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901 Silverthorn

Wow, using this! Sounds like a beautiful silver she-cat, in which under her hard shell is a softie. She fights bravely and recklessly. Super loyal to her Clan!

Wow, I like this so much. A silver tabby she-cat with white around her eye. Her eyes are very beautiful and green. She suggested her suffix for her brother, Thornpaw, who died of greencough. Silverthorn falls in love with a tom named Shadeflame (gray and ginger tom) but he loved another cat named Leafstorm. She committed suicide because she loved him so much, she couldn't bear to see him with another she-cat. - Embershine

902 Goldenfern

Wow! Golden tabby she-cat with green eyes that is very caring. - Spottedtail

903 Thornscratch
904 Lilacfur

Okay... I'm having some trouble picturing a lilac cat, but it's not bad

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905 Poppingflower V 1 Comment
906 Dustwillow

Fantasic name, sounds like a small she-cat with a light brown pelt with green-bluish eyes to me

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907 Featherfoot
908 Windwhistle V 1 Comment
909 Carpsplash

Carpsplash sounds like a cat who is a bit clumsy but wise, It sounds like a white cat with ginger/gray spots, And that he/she loves swimming, Maybe in Riverclan?

910 Shadestorm

LOVE it! - Spottedtail

911 Stonewhisper

I imagine a long-furred, gray she-cat with blue eyes and crooked whiskers. Probably an older cat, nearing her time of an elder. Had a few kits and a good mate.

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912 Aspenpool

A very pretty or handsome name, in my opinion.

I'm reminded or a white or light gray tom, perhaps with very dark tabby stripes, with vivid yellow orange eyes. If I were a warrior cat, this seems like a name I would look up to. - Moonstone

913 Daisynose V 2 Comments
914 Moonspirit

I think this is one of the most prettiest warrior names I've ever heard!

Why are you a JERK


915 Firesplash V 1 Comment
916 Coldgaze V 1 Comment
917 Scarletsplash

A reddish tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Probably a fierce, loyal, dignified ThunderClan warrior

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918 Drizzlepond
919 Waterstone

Are you talking about Vaporeon?

I found a Pokemon Fan in the Warrior Cats fandom!

Vaporeon much

WOW THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! What happened to your BRAINS!?

920 Rainbowdash
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