitude! Lovely name!

I like this name!

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843 Fangtail V 3 Comments
844 Ravenwing

This was a medicine cat's name. I hated him though so ha.

Ravenwing is my OCs name. He's a black tom with gray ears and gray marks above his eyes that look like eyebrows.

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845 Dewberry

A very talented med cat who was just given her full Medicine cat name! She is cream-colored with leaf green eyes and a white chest

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846 Willowfeather

It flows nicely together. Willowfeather. Ginger she-cat with red stripes, maybe? Very loyal to her clan.

Gray she-cat, very graceful

847 Thistleberry

I like this. It sounds like a ginger tabby tom with a white belly, feet and tail tip. - Embershine

Sorry, not as good. I will give ideas on some, and put a ‼️ On the ones with ideas on them

848 Littlelight

Tiny black she-cat with 'glowing' amber eyes. Though thought to be mysterious and cruel, Littlelight has a true heart of a warrior.

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849 Featherwing

A beautiful young she-cat with long ginger fur. She would have deep, kind, blue eyes. - Embershine

Small long furred silver tabby she-cat with deep honey eyes

This cat is already in Battles of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

�� just sounds pretty - Catluv50

850 Redberry

A russet cat Tom who is a medicine cat for ShadowClan. He wanted to be a medicine cat after his parents both died from greencough

851 Leafshadow

Light brown she cat with dark eyes, tail, paws, and face

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852 Dawnfeather

A beautiful light gray she-cat with dark gray specks, dark or light blue eyes, soft fur, and a light comforting voice. She is bold, fierce, kind, compassionate, caring, and a great fighter. She doesn't let things get to her and is great at giving advice. She has a fantastic relationship with a loyal mate.

Oohh, pretty name. I can imagine a pale peach coloured tabby she cat with a poofy tail. -Shimmerfrost of IceClan

Golden she-cat with pale patches and cream colored flakes. She and woodgaze, a brown and gray tom with white underbelly, mate and have one kit, Creamkit, a cream colored she-cat, who later becomes creampelt. ~Windblossom

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853 Lionfang V 2 Comments
854 Dawnstar

I used this name in my roleplay and I imagine her as firestar's other sister that never was mentioned

855 Hollowfoot V 3 Comments
856 Embermoon

Pitch black she cat cat with emerald green eyes

857 Silverpetal V 1 Comment
858 Sorrelfrost

I accidentally made two of this cat sorry but the other one is real!

She's a beautiful calico with leaf green eyes and a black mask-like marking.
Mother of six kits;

859 Graywind

Gray tom with blue eyes and black markings (tail tip, ears, chest, feet). Lives in Riverclan, mate to Silverstem. Has four kits; Stormkit, Streakkit, Doekit, and Marshkit. Deputy to Reedstar (reedwhisker), and well respected ca among all four clans.

860 Silentblaze

To me, Silentblaze sounds like a strong, independent she cat who quietly waits to strike her enemies. She doesn't speak often, but when she does, it's worth listening to. She has a russet pelt, striped with red, and deep emerald eyes.

I totally agree with the comment below

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