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921 Iceshard

Sound like a pretty she-cat.With white normal fur and blue Icy spots dotted on her fur.Personally she sound like a mix between RiverClan and Windclan.Nice,pretty,graceful and also an amazing fighter when it comes to wars against other clans.Seems like she might have a couple scars and live for a long time.

922 Lilywhisper V 1 Comment
923 Softfrost

White tom with blue eyes. His whole half left side of face is disabled, which means he is deaf and blind on his left side. Though of that condition, he smell is brilliant and so is his taste. He still becomes a full warrior, one of the most trusted if them all. Later he becomes leader, Softstar the brave and blind.

924 Chrysanthemumpaw

Funny but I would NEVER EVER EVER use this. - Embershine

Oh god why.

Leader: Chrysanthemumpaw your new name is Chrysanthemumwhisker. StarClan honors your butts and everything.

Chrysanthemum is actually my favorite flower! However, it's a bit to long :3 - lilydoestopten

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925 Russetmane V 1 Comment
926 Owlpaw

Very pleasant name I already saw a kit named owl kit this could be owl kits next stage in life.

Owlpaw already exists, read The Sight, people. Love the name though

An adorable she cat who is a medicine cat and is on whattpad

927 Hopfoot
928 Honeytail

This name is really good, I wonder why it has been in the newcomers for pver 4 days :T

Honeytail is a pale golden she cat with green eyes and creamy white stripes. She has three kits, And Emberkit,paw,light, Hazelkipawfall, and Leafkitpawtail.

929 Owlberry

Brown and gray cat with one ginger spot. - Embershine

I love this name, I made it when I was younger but still love it! Tabby brown medicine cat from an OC clan. She's very caring but but broke Clan love by having kits. - Frostcloud

930 Cloudsong V 3 Comments
931 Echobright
932 Bloodstream V 2 Comments
933 Hailheart

I think Hailheart would be a beautiful brown tabby-she cat running down a field of flowers?

The name resembles loyalty,courage and beauty.

934 Splashstar

Love it I imagine a cream colored she-cat with orangeish tabby markings and hazel eyes who is great at fishing and lives in riverclan she had a mate named Firewing and three kits smokekit jaykit and flower kit

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935 Sunlight

I can't believe nobody has commented on this or thought of it! I love this name!
I think it could work for a Tom or a She-cat to be honest... But let's go with a she-cat for now.
I imagine a sandy-colored tabby she-cat with white paws and bright green eyes. Sunlight is extremely optimistic which is how she earned the suffix "light". She has a mate but no kits and she currently lives in Windclan.

936 Cloudfoot

This sounds like a real warrior cat name, something uncommon but realistic at the same time, I love it!

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937 Dapplefern

I think of her as a very strong, dark tabby she-cat with bright yellow eyes. The deputy of the clan, always being the one to lead her cats into battle, however she feels terribly guilty when a cat is injured, and will then try to shelter herself from the rest of her clan, before her leader and medicine cat remind her how important she is, at which time she will swiftly return and lead her cats once more with a sharp, commanding voice.

Isn't it beautiful? I picture a light cream she-cat with a golden tinge and bright green eyes. She could be a queen that was very kind and caring, and had 3 kits. :D - WatchItBurn

938 Orchideyes
939 Meltingsnow

Pale gray she-cat with white patches. - IcetailofWishClan

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940 Leafdawn
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