Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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941 Leafdawn
942 Fawnmist V 1 Comment
943 Oilclaw

Sounds like a brave, loyal, and fierce black cat

944 Trumpclaw

Is a politic cat for America and is the leader of politics clan he wants to build a wall between politic clan and Mexico clan

Oh no, warrior cats look out... - lilydoestopten

Seriously... - IcetailofWishClan

yes 10/10

945 Darkstream

Dark silver tabby she-cat with light blue eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

946 Airpollution V 1 Comment
947 Whiteblaze V 1 Comment
948 Tawnystream

Golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

949 Ivycloud
950 Mothstripe

I love this name! I imagine a cat with some patchy, moth coloured stripes

951 Hollystorm
952 Moonstorm

A beautiful blue grey she cat with a strong headstrong personality - Frostcloud

953 Frozenfire
954 Rainleaf

Gray she-cat with bright green eyes

955 Hawktail
956 Tawnysong
957 Blazeleaf V 1 Comment
958 Mallowsong

I feel like Mallowsong would be a beautiful she-cat,Calico maybe.Or a light brown with white ear tips.Maybe yellow or amber eyes.

Mallowsong should be a grey she-cat with black stripes.Her parents who she thought who were her parents names were Sneezepuddle and Twilightcoat.Sneezepuddle should be a new warrior with a dirty brown pelt,black spots and amber eyes

959 Dreamstep

I see a sorta see a silver burmilla, and she's blind, like jayfeather, but unlike him she likes having to be medicine cat. She is able to go to starclan in her dreams, which is an ability starclan gave her to make up for loss of sight. She enjoys to talking to the other cats in starclan, but also enjoys her life in the windclan. Everyone was very open to her disability and treats her normally. She hates battles and does not regret not being able to be a warrior. She loves her time sorting herbs in the medicine den and going out to gather them as well. She sadly died young, protecting her apprentice from a loose dog. She had been collecting herbs with her apprentice when a dog attacktes. It had leaped out and caught them by surprise, injuring the apprentice. She fought the dog and held It offuntil the Warriors arrived, saving her apprentices life. She died from bloodless because of the severity of her wounds. The Warriors had carried her back to her den before she died though, and she ...more - Coralreef

960 Fireshade

A dark redish brown tabby tom with blazing amber eyes and black paws and black tipped tail. He is very handsome and an energetic personality but he is very calm and gentle with his mate and all the kits. He is a warrior and his apprentice is Willowpaw (Willowblaze).

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