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921 Poppyfern

Used, enough'said

Sounds great for ThunderClan. I wanted Poppyfrost's warrior name to be Poppyfern, like her sister Honeyfern

922 Redlark
923 Penguinheart

How do they know what a Penguin is? Did they travel to Antarctica?

How would windclan know what a penguin is?

...cats don't even know that the heck a penguin is

I like the heart. Just lets change penguin :I

~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

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924 Darkwhisker

Hate u all! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

Darkwhisker is a good name. Other people have different opinions. - Spottedtail

Sure Jayfrost! You can use it! And hater, get lost

I like it, yet it sounds like Darkstripe. However, Darkwhisker, I think, is a very nice name!

*haters back off, its just my own opinion, everyone has an own opinion* - lilydoestopten

Love it! It sounds so amazing and yet simple, AMAZING. I imagine a dark-gray tom withnlight hazel eyes. Mates Havenlily( my OC) and their kit is Bramblescar( my other OC). I am so using this( if it's not offensive)
~ Jayfrost

925 Firestripe

When I read this One I though of a ginger tabby tom with amber eyes as and I'm surprised It haven't been used yet

Fireheart + Graystripe = Firestripe

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926 Sneezewhisker

I'm going to be honest this could actually be in a warriors book! - PaintedWolves

This is one of my favorite OC's. He is a light gray tom with a white stripe going down neck to underbelly. His sister is Longstripe and his mother is Dappleheart and his father is Windstride ( my personal name that I added on here). He mates --- and has two litters of kits. They are---- and -----.

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928 Flintstone

Wait...isn't flint a stone by itself...?

929 Brokenear

A dark brown tabby tom with a long nick in one of his ears. He has a graying muzzle due to old age, and he was a very wise elder. He died of a very rare illness.

I might use this name in a warrior comic I'm making about my friend's warrior game. sounds like a good Shadow Clan leader.

930 Goldenflower

Current Thunderclan leader, Bramblestar's, mother. Mother of Tawnypelt, Shadowclan's leader, Rowanstar's, mate.

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931 Pebblespots

Love it! White tom with gray, black and brown spots and blue eyes. Fell in love with Goldenflame and together they had two kits, Fawnstream and Skyheart.

932 Adderstrike

He also has a littermate named Viperkit that died as soon as he was born. - Embershine

He is in my book. He was born and almost killed by an adder as soon as he was born. He has two littermates, Snakepaw and Poisonkit. Poisonkit died from the attack. Snakepaw died from suicide for reasons unknown. He is a brown tabby tom with white paws and dark blue eyes. - Embershine

933 Dietgrape

I think it's a funny name. I'd totally use it

I don't think the prefix diet would EVER come up in warrior cats


Hi, I'm Grapekit, and I'm going on a diet. I've decided to eat only grapes.
(Warrior ceremony) Grapepaw, from this momment on, you shall be known as Dietgrape. I have decided to change your name because... your... ah... *Cough cough* Weird *Cough cough* - Spottedtail

934 MintsplaƟh

Sounds like a she-cat with snow white fur and mint green eyes

Sorry, I created this And I held the s by accident pit that s. It's sopped to be Mintsplash

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935 Scarletfrost

It can be a human name: Scarlet Frost. - Oliveleaf

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936 Waterfern

This is beautiful, surprised no one has commented on this. Sounds like a river clan cat with a silver pelt

I love this name. Maybe a thunderclan she-cat with sleek light brown fur with unusual water blue eyes - Heatherbrook

937 Silverthorn

Wow, using this! Sounds like a beautiful silver she-cat, in which under her hard shell is a softie. She fights bravely and recklessly. Super loyal to her Clan!

Wow, I like this so much. A silver tabby she-cat with white around her eye. Her eyes are very beautiful and green. She suggested her suffix for her brother, Thornpaw, who died of greencough. Silverthorn falls in love with a tom named Shadeflame (gray and ginger tom) but he loved another cat named Leafstorm. She committed suicide because she loved him so much, she couldn't bear to see him with another she-cat. - Embershine

938 Goldenfern

Wow! Golden tabby she-cat with green eyes that is very caring. - Spottedtail

939 Thornscratch
940 Lilacfur

Okay... I'm having some trouble picturing a lilac cat, but it's not bad

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