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921 Waterstone

Are you talking about Vaporeon?

I found a Pokemon Fan in the Warrior Cats fandom!

Vaporeon much

WOW THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER! What happened to your BRAINS!?

922 Rainbowdash
923 Ivysun

It sounds like a beautiful gray she-cat with a kind personality! I love the name...

924 Tawnywish

A tawny spotted white she-cat with one colorblind gray eye. Tawnywish had two littermates but they were killed by a fox. - Embershine

925 Bluemoon

I Was Using This Name A While Ago, And I Really Like It. She Should Be A Pretty Blue-Gray And White She-cat.

926 Hawkshadow

I Think This Is A Cool Name For A Tom, Like If Brambleclaw Had A Brother, Or If Hawkfrost Had A Son. Hawkshadow, I Think Should Look Like Tigerstar/Brambleclaw.

927 Darkenedcherry

I know its not really a name that'd be used ever but..

I think this is a dark, dark ginger shecat that almost looks dark red with dark green eyes. She is strict but not evil in any way. She is part of ShadowClan and her kits, Applekit, fed a deathberry by her own father as a kit, Redcherry (because how close she was to her mother and one of the only who understood her she was named after her mother), as a young warrior by food poisoning, and Greypaw, hit by a monster while chasing a rabbit, as well as her mate Brokenstone, killed by her, all died. She gave up on life. She never ate and eventually died, and hung out with Bluestar in Starclan because they both went kinda insane.

928 Flamejaw

I imagine this as a dark red tom with bright yellow eyes that look like sparks from a fire. He has very sharp teeth, and is a good fighter. Hmm, this is a pretty good name, compared to some of the others on here. It's simple and uncomplicated. - Warriorcats

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929 Nightsoul

Nightsoul sounds like a Black tom with either blue or yellow eyes. He is slick, sly, and fast. Just the cat I need for my rp

930 Daisyshine
931 Runningstream

Possibly a fast cat that can swim well

932 Candlelight
933 Candlelight

I like the name Candlelight. But I don't think the warrior cats now what candles are. If they did know, it would be a really cute name!

Cats don't use candles.

It's very pretty! But I don't think cats know what candles are!

I love this name I can just imagine a golden tom cat, a bit like lionheart what clear blue eyes... I can also imagine him as a Leader: Candlestar... It's so pretty!

934 Appleseed

I like this name actually!
I imagine an oddly thin, pale ginger tom with even lighter stripes and yellow eyes. He is surprisingly strong and tough in battle, was never the best hunter, but he is great with kits and has a very supportive mate named Stormwing and one gray and white kit called blizzardkit!

935 Briarpool

A crazed she-cat trying to protect her only love Lionheart. They become mates and have 4 kits. 2 die of greencough and Lionheart dies in a battle against Thunderclan.

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936 Bloodfang

'A black, battle-scarred, sleek Tom with harsh, piercing turquoise eyes. His tail is halfway white, and has white paws. He has sharp, long talons and blood-stained teeth. He has one ear that had been torn and a notable X shaped scar on his right cheek.'

I have an Oc named BloodFang. I imagine this cat as a tall, sleek-furred tom that used to be in Riverclan. His old name was DarkFang. He always wanted to battle and fight, and he was the clan deputy. The leader at the time, RainStar, was on his last life, and he tried killing him. Luckily, RainStar pinned him down. SandClaw, a senior warrior, just so happened to be near them, and ran over. They exiled him from the clan, RainStar's blood still covering his teeth and filling his mouth. He then renamed himself Bloodfang, and started a rogue group, becoming one of the strongest cats in the forest, on a mission to destroy Riverclan. - MintGaze

937 Darkoak V 1 Comment
938 Nightbreeze
939 Bubblesky

Pretty and original. I think of a very soft silver with lighter "blue" paws and with sky blue eyes, hence the name, with a bubbly personality and the social butterfly of the clan.

Weird, yet beautiful! - lilydoestopten

940 Bubblepop
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