Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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881 Poppingflower V 1 Comment
882 Dustwillow

Fantasic name, sounds like a small she-cat with a light brown pelt with green-bluish eyes to me

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883 Featherfoot
884 Windwhistle V 1 Comment
885 Carpsplash

Carpsplash sounds like a cat who is a bit clumsy but wise, It sounds like a white cat with ginger/gray spots, And that he/she loves swimming, Maybe in Riverclan?

886 Shadestorm

LOVE it! - Spottedtail

887 Stonewhisper

I imagine a long-furred, gray she-cat with blue eyes and crooked whiskers. Probably an older cat, nearing her time of an elder. Had a few kits and a good mate.

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888 Aspenpool

A very pretty or handsome name, in my opinion.

I'm reminded or a white or light gray tom, perhaps with very dark tabby stripes, with vivid yellow orange eyes. If I were a warrior cat, this seems like a name I would look up to. - Moonstone

889 Daisynose V 2 Comments
890 Moonspirit

I think this is one of the most prettiest warrior names I've ever heard!

Why are you a JERK


891 Firesplash V 1 Comment
892 Coldgaze V 1 Comment
893 Scarletsplash

A reddish tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Probably a fierce, loyal, dignified ThunderClan warrior

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894 Drizzlepond
895 Waterstone

Are you talking about Vaporeon?

I found a Pokemon Fan in the Warrior Cats fandom!

Vaporeon much

WOW THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! What happened to your BRAINS!?

896 Ivysun

It sounds like a beautiful gray she-cat with a kind personality! I love the name...

897 Tawnywish

A tawny spotted white she-cat with one colorblind gray eye. Tawnywish had two littermates but they were killed by a fox. - Embershine

898 Bluemoon

I Was Using This Name A While Ago, And I Really Like It. She Should Be A Pretty Blue-Gray And White She-cat.

899 Hawkshadow

I Think This Is A Cool Name For A Tom, Like If Brambleclaw Had A Brother, Or If Hawkfrost Had A Son. Hawkshadow, I Think Should Look Like Tigerstar/Brambleclaw.

900 Darkenedcherry

I know its not really a name that'd be used ever but..

I think this is a dark, dark ginger shecat that almost looks dark red with dark green eyes. She is strict but not evil in any way. She is part of ShadowClan and her kits, Applekit, fed a deathberry by her own father as a kit, Redcherry (because how close she was to her mother and one of the only who understood her she was named after her mother), as a young warrior by food poisoning, and Greypaw, hit by a monster while chasing a rabbit, as well as her mate Brokenstone, killed by her, all died. She gave up on life. She never ate and eventually died, and hung out with Bluestar in Starclan because they both went kinda insane.

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