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961 Nightsoul

Nightsoul sounds like a Black tom with either blue or yellow eyes. He is slick, sly, and fast. Just the cat I need for my rp

962 Daisyshine
963 Runningstream

Possibly a fast cat that can swim well

964 Candlelight
965 Candlelight

I like the name Candlelight. But I don't think the warrior cats now what candles are. If they did know, it would be a really cute name!

Cats don't use candles.

It's very pretty! But I don't think cats know what candles are!

I love this name I can just imagine a golden tom cat, a bit like lionheart what clear blue eyes... I can also imagine him as a Leader: Candlestar... It's so pretty!

966 Appleseed

I like this name actually!
I imagine an oddly thin, pale ginger tom with even lighter stripes and yellow eyes. He is surprisingly strong and tough in battle, was never the best hunter, but he is great with kits and has a very supportive mate named Stormwing and one gray and white kit called blizzardkit!

967 Briarpool

A crazed she-cat trying to protect her only love Lionheart. They become mates and have 4 kits. 2 die of greencough and Lionheart dies in a battle against Thunderclan.

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968 Bloodfang

'A black, battle-scarred, sleek Tom with harsh, piercing turquoise eyes. His tail is halfway white, and has white paws. He has sharp, long talons and blood-stained teeth. He has one ear that had been torn and a notable X shaped scar on his right cheek.'

I have an Oc named BloodFang. I imagine this cat as a tall, sleek-furred tom that used to be in Riverclan. His old name was DarkFang. He always wanted to battle and fight, and he was the clan deputy. The leader at the time, RainStar, was on his last life, and he tried killing him. Luckily, RainStar pinned him down. SandClaw, a senior warrior, just so happened to be near them, and ran over. They exiled him from the clan, RainStar's blood still covering his teeth and filling his mouth. He then renamed himself Bloodfang, and started a rogue group, becoming one of the strongest cats in the forest, on a mission to destroy Riverclan. - MintGaze

969 Darkoak V 1 Comment
970 Nightbreeze
971 Bubblesky

Pretty and original. I think of a very soft silver with lighter "blue" paws and with sky blue eyes, hence the name, with a bubbly personality and the social butterfly of the clan.

Weird, yet beautiful! - lilydoestopten

972 Bubblepop
973 Sootpool

He is a gray-black thick-furred tom with one white paw

Sort of like Thistleclaw, nice at the beginning but ruthless at the end. He mates Russetmist, who is blind. Loved her will all his might, and when he died he went to Starclan. When Russetmist named her kit Havenkit, Sootpool knew it was because he was gone. He grew mad and got chased out to the dark forest. He is planning to seek revenge on Russetmist, Havenlily, and Russetmist's second mate Cloudwhisper :33

Great name! Thick-furred very dark gray/black tom with one white paw, dash on chest and pale blue eyes. He fell in love with Mistwillow, and they had two kits, Stormkit and Smokekit. He was a great warrior and then became ThunderClan's deputy. A ShadowClan warrior, Swiftclaw, killed him. He went to StarClan.

P.s Jayfrost, loved your story
- Skyheart

974 Runninghorse
975 Spottedsky

I think it's cute

976 Cindershade

A dappled grey she-cat. Curious but shy, always has something to say yet is always quiet. On the inside, Cindershade is curious and bubbly and excited and happy, but on the outside this cat is shy and quiet and sulky. What do you think?

977 Cinderswoop V 2 Comments
978 Echoheart V 1 Comment
979 Tigerpounce
980 Iceshard

Sound like a pretty she-cat.With white normal fur and blue Icy spots dotted on her fur.Personally she sound like a mix between RiverClan and Windclan.Nice,pretty,graceful and also an amazing fighter when it comes to wars against other clans.Seems like she might have a couple scars and live for a long time.

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