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861 Sorrelfrost

I accidentally made two of this cat sorry but the other one is real!

She's a beautiful calico with leaf green eyes and a black mask-like marking.
Mother of six kits;

862 Graywind

Gray tom with blue eyes and black markings (tail tip, ears, chest, feet). Lives in Riverclan, mate to Silverstem. Has four kits; Stormkit, Streakkit, Doekit, and Marshkit. Deputy to Reedstar (reedwhisker), and well respected ca among all four clans.

863 Silentblaze

To me, Silentblaze sounds like a strong, independent she cat who quietly waits to strike her enemies. She doesn't speak often, but when she does, it's worth listening to. She has a russet pelt, striped with red, and deep emerald eyes.

I totally agree with the comment below

864 Whisperfur V 1 Comment
865 Wafflestar

Best name ever! Sounds like shed have a sad story and she sounds like a beautiful she-cat! Go!

This Is amazing.. You people have me a idea of a breakfast series.

"Waffle" is not a prefix. - Spottedtail

love it - lilydoestopten

V 9 Comments
866 Shadefeather V 2 Comments
867 Cleargaze

This is such a pretty, gorgeous name! I'd imagine him/her to be a silvery tabby cat with pale blind, blue eyes. It makes me think of Jayfeather. Honestly, 10/10

Probably a pale tom with large clear eyes

I picture a gray tom with white paws, And very light blue eyes, Almost clear white eyes.
To be honest, I would love to have his name in the books!

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868 Splashflare

Silver tabby tom with green eyes. - AirfrostOfJayClan

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869 Mudflower

Brown she-cat with lighter flecks and amber eyes. - AirfrostOfJayClan

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870 Spottedflight

Ginger she-cat with dark brown flecks along spine to tail tip and pale green eyes. Medicine Cat. - AirfrostOfJayClan

871 Scarletthorn

Sounds like river spirit's story Scarlet River

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872 Dappleshadow

A dark brown and black spotted shecat.


873 Shadestream V 1 Comment
874 Sunfeather

Golden she cat that was a leader but wanted to be a med cat she had 8 lives left when she became a med cat.

875 Ashflame

Black with red eyes and powerful fighter

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876 Flameshadow

It's sounds like a black tabby with flaming red eyes. It fits so perfectly with flame

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877 Snowlily

It seems like a white she-cat. A delicate and beautiful cat, but fierce when needed. I love this name. It seems to work together nicely.

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878 Tigerlight V 1 Comment
879 Hollyfrost

It is a awesome name -frost makes it seem like a cat with a icy personality or have white markings. Holly is just plain awesome

Mixture of Hawkfrost and Hollyleaf.

Its like Hollyleaf x Hawkfrost... hehehe - lilydoestopten

How can this be such a low rank? It's gorgeous! I imagine a light gray she-cat with mottled fur and soft blue eyes, possibly a medicine cat.


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880 Robinwillow

I think it's very pretty. It sounds like a light brown and white she-cat with stormy grey eyes. She was raised in Shadowclan, but switched clans to be with her mate, but soon after she joined, her mate died, so she goes back to Shadowclan

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